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Not Another Science Show

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Not Another Science Show is an educational series that originally aired on TVO, a Canadian television network dedicated to educational programming. This series consists of 12 thirty-minute episodes first broadcast in 1986 on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The episodes consist of archival footage with narration to cover a range of scientific topics and the episodes are generally unrelated. The first episode in the series is "You Are What You Eat Food," which examines health topics such as diet, nutrition and exercise. The next episode is "Heavy Metal Metal," which deals with properties of metals such as oxidation, rust and strength. The episode "Blue Genes" examines topics on genetics such as DNA, heredity and cell division. "Tick Tock Timekeepers" covers time-keeping devices such as mechanical clocks, water clocks and sundials. "Waste Not, Want Not!" examines waste-disposal techniques such as incinerators, landfills and recycling. This series is hosted and narrated by David Stringer, a regular narrator for TVO programs.