Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy

CBC (ended 2000)


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  • As a TV adaptation of a book about three real-life mid century Canadian Western Ranchers, it is a pleasant hour in my re-run day...

    ...and I bless my DVR every chance I get!
    It never took itself too seriously which is good because that would have made it a disaster.
    Yannick Bisson and Ted Atherton are fun and play off each other very well, as they did later in "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye." Each of them make for some very entertaining comic moments.
    Sarah Chalke, who has apparently been a hit in Scrubs (I don't watch it), seems miscast somehow. There is very little chemistry between her character and that of her TV husband and you have to be about DEAD not to have chemistry with Yannick Bisson! However, she does have some very sharp comic moments of her own in this character.
    I am happy to add "Cowboy" to my collection of "Oldies" recordings, and enjoy watching the Pitt Meadows scenery before it went completely Hollywood!