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  • Season 4
    • Elizabeth Smart: The Long Way Home
      As an all-American teenager, Elizabeth Smart had a happy, uncomplicated life. Everything changed when a home invader came into her bedroom at night and kidnapped her, leading to a traumatic emotional journey through the untamed wilderness of Utah. Through it all, Smart kept her wits about her and let her faith sustain her.moreless
    • Cop Killers
      Cop Killers
      Episode 20
      Cop Killers from the Biography channel series Notorious examines the recent murders of police officers while protecting the peace. These disturbing cases include the shooting of Texas State Trooper Bill Davidson and a drug gang's execution of rookie Queens, NY officer Eddie Bryne while he was guarding a prosecution witness.
    • A Model Murder
      A Model Murder
      Episode 19
      Notorious profiles a Los Angles photographer named Charles Rathbun, who was the last person to see the up-and-coming fashion model, Linda Sobek, alive, in the 1995. The documentary follows Rathbun, up until the day he met Sobek in his studio, where he claims that he killed the young starlet by accident.moreless
    • Double Life, Double Murder
      Lewis Joyner seemed to enjoy a good relationship with his wife, Ruby. When Ruby ended up brutally murdered, Lewis became a suspect in the search for her killer. To complicate matters, however, Ruby did not die alone. She was killed alongside her best friend, Halima Jones, creating layers of complexity in the case against Lewis.moreless
    • Cruel and Unusual
      Cruel and Unusual
      Episode 17
      A look at examples of the historical existence of cruel and unusual punishments, although there is a constitutional ban for that type of abuse of prisoners.
    • Accused in Appalachia
      "Notorious" examines the case of Merry Pease, who was indicted three times and convicted twice of shooting her husband, despite her claims that he had shot her then turned the gun on himself. Her 10 year legal journey ended upon her parole in 2006. Episode 16 "Accused in Appalachia" from season 4 of the show "Notorious" originally aired on 9/6/2007.moreless
    • A Parent's Nightmare
      David and Cynthia Dowaliby seemed to have a wonderful life, acting as nurturing parents to their young daughter. In 1988, after their daughter's shocking murder, David and Cynthia became prime murder suspects. Even after the evidence did not fully link the two to their daughter's death, the doubt and suspicion still haunts their lives.moreless
    • Intimate Deception
      Intimate Deception
      Episode 14
      For some men, till death do us part is not a one-time deal. This episode investigates bigamists and the techniques they use to maintain elaborate deceptions, juggling three or four wives and families at the same time. In some cases, their wives do not uncover their lies until long after it is too late.moreless
    • Vanished
      Episode 13
      Vanished from the Biography channel series Notorious examines the case of James Rodney Hicks, a serial killer who evaded police for over 20 years. Hicks murdered his first wife, Jennie, but only served six years for the crime. After relocating to Texas, he became a threat to any woman that crossed his path including his girlfriend and his children's caretaker.moreless
    • Medical Mistakes
      Medical Mistakes
      Episode 12
      Notorious correspondent, Bill Kurtis, tags along with reporters from the NY Times who are covering a story on malpractice and the over one-hundred thousand Americans who die each year due to doctor's negligence. The report uncovers the secret cover-up world in medicine where careless surgeons are allowed to continue their practice.moreless
    • Phil Spector
      Phil Spector
      Episode 11
      Phil Spector has an impressive reputation for his creativity and boldness, forever changing the recording industry. For all his intelligence and innovation, however, Spector always struggled with private demons. In 2003, a young actress died at Spector's hands in his California mansion. This episode examines the producer's troubled past and his decision to kill.moreless
    • Cybersex Cop
      Cybersex Cop
      Episode 10
      In this episode the life and contributions of Don Daufenback are visited. This federal agent was able to infiltrate chat rooms by using a secret name. This led to him being able to take down a child pornography ring. Daufenback explains why he did it and some of the difficulties he faced along the way.moreless
    • The New Skinheads
      This episode takes a look into the lives of Skinheads. It highlights their racist tactics as well as their presence in the United States. Their alliances with groups such as the White Aryan Resistance, Aryan Nations and the KKK are discussed. Interviews with former members of the group are also featured.moreless
    • Shamed Into Confession
      Shamed Into Confession from the Biography channel series Notorious explores the murder trial of James Harry Reyos. Although Reyos initially confessed to killing a priest and then recanted explaining he lied to cover a sexual relationship with the victim. This episode also takes a look at how the American justice system handles confessions.moreless
    • Justifiable Homicide?
      A man murders his grandfather aided by his stepfather and attempts to appeal to the court that the homicide was justified, claiming the man had abused him for years.
    • The Happy Face Killer
      Some killers take pleasure in getting away with their crimes, but others want nothing more than fame and recognition for their twisted deeds. Keith Hunter Jesperson was one of the latter. Known as "the Happy Face Killer," Jesperson dealt with many personal disappointments, eventually turning to murder as a way to become famous and feel in control of his destiny. This investigation follows Jesperson's troubling life.moreless
    • Thrill Killers
      Thrill Killers
      Episode 5
      This episode highlights the murders of two vacationers to Ocean City, Maryland. A young couple has photographs on their camera from their vacation to the same city that gives police needed evidence to arrest them in the vacationer's murders. However, this case turns out not to be as easy to solve as one might think.moreless
    • Mistaken Identity
      Mistaken Identity raises the question of credibility of eye witnesses. In North Carolina, a robber shoots a woman who lives to point fingers. She identifies sixteen-year-old Terence Garner as the perpetrator, though there is no other evidence connecting him to the assault. A few days later, another man named Terrance steps forward to confess.moreless
    • A Soldier's Secret
      Notorious travels to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to investigate the murder of a 101st Airborne Division solder presumed to be a homosexual among his colleagues. Gay activists claim that President Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was the motive behind the young man's murder. Investigators soon discover that the high-brass in the military are tight-lipped about the entire incident.moreless
    • Sins of a Priest: The John Geoghan Story
      Notorious profiles the life of Father John Geoghan, a Catholic priest convicted of molesting over 140 children in Boston, MA. The documentary reports on how the priest gained the trust of poor single-moms, who allowed Geoghan to sleep in their homes. The report also examines why the Cardinal Bernard Law from Archdiocese of Boston covered up the priest's actions for over thirty years.moreless
    • Another Man's Crime
      This episode examines the injustice that occurs when criminals walk free, leaving innocent people to accept the blame for their dark deeds. When even DNA testing and courtroom trials do not always come to the rescue, sometimes the wrongfully convicted men have to hope that the true criminals will have a change of heart.moreless
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