Not Going Out

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on BBC
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Tim's 94-year-old grandmother dies. Kate accuses Lee of not being in touch with his emotions when he fails to tell her. As penance he sees an expensive psychotherapist, who gets a bit too close to the truth. Tim, flirts with Kate, less than successfully, while she comforts him at his grandmother's funeral.moreless

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      • Tim: Sorry I've been gone a while. I was wheeling Auntie Janice around the Lavender garden. She's just nodded off.
        Lee: Wow. This party's really staring to kick off.

      • Kate: It's so weird seeing everybody again. They're all here. Uncle Singeon, Aunt Flossy, Nana Boo.
        Lee: They can't be real names. Where are they from, Mordol?

      • Psychiatrist: Are you in love with someone?
        Lee: No.
        Psychiatrist: That was a very quick answer.
        Lee: Well I'm paying you by the minute. I didn't want to hang around.

      • Psychiatrist: The floor is all yours.
        Lee: At the prices you charge I must own the windows as well.

      • Tim: She was completely normal. She spent most of her life in Henley. She lived in a semi-detached house. She was a member of the local neighbourhood watch.
        Lee: Yeah but how do you summarise that in a song? It's a toss up between Anarchy in the UK and Ice T's Cop Killer.

      • Tim: I've been asked to pick a song for Nan's funeral. I just can't seem to choose one.
        Lee: Well, what was she like? You know, when she was a full shilling. Before she got mentally ill and lost it.
        Tim: You have such a gift for words. Are you available to engrave the headstone?

      • Tim: I always felt bad about not giving her the great grandchild she wanted.
        Kate: What about your brother's kids?
        Tim: Oh she didn't want them. They were horrible. Last time they went to see her they spelt out the word "euthanasia" with her half-sucked Werther's Originals.

      • Kate: It's totally normal to see a therapist. I've seen one. So's Tim.
        Lee: Has he?
        Kate: Yeah. He was having a hard time at work.
        Lee: Did someone deface his beauty of the Cotswold's calender?
        Kate: I suggested therapy. He was in touch enough with his feelings to give it a try.
        Lee: Tim? A man who thinks Freud is how an Irishman has his eggs?

      • Tim: I'm hardly flavour of the month.
        Lee: Unless Ben and Jerrys have brought out an ice-cream called accountant destroys relationship by going off with a girl half his age and helping her lose her cherry gossip.

      • Lee: You really have been on the loopy juice haven't you?
        Tim: Just a drop to help toast Nan. Don't do a cremation joke.

      • Lee: You all right?
        Tim: Course I'm alright. My nan's dead. I've just been knocked back by my ex and my best mate's pretending to be my uncle's wife. I'm having the time of my life.

      • Lee: Nana Boo?
        Kate: Shush. She's just had a heart attack recently.
        Lee: I'm not surprised. People coming up to her all the time and saying "Boo."

      • Lee: Laugh all you like. Ask yourself this, would you be going to the funeral if his nan hadn't have died?

      • Psychiatrist: What else do you like women to say to you?
        Lee: Lots of things.
        Psychiatrist: Give me one.
        Lee: Yeah, that's one.

      • Kate: We've had a problem with mysterious wee-wee appearing all over the bathroom floor.
        Lee: I've told you. You've got to start sitting down.

      • Tim: I can't believe she's gone. I thought she was going to live to 100.
        Lee: Were you close?
        Tim: Well 94. It's only six years out.

      • Tim: It's not that bad. It's hardly Rumble in the Jungle.
        Lee: Mo, more like Epileptic and the Sceptic.

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