Not Going Out

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2006 on BBC
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Lee starts teaching Kate to drive. His (or her) lack of success seems to stress him out and Kate notices. She persuades him to try some yoga and given his track record he doesn't take it seriously. He is banished to have acupuncture while Tim trys his hand at teaching Kate how to drive. He does surprisingly well until Lee admits that he's taking tranquilizers during an increasingly speed fueled drive in the countryside. Big question...will she pass?moreless

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      • Kate: Man, you need to seriously learn how to calm down.
        Lee: Woman, you need to seriously how not to run over Labradors.
        Kate: Anyway the owner should have seen me coming and pulled it out of the way.
        Lee: It was a guide dog.
        Kate: Well he's not a very good one, is he?
        Lee: Not now he's not no.

      • Tim: Give me one good reason why you'd risk being addicted to tranquillisers?
        Lee: Tim, how long have we known each other?
        Tim: Fifteen years.
        Lee: There you go. Do you need another one?

      • Lee: Well don't look at me like that.
        Tim: Like what?
        Lee: Like I've just told you I'm nipping to the bogs for cocaine, lend me your credit card.
        Tim: Surely you'd have to pay cash.
        Lee: You've led a sheltered life haven't you?

      • Tim: What next? You've tried yoga and acupuncture. You could say you've bent over backwards and still not hit the nail on the head.

      • Lee: If someone says something to you enough times you eventually become the thing you're being accused of.
        Tim: You're quite intelligent sometimes aren't you?
        Lee: Thank you.
        Tim: You're quite intelligent sometimes aren't you? No it's not working.

      • Lee: Does this actually work?
        Acupuncturist: Of course it works. Acupuncture's been around for thousands of years.
        Lee: So's Christmas, syphilis and France and I don't them much either.
        Acupuncturist: My husband's French
        Lee: I won't ask you what he gave you for Christmas.

      • Kate: Why don't we just forget the breathing thing?
        Lee: Good idea.
        Kate: I mean for about three days.

      • Kate: We'll start with some breathing, In, Out, In Out.
        Lee: I'm never gonna remember this can I write it down?
        Kate: I'm teaching you Yoga, writing tomorrow.

      • Tim: I might phone her. Offer my services.
        Lee: Sounds like a good idea. You want to teach her to driver, she wishes you were dead. Kill two birds with one stone.

      • Tim: That's not an explanation, it's just the same words in a different order.

      • Tim: 20 cups of coffee a day? How do you sleep at night?
        Lee: Easy. It's fair trade.

      • Tim: Are you the kind of person who jumps the gun before carefully weighing up all the options.
        Lee: No.
        Tim: Hang on, it's multiple choice.

      • Tim: No rush. How long's left on that tax disc?

      • Kate: I'm never gonna pass my test am I?
        Tim: I don't know Kate, you'll end up walking it. Bit like your examiner if he's got any sense.

      • Kate: It's not my fault. Your car has hiccups. You should try giving it a shock.
        Lee: Try using your indicators once in a while, that should do it.

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