Not Going Out

Friday 10:00 PM on BBC Premiered Oct 06, 2006 In Season


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  • Knock, knock.

    Not going out is not one of my favourite shows. It's ok sometimes, as easy viewing, maybe have it on in the background or something. But the problem is, when you actually watch a full episode. It's basically Lee macks's stand up show with actors. The dialogue in the script is all set-ups for jokes. It's full of unfunny one liner's that get really tiresome after 30 minuets. Surely a show with such a great timeslot on a Friday night on BBC 1, would be filled with wit, originality, and great story lines, not 'knock knock' jokes every five seconds. If this is the best us British have got to offer then we are in deep decline. Bring back Early Doors.
  • Maybe it's because I'm a Northerner...

    Simply brilliant show. The first two series were outstanding and a clear demonstration of how British TV (BBC) can produce the best comedies in the world. The current series 3 is finding it hard to meet the highs of the previous shows, nevertheless, it is still addictive viewing.

    Maybe it's because I'm a Northerner...but I think Lee Mack is hysterical to watch. He deadpan jokes are hilarious, combined with a perfect sense of timing. The supporting cast is terrific. Unlike some TV shows where a replacement is made, I think the change of flat mate from Megan Dodds in series one to Sally Bretton in series two was an ideal switch; Megan was good, but Sally is much better suited to the role of put-up-on flatmate. Tim Vine plays the slightly dim character well.

    Great show, strongly recommended.
  • Funny

    I can't believe I only just discovered this show, it's hilarious. No TV show as had me laughing out loud this much in a long time. I've only seen the first season and discovered it because of Megan Dodds but the whole cast is great. I guess it just doesn't appeal to some people's sense of humour though.

    I love the caretaker episode, its my favourite at the moment but Kate and Lee should have ended up together. That would have made the perfect ending, it was sad that megan left after the first season. Anyway I think its a great show if you just need a laugh.
  • Lee And Tim Are Two Best Friends, Until Tim Broke Up With Kate And Kate Moved Out, And Lucy (Tim's Younger Sister) Moved In.

    I Absolutely LOVE This Show, Lee Mack Is A Legend And So Is Sally Bretton, My Fav Episode Is When Lee Has To Pretend To Be Gay To Make Lucy And Her Boyfriend Guy Happy. It's Just Such A Funny Series, And I Love The Relationship Between Tim And Lee, It's Just So Good!
    Lucy Is Really Funny Too, And Barbra, The Useless Cleaner, She's Useless,But Ever So Funny!
    And The Relationship Between Lucy And Guy? Wow, Who Knew That Two People With SUCH A Big Age Difference Could Fall In Love? C'est Fantastique!
    I Love This Show Because It Just Makes Me Smile :)
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