Northern Exposure

Season 6 Episode 8

Up River

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 1994 on CBS



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    • Joel: (about Maggie) She gave me more than just a sweater vest that night. She gave me all this. Nothing. She gave me nothing. That's what I need. No phone book, no Game Boy, no pasta maker, TV Guide. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Is that what you need?
      Ed: Uh …
      Joel: No Super 8, no cassette player, no Banff Film Festival. Just the time to be. Why don't you take some preserves with you?
      Ed: Thank you, Dr. Fleischman.

    • Ed: Hello, Maurice.
      Maurice: Where the hell have you been, Ed? You were supposed to be back last night.
      Ed: Well, the Film Festival didn't end until last night. No surprises, though. Quentin Tarantino took first place and I brought you back a tee shirt. Extra large, right?
      Maurice: Save the souvenirs and slide show, Ed. We've got bigger fish to fry. Seems our esteemed physician has disappeared. Joel's gone AWOL.
      Ed: Dr. Fleischman?
      Maurice: He paddled up the Chenega here to deliver a baby two weeks ago, and I haven't heard from him since. He refuses to answer radio transmissions.
      Ed: I hope he's not dead.
      Maurice: He's gonna wish he was if I get my hands on him. There's confirmed word that a physician matching Fleischman's description has moved in with a settlement of natives right in here. I hope you've still got your kit pack because you're gonna go drag him back.
      Ed: Uh, well, where exactly is that I'm going, Maurice?
      Maurice: That's a good question. It's not on any map. The natives call it Manonosh.
      Ed: Manonosh.
      Maurice: Yeah, it's up this tributary. Rough country, Ed. You're gonna need a guide. And take a gun.

    • Ed: I feel terrible.
      Joel: Oh come on, Ed, it's just one fish.
      Ed: No, not about that. I mean, here you are, a guy from New York City and you're tanning hides, you're out spearing fish, drawing salmon. And me, the guy who was born here, well, what do I know? All I know is who took top honors at the Banff Film Festival.
      Joel: I think you're being a little hard on yourself, you know? I mean, we all have our own path.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      - "The Tellakutans" by David Schwartz
      - "Falling in Love Again" by Marlene Dietrich
      - "Theme From A Summer Place" by Percy Faith

    • In the Chicago area (and I assume elsewhere as well) with this episode (and possibly the previous one the credits weren't broadcast here) the practice of moving the real end credits into a small window has been replaced by a retyping of the credits for display in a bar on the right hand side of the screen, which at the very least made them somewhat easier to read.

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