Notes from the Underbelly

Season 2 Episode 4

Not Without My Noodles

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Lauren began a craving for a diet program's noodles, which led her to alienate Cooper, who found a new friend. Andrew got a job at Julie and Eric's which ended up driving him crazy and pairing Julie and Danny

    I thought this was a funny episode.

    Lauren was great, she went from craving candy cereal, to which Andrew thought his kid might turn out to be a marshmallow, and then she ate a coworkers diet noodles and tried to get some, to which the diet program responded that they do not let pregnant women in the program. If the show didn't take place in LA that would not be funny, but it was because LA is full of self absorbed people.

    Julie still kills me, a coming out party for baby Peri, I loved Danny's response thinking the kid was gay cause he lived in a pink room. Watching her examine Andrew's sketches for the back yard was great, she asked who were the mock people he included.

    There was a good lesson in this episode, you should never work for friends, especially if they are a crazy lady with too much time on her hands.
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