NOVA - Season 10

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  • Sixty Minutes to Meltdown
    Taking a detailed look at the nuclear disaster, occurring on Three Mile Island, NOVA documents the timeline of events leading up to the accident. By then examining the facts and evidence surrounding the disaster, and looking at what steps were taken before it happened, safety procedures and the future of nuclear power are discussed.moreless
  • Fat Chance in a Thin World
    When you're struggling with weight loss and can't find any practical solutions, it's time to discuss the shocking truths and revealing answers, that affect both your body weight and eating routines. Many Americans have trouble losing weight and keeping it off, which is why we show you the best tips and tricks to gain back a slimmer appearance.moreless
  • City of Coral
    City of Coral
    Episode 14
    Take a journey through the magical coral reef and experience one of the strangest, yet most beautiful, flourishing ecosystems in the world. You'll encounter strange ocean animals and plants, that at times are indistinguishable from one another. Some form strong bonds with each other, allowing them to share their natural defenses, and protect each other from the dangers lurking around them.moreless
  • Asbestos: A Lethal Legacy
    This episode focuses on asbestos and how it has affected humans in the twentieth century. NOVA takes a look at the controversial chemical and its uses in modern-day society. Producers also travel to an asbestos factory to ask manufacturers why it's used in public places. The episode ends with a spotlight on the debate of whether asbestos is really dangerous to humans or whether the controversy is just a hoax.moreless
  • The Miracle of Life
    The Miracle of Life
    Episode 12
    The Miracle of Life is an episode from the 10th season of the PBS series, NOVA. NOVA is a science-documentary series that has earned over 20 Emmy Awards over the past 25 years. In this episode, the conception and development of the embryo is researched. Highlights include miscroscopic images which show the merging of male and female cells. Details of the first stages of the fertilized egg are also uncovered.moreless
  • Lassa Fever
    Lassa Fever
    Episode 11
    NOVA brings to you this most intriguing docudrama concerning a terrible disease that killed many in a village in Africa's Nigeria in 1969. What makes this story even more remarkable is the risks taken by health workers and volunteers as they sought to aid and cure those who had been struck down by the mysterious bug.moreless
  • The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
    Richard Feynman is an outstanding physicist who's work has earned him a Nobel prize. Nova celebrates the man behind the forefront of subatomic physics, and speaks with him to discuss his various passion, theories, and ideas. By applying his discoveries in subatomic physics, our lives can be changed, and enhanced for the better.moreless
  • Hawaii: Crucible of Life
    NOVA profiles Hawaii in this episode and looks at the unique features that make up this isolated island chain in the Pacific Ocean. The episode gets away from the tourist hotels and attractions to look at unique life forms and extinction of animals from this ecological gem. A discussion and look at farmers seeking more land to produce crops and its effect on the ecological makeup is profound in this NOVA episode. The survival of both man and his effect on the ecosystem is profiled.moreless
  • Tracking The Supertrains
    Tracking The Supertrains is an episode from the 10th season of the PBS series, NOVA. NOVA is a science-documentary series that has earned over 20 Emmy Awards over the past 25 years. In this episode, the French "TGV" and the Japanese "bullet" trains are shown as examples of how high-performing supertrains have set the standard for safety and efficiency in travel.moreless
  • Whale Watch
    Whale Watch
    Episode 7
    Whale Watch is an episode from the 10th season of the PBS series, NOVA. NOVA is a science-documentary series that has earned over 20 Emmy Awards over the past 25 years. In this episode, narrator Wendie Sakakeen details the adventures of the Pacific gray whale - a mammal which migrates up to 12,000 miles each year and is known for its unique mating rituals.moreless
  • Goodbye Louisiana
    Goodbye Louisiana
    Episode 6
    Goodbye Louisiana, first broadcast on November 3, 1982, concerns South Louisiana's calamitous water issues. The state's coastline is disappearing. In the year prior to this documentary, 49 square miles of coastal Louisiana was swallowed up by the Gulf, and the Mississippi, at once Louisiana's great blessing and worst threat, could be changing course.moreless
  • The Cobalt Blues
    The Cobalt Blues
    Episode 5
    The Cobalt Blues, originally broadcast on November 23, 1982, reports on the policies of the Reagan presidency concerning certain essential minerals, and investigates the US's increasing reliance on foreign sources for its supplies of these elements, which are vitally important to key American industries such as steel production and the aerospace industry.moreless
  • Adventures of Teenage Scientists
    Adventures of the Teenage Scientists is episode 4, from season 10 of the long-running PBS science series Nova. This episode originally aired on November, 16, 1982. This episode introduces the 1982 Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners with particular focus on their talents, interests and aspirations. The question of how the failing economy will affect the educational opportunities of our future scientists.moreless
  • Here's Looking At You Kid
    Here's Looking at You Kid aired originally in 1982. The focus of the Nova episode is on the fight and struggle of an 11 year old boy who suffered burns over 73% of his body. Nova won an Emmy Award in 1982 for this episode. This episode highlights the fact that 1/3 of the burn victims in this country are children.moreless
  • The Fragile Mountain
    The Fragile Mountain from the show Nova is about the Himalayas, which are the highest mountain peaks in the world, and how they are crumbling. The documentary follows how humans are the victims of the crumbling, and how they are also the catalyst for this issue. The impact of global warming on these mountains is examined in this episode.moreless
  • The Case of the UFOs
    The Case of the UFOs is an episode from the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, a panel of experts investigates UFO sightings to determine whether unidentified flying objects are man-made or extraterrestrial. Has Earth been visited by aliens, or is it all just a hoax? Watch the Case of the UFOs, and find out.moreless