Nothing Sacred

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Absolutely one of the best shows ever made.

    Nothing Sacred is one of those shows that makes you stop and think after each and every episode. I love shows like this.

    The best part, in my opinion, is how true-to-life the people's lives are in the show. My Dad is an Anglican priest, and he is very much a priest like Ray - someone who cares about the people, whether they are members of the congregation or not. Ray takes the time to talk and listen to the people he meets, and finds a way to meet them where they are at. Then he brings them what help he can - a sign of true Calling.

    The writing is excellent, and the direction is phenomenal - I love the way they tell the stories and develop the characters. Nothing is taboo in this show; they tackle things that shouldn't have to be "hushed up" in our world.

    One of the absolute best shows ever. I wish it was still on TV.
  • Creative, intelligent rendering of the life of people associated with a contemporary urban Catholic parish dealing honestly with real-life topics ripped from the headlines.

    Arguably one of the best shows ever on TV -- the cast, plot lines, relationships...the writing was fabulous and the intelligent treatment of pursuit of faith through the challenges of contemporary life was unfailingly inspiring! What a shame we let it be drummed off the air by segments who favor the sentimentalized, one-dimensional, canned representations of religion. Living a life through faith never was a safe choice (look what happened to Jesus) -- this show so beautifully rendered how that remains so today.
  • A courageous attempt to tell a contemporary story of men and women of faith set in an inner-city Catholic church.

    This show was too good to last. It was thoughtful, provocative, often poignant. Its characters were realistic, and thus, sometimes troubling. Father Ray and Sister Mo were far from perfect people; they struggled with their individual callings and with their vows, especially that of obediance. In the 15 episodes that actually aired, you saw the difficulty of dealing with the day-to-day issues that beset any parish, both secular and spiritual--especially one tied to the complicated infrastructure and inherent bureaucracy of the Roman Catholic Church. And you also saw the rewards, large and small, both individual and shared.

    Sure, there was plenty of controversy about the attempt to portray the life of modern-day priest (and one who was uncomfortably attractive, as portrayed by hottie Kevin Anderson). Supposedly the Catholic League was up in arms trying to kill the show (or were they actually pressuring to keep it on the air?). The subject matter of the second episode was so sensitive (HIV priests) that it never aired at all.

    But the ultimate assassin was the same one that's done in so many of my favorites over the years: Poor ratings. Whether ABC screwed the show over with bad time slots (against NBC's then-powerhouse Thursday night lineup) or whether advertisers were truly scared off by threatened boycotts, the ultimate result was as inevitable as the Crucifixion.

    Now, can we please resurrect the nearly 20 hours of excellent programming by bringing it out on DVD? This one was too good to simply fade into history!
  • Nothing Sacred is a warm drama that centers on the life of an urban parish in New York.

    Ah, how we Nothing Sacred fans wish it would come out on DVD. Quality drama that, for once, paints the Catholic Church in a favorable light--even more missed after years of bashing by the Law and Order franchise or the targeted preaching of Boston Legal. Catholics and non-Catholics alike will warm up to the characters in this humorous drama of a New York parish, which includes a forthright nun, a Jewish bookkeeper, and three priests running the gamut from young radical,younger idealist, and conservative wise senior. Kevin Anderson's mobil face is a treat, as well as Maureen Dowd's well-modulated voice and the great timing of Bruce Altman. Nothing Sacred--when will we see the likes of this again?