Notes from the Underbelly

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 12, 2007 on ABC
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Andrew and Lauren are deciding if they really want a family or not. But the advice from their friends is not helping them at all! Are they going to have a baby or are they going to continue their lives without one?

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  • This show chronicles a couple's experience after they decide to have a baby. The pilot episode deals with their decision to get pregnant and the fears (some irrational) that inevitably follow such a life-changing decision.moreless

    This episode is about as good as a pilot can get. It laid out the characters quickly and humorously, getting its audience invested in the story almost immediately. However, I felt that it may have missed a few opportunities for shenanigans (like having Cooper try and get her grandmother's cigarette case back from the housewife who found it in her husband's pocket), but perhaps those punch lines are yet to come. Or, perhaps I have misjudged the direction that the show will take. Commercials for the show billed it as Sex and the City after all of the sex; this description isn't quite on the money, but it'll do. There is a bit of Desperate Housewives in there two, minus the murder mystery and the intrigue. All in all, the show looks promising. It is fast-paced, and I like the emphasis on wit and quirky humor. Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) is great as Lauren. I plan to stick around to see where it goes, hoping that it eventually incorporates some more dramatic elements.moreless

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    • (Andrew and Lauren arrive at Julie's extravagant baby shower)
      Andrew: Nice. Very subtle. This is ridiculous. What's the point of having a shower if it costs more than what you'll make back in gifts?
      Lauren: Sweetie, I promise you I'll do my best to make sure our shower turns a profit.

    • Lauren: He stole your condom case?
      Cooper: It's my grandmother's cigarette case. I just keep condoms in it.
      Lauren: Ooh. Nothing like the image of grandma right before you do it.

    • Andrew: So, we're sitting at the gynecologist's office. I'm thinking this has gotta be a great place to meet women.
      Danny: Yeah, I thought that, too. But, I found that when the gals are bringing in the engine to be serviced, they don't really wanna think about taking it out for a joyride.
      Andrew: Yeah, you're probably right.

    • (Andrew and Lauren lying in bed after an attempt at getting it on)
      Lauren: Honey?
      Andrew: Yeah?
      Lauren: Is everything okay?
      Andrew: Oh, yeah.
      Lauren: Didn't feel like it was okay.
      Andrew: Look, it's a lot of pressure, alright? You know, I'm trying to create a human being here. Every shot counts.

    • (Lauren tells Andrew she wants a baby after an incident of mistaken mommy identity in a store)
      Andrew: You wanna have a baby so you can scare the hell out of it?
      Lauren: No. No, not the point of the story. It's just, when I looked down and I saw that adorable little girl tugging on the wrong pants, I had this overwhelming feeling my life is missing something. I wanna be the right pants.

    • (Andrew and Lauren discuss pros/cons of having a baby)
      Andrew: But the kid could grow up to be a brilliant scientist who discovers stuff.
      Lauren: He could grow up to be a weirdo shut-in who kills people.
      Andrew: Who's he gonna kill if he's a shut-in?
      Lauren: Us.

    • ( Andrew & Lauren work on pros and cons of getting pregnant)
      Andrew: (sitting on couch) Pro - babies smell good.
      Lauren: Con - have you seen maternity underwear?
      Andrew: (getting in car) Pro - we get to use the carpool lane.
      Lauren: Con - we'll be driving a hideous minivan.
      Andrew: That was my next pro.

    • Lauren: Okay, I know you're a divorce attorney, but some couples actually stay together.
      Cooper: Yes, they do. In loveless marriages.
      Lauren: Hey, what about me and Andrew?
      Cooper: Well, you two are perfect together. You both have extremely low expectations of each other, so somehow it works.

    • Andrew: (outside the door of the bathroom after opening the pregnancy test package for Lauren) Should I get the video camera?
      Lauren: No. Too soon.
      Andrew: (walking away from the bathroom) Fine. I'll just go pee on something and videotape that.

    • Andrew: (voiceover) I love my wife. She's a huge pain in the ass, but I love her.

    • Cooper: You little whore, you're pregnant.

    • Andrew: You shopped for dates in the women shoes department?
      Danny: No, I work there.
      Andrew: What, you're selling shows now?
      Danny: Please, I'm not a looser! I play piano by the escalator.

    • Danny: Well who do you think is gonna raise your child. You're busy at your fancy private school, helping rich kids decide which fancy private college to go to, and you got your gardening.
      Lauren: Ok Danny, he is a Landscaper Architect.
      Danny: Yeah, In college I was a marijuana sales rep.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Number One with a Bullet

      Andrew: Guess who got Lauren pregnant on the first try?
      Danny: Number one with a bullet!

      This is the title of a 1987 movie starring Robert Carradine and Billy Dee Williams, as well as a lyric from Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down."

    • Risky Business

      Lauren: Do you want to watch the subway scene from Risky Business?

      "Risky Business" is a 1983 film written and directed by Paul Brickman. Considered a breakout film for actor Tom Cruise, in the role of Joel Goodson. The movie is about a suburban Chicago teenager.

    • Rebecca De Mornay

      Andrew & Lauren : Oh! Thank you Rebecca De Mornay.

      Rebecca De Mornay, is an American actress, born in Santa Rosa, California, as the daughter of Wally George. Her film debut came with a small part in Francis Ford Coppola's One from the "Heart" (1982), which was followed by the very successful "Risky Business" (1983) with Tom Cruise.

    • Cooper I never awnser the phone during Lost.

      Lost is an American drama television series that follows the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island, somewhere in the South Pacific.