Season 35 Episode 6

Master of the Killer Ants

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2007 on PBS

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  • NOVA shows a segment on how the Mofu people of northern Cameroon use driver ants to keep out the termites.

    This is not one of the most interesting NOVA segments shown recently. It appears to be filmed by others and shown on NOVA because of its subject matter and because of the awards it won. This would have been better as an anthropology program or even PBS's Nature program. It starts slowly and never really illuminates anything of science, which is what makes NOVA such a great series. Of course, the NOVA web site has a special web segment for each and every NOVA program shown since 1997 which makes these programs more like an hour program with a two hour reading assignment. It does have one amusing segment when the village elder Matsgrawaï is attempting to get the red driver ants, called jaglavak, to find the termites and start the action while a young Mofu boy gets attacked instead. His dance to get the driver ants off was amusing and remined me of people who discover they are standing on a fire ant mound. The elder should get a Hollywood agent because he has the most natural voice for doing the voiceover for E.T. I've ever heard.
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