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  • The very best in science educational TV.

    I just can't say enough good things about this show. Considering that the academic levels in the United States are no longer number one in the world, particularly in the area of the sciences, the viewing of Nova in every household with children should be mandatory. One of the best (if not THE best science series available on TV)this show grabs and holds the attention of the viewer and won't let go, even viewers who aren't particularly acclimated to science in general. Grade A production values, jaw dropping computer animated scenario presentation (particularly when covering past and present manned and unmanned space missions)are simply awesome. Just awesome. I have never once been disappointed by an episode of Nova, no matter what the subject!
  • Isn't Public Television Wonderful?

    I really enjoy the Nova science series on the Public Television Service. It shows documentary episodes not only of science, but it also shows some of history as well. I often get a big bang out of all the educational episodes it has. It proves to me that the Public Broadcasting Service is not all Seasame Street and British television. It and be both entertaining and educational for children and adults alike. I urge you all to support public televison and keep shows like these running.
  • Every time there is a new episode I must sit down and watch!

    This show is my favorite science show. I'm studying Egypt in school and I now a lot more than most of the other people just because I watched NOVA! I also loved the episodes about the stars and the universe. It makes me feel so small. I like those episodes because I've started getting interested about the night sky. I go outside on clear nights with my telescope and gaze up at the stars. The big dipper is right there where I can see it every night. I would love it if NOVA covered the big dipper in an episode one day. I would Watch it ten times!
  • Science documentary.

    One of my favorite shows. "Nova" explores various topics in science, from the doomsday scenarios of wayward asteroids and life-erasing gamma ray bursts striking earth, through exotic ideas such as time travel, string theory and parallel universes, to bioterrorism, aging and mad cow disease. Science and math are my two weakest areas academically, yet this series makes the most mind-bending concepts not only understandable but compelling. I don't think you can find five people with more divergent tastes in television than my family. (Which is why I am so grateful to have my own television in my room.) Nova is one of the few series that we all sit down and watch together.
  • interesting show...

    NOVA is basically just a informative show that covers various topics usually during an hour episode. I especially like the episodes about wild animals. Some of the topics, like physics and science and molecules and such are boring. Overall, this is my favorite science based show. It has great theme music. Basically, I used to watch NOVA every Tuesday night at 8:00 with my mom and it was a little ritual. I loved it. Then they moved it to 9:00 and it was too late for me (I was little). We don't watch it anymore, but it's still a great, informative show.
  • This is a great show! i'm just a teen, but i still love it. the best thing is that it's always compleatly different.

    This show is a favorite in my house. We watched it every day until we moved, and now we don't know what time it's on! (we really need to check those local listings) My brother says it's his favorite show (but he says that about everything) My favorite ones that i've seen so far are " an elegant univers " which is the one on string theory and quantum mechanics. That show really helps with my chemistry and physics classes. I also like the ones about natural disasters and animals. Specifically "can animals predict disasters" (i'm not sure if that's the real title) It's great for all ages! (or at least anyone old enough to understand most general science)
  • I've been watching this show ever sense I could walk and I didn't even know I liked this show so much until now.

    I love the name for this show "NOVA" it makes the show more fancy in a way. I like the host too. So this show is very resourceful that is why I love this show. I don't know whats a better show: "How It's Made" or "NOVA", no question about it it has to be "NOVA". I loved that episode "CodeBreakers". I got one question have they traveled to Ethiopia yet? because thats my favorite country. So this show has been doing very good in the ratings over the decades and I'm just glad this show is still alive. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this show 10.
  • Great Series

    This has been one of my favorite series since I was a kid. Some episodes are better than others, but always fascinating. Generally, I like the ones focusing on hard science and currently have two epsiodes on string theory on my Tivo. It\'s great to see what the latest recording is, as there is such a variety of subjst matter.
  • The NOVA episodes(includes NOVA Science NOW are cool.

    NOVA is so cool I learning everything what NOVA is telling the whole world. Season 31 is still aring on PBS. Can\'t wait for NOVA Science NOW about Fuel Cells and new episodes of NOVA. NOVA is a production of WGBH Boston Nova just loves teaching Be More Amazed NOVA Be More PBS!
  • Nova is no doubt the best science program out there. It's perfect for people who don't know the topic as well as a college professor but does it in an entertaining and consistently informative way.

    I've been watching Nova since I was nine or eight years old. I've enjoyed how it goes through an issue like a story but it's easier because it lays it out for you. Another strength that Nova has is its visuals that help to understand the science part. While Nova does have it's weaknesses, it is generally the topic that is being discussed that would lose my attention. For the most part, Nova is a great science show and it shows in the awards it wins each year.