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  • This show will make you laugh out loud.

    From watching the commercials for this new series, I was not sure if it would be something I would be interested in watching. I myself have not had any children, though many of my closest friends have, so I thought why not check it out and see what it is all about. From the experiences of those I know who have gone through pregnancy, I saw how this show really captures the thought process of finding out that you are pregnant and weighing the pros and cons of the situation. It had me laughing hysterically. This is definitely a show that I would recommend to people if they are in the mood for a good laugh.
  • I adore Cooper. I lover her dry, witty remarks. Julie is a little annoying and a bit OCD, just like my roomie. I hope this show lasts for quite a long time.

    I thought it was wonderful. Something new and quirky! I admit its not hilarious but at least there is some dry humor in this, something I have not seen much of in new shows. I adore Cooper. I lover her dry, witty remarks. Julie is a little annoying and a bit OCD, just like my roomie. I hope this show lasts for quite a long time. I adore Cooper. I lover her dry, witty remarks. Julie is a little annoying and a bit OCD, just like my roomie. I hope this show lasts for quite a long time. I adore Cooper. I lover her dry, witty remarks. Julie is a little annoying and a bit OCD, just like my roomie. I hope this show lasts for quite a long time.
  • This show is about as great as all those Erectile Disfunction commercials you are seeing on TV now.

    I'm a fan of Comedy. A big one. Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Married with Children, all wonderful shows that have made me laugh for years. I will admit that the occasional episode of friends has cracked smiles here and there. This show? I've watched quite a few episodes of it because of its timeslot right next to the Office (another one of my favorites) and I have not laughed. Once. It's a cookie cutter NBC show that they are using to try to appeal to a specific audience. Namely, the people who are (or have) gone through child birth. The jokes are stale, the situations seem forced, and I can't see a deep lifespan for this show considering that all the major female characters will be "pregnant" by the time the second season hits.
  • Great show, not to be missed.

    I saw the first episode and when the opening line is "that's my wife, she is a pain in the ass but I love her." you know you are glued. If you have children, you can totally relate to this show. All the craziness going on while being pregnant all the way to delivery is hilariously portrayed in this show. Not to mention the how relationships with friends and family change. This show is definitely a comedy but oddly very true when it pertains to real life.

    The show provides a fantastic depiction of a single guy, single career oriented woman, married couple with a newborn, and a newly pregnant married couple and how a baby changes everything.
  • Incredibly Funny

    This show is hillarious. I can not stop laughing when ever I watch it.
    Cooper is probably my favorite character. She is deffinatley opionated, and out there. I liked when she and Juile were trying to get Lauren to either quit her job or keep it.
    Juile is definitely ready to be a mom, and it is really funny how she is helping Lauren with her pregnancy.
    Danny is a stereotypical batchelor. I thought it was great when he reused Andrew and Lauren's hotel room and the card said I can't wait for you to be the mother of my child.
    Andrew I believe is really ready for this kid and willing to give up almost anything for them.
    Lauren I also believe is ready to have the baby. I think that when she took her drivers test and sped into the drive through, and how she keeps eating the pregnancy pops is really funny.
  • This is an awesome FUNNY fmaily film, Tis is for anyone taht has had a baby or is about to or even has a friend expecting.

    This show is full of comedy and true life events. If yopu have ever had a baby than you will deffinatly love this show! The cpuples are experencing things tayt real life people do when expecting a baby. However they bring in the comedy side of it. Almost anyone can relate to tyhings in every episode, this show has deffinte pottential! I can see myself really loving it. With the freinds and the couples, and i also can nopt wait to see how they deal wit they journey to parent hood. There will be many many interesting surprises in store im sure of it.
  • This "Belly" is seriously underrated!

    I caught "notes from the underbelly" and it is one of the rare sitcom that work! It's actually funny!!

    Even though sometimes the dialogue falls flat, the amazingly cohesive cast keeps it together. Jennifer Westfeldt's delivery of any line makes the show work. She is so talented as an actress as she is a writer/producer ("Kissing Jessica Stein"). Rachael Harris steals every scene she is in. She's is deliciously wicked!!

    I didn't think a show about pregnancy would be funny because you expect the same old yuks. However, the show is somewhat witty and charming. The cast is hilarious and likable. I hope "Notes" is renewed and we'll see where it goes from there.
  • There is pleny of potential on this show, it seems to get better with every episode. All they need is a little more time like The Simpsons. Of course, they only got 9 months...

    There is pleny of potential on this show, it seems to get better with every episode. All they need is a little more time like The Simpsons. Of course, they only got 9 they better hurry up!
    The cast is doing a good job, lots of characters are easy to identify with someone you know.
  • Deciding to get pregnant, getting pregnant and all the craziness that ensues with the decision.

    I love this show!! I think anyone who has been through pregnancy/birth/parenting can appreciate it. It is so real (well at least it is for me) and timely. I laughed so hard a few times that I actually cried. However, I do think that this show appeals to a very particular audience. I don't think I would have been terribly interested if I had not gone through the same exact scenarios myself. From the friend who is so excited that she gushes all over you, to the friend who insists that you have "changed." I couldn't believe how many times I found myself thinking that someone managed to steal a copy of my journal to write this.

    I have already recommended it to all my friends. Very well-casted with sharp, witty dialogue. I can't say enough good things about this show. I am excitedly awaiting the next episode!
  • When a show's secondary characters are more interesting than the main ones, the show is in trouble.

    This show really should have been produced and shown in the 80’s; but since people are always having kids, it should have worked out just fine today. However… the whole concept seems to be a badly nostalgic rework of 80’s and 90’s shows set in 2007.

    The show centers on Lauren and Andrew, who have decided to become pregnant for the first time. Mission accomplished, so, of course, now they’re having doubts and fears about impending parenthood.

    Lauren is obviously a clone of Meridith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Please! Not everyone is a fan of the half-asleep, dreamy-eyed blond that floats blissfully through life (no matter how smart and accomplished she is… until she pairs up with a handsome brunette other-half who leads her to the true meaning of her existence…). Hubby Andrew is simply a moderate-looking fellow whom for some never explained reason is anxious for his wife to get pregnant. He is definitely more of a Chandler (from Friends) and not a Dr. McDreamy.

    Meridith, I mean, Lauren is overly influenced by the opinions of her friends, such as Cooper, a divorce-lawyer who is portrayed as cynical and slutty. She reminds me of a female version of an Arnie Becker-type from L.A. Law. Her ‘heart of gold’ appears on cue, yet I can’t for the life of me figure out how she and Lauren ever became friends in the first place, nor why Lauren seems so desperate for Cooper’s approval.

    Andrew’s closest buddy is Danny, a character who is never really fully explained. Is he Andrew’s best friend who never grew up? Does he live near them or with them? He seems to be a cross between Joey (from Friends) and Dupree (from the movie Me and Dupree); without the chicks. What is his purpose? Is he there to remind Andrew of life as a bachelor? If so, I doubt there’s much to be envious about. So… Andrew apparently is bitten by the Daddy-Bug, and tries to convince Lauren to cooperate. After several quick scenes where Lauren is resistant, she suddenly hears her biological clock ticking and jumps hubby, all ready to procreate… After the deed is done (blissfully unseen by viewers), Andrew announces his intention to leave the room to go watch ‘Lost’. With no TV in the bedroom, and her legs raised in the air to encourage sperm to migrate towards conception, Lauren tries calling several friends to help pass the time. Regrettably for her, no one will pick up; because, as we unfortunate viewers see, Lauren’s friends are all apparently being serviced with oral sex by various anonymous men, whom we never see again, all the while watching ’Lost’. I must admit, that this ‘Sex in the City’ stuff was not at all necessary nor effective.

    Once the news of the pregnancy leaks, the couple seems to experience only two kind of reactions: “Hey, great! Welcome to the club!” from a couple of parents who are portrayed as overly excited about becoming new parents, and those who were equally fervent that having a child is a bad idea.

    The end result is a sadly predictable and bland program, which can only get better.
  • A show about pregnant couples.

    When i frist seen commercials for Notes from the Underbelly I thought that this was going to be a really funny show. Man was I wrong I barely evan cracked a smile durning any of the episodes they have showed. I thought that it was suppose to be a comedey but where were the jokes or any of the humor? I thought that they got some good actors and actresses but they did not do that good of a job with there characters. The caracters Eric and Julie drove me crazy i could not stand them. I thought that the concept of the show was good but that is far as it goes for me.
  • A absolute favorite- I'm sure the women will love it!

    I did not happen to catch the premiere on tv but got a chance to see it online. It is now one of my favorites. A show about what couples go through while planning to have a baby while thier single friends have no problem exploring the perks of just being single. Lots of humor. great cast. a future save. I am sure this show will stick around. More men should watch this show to get an idea of what us women go through during pregnancy- lol. I will be patiently awaiting for next weeks episode and more to come.
  • Sure, I laughed at some of the jokes, but the series' plot just doesn't seem strong enough to support that many episodes.

    The series focuses on a couple who decide on making a family. The only problem is... that's the entire series.

    As for the characters, they're somewhat interesting, but for the most part, just seem like the generic group off odd people who exchange some snappy word-play amongst each other. Also, the writing is pretty drab and you can always tell when the life lesson is about to come about.

    Normally, you'd think that would be enough to create a successful show, but just the idea that an entire series is being made from the idea of a couple struggling preparing for the arrival of their child is really lackluster. I mean, what are they going to do once the child is born? End the series, or go on to becoming yet another generic family comedy that relies on the cuteness of the child?

    "Notes from the Underbelly" is a catchy enough name, but seems like the writers are stretching what's meant to be the idea for a single episode/short arc into an entire series. Episodes in sitcoms where the main character has to deal with a pregnant woman are usually pretty funny for a few episodes, but for an entire series... I don't think so.

    I'll follow the series for a while, but based on the first two episodes, it seems like I'll get tired of the show before it even reaches the double-digit-ed episodes.
  • The new series, Notes From The Underbelly is about two couples, and two polar opposite best friends to the couple Lauren and Andrew. The first couple Julie and Eric embrace every nook and cranny of pregnancy. Lauren and Andrew's pregnancy = crazy!

    I LOVED this show! From its fast paced pilot to the word choice of the characters makes this new series a modern classic and a must see series for adults who enjoy scrubs and sarcastic humor!! Each of the characters fits some kind of stereotype in society that deals with family. It will be nice to see how each character develops throughout the season. Whether Eric and Julie will calm down with their strict pre-baby routines and whether Lauren and Andrew will make the mini coop to mini van switch. Cooper's character development should also be very interesting to see. Perhaps she will even fall in love, with someone who isn't married or getting a divorce because of a sexual relationship (ahem). Also, this series is based off of a very good novel which should set the stage for some creative license as well as a contemporary funny series!
  • I almost laughed a few times.

    From the commercials I expected to like the show enough. Then I read newspaper reviews and saw that they tended negative. However, the positive ones were positive enough that I still expected to like the show. Then I started watching it. At first, it reminded me of another show, "Grapevine" which had 2 incarnations (1992, 2000) and failing twice. It had a Thumper. It wasn't about pregnancies, but the pace of the show seemed similar. So my first conclusion was that "Notes" cannot succeed based on the failure of that other show, although I sort of liked "Grapevine". "Notes" seems worse. It bored me. It occurs to me that all of the promos were a big waste of broadcast time that could have been used for some better purpose (not that it actually would have).
  • Not going on my favorites!!!

    Well, I'm don't really care for children or marriage so this is definitely not the show for me. I'm not interested in this show whatsoever and it actually sounded kinda promising during the commercials and everything but after watching it. I was flipping back and forth between it and a 2003 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I guess I'll check in every now and then because I like the chick with the career and didn't want to attend the baby shower and the fact they're trying to show the positives and the negatives of the situation, but overall I'm not interested in the show. So, in the end, I might watch it if nothing else good is open, but it most definitely is not a favorite for me at this point.