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  • The World According to Weisskopf
    NOVA originally aired this episode in 1984. The episode features a profile of Professor Weisskopt, who is noted for his theoretical work in quantum electrodynamics. He discusses his philosophy that science plays a large role in society. For example, he discusses the Big Bang Theory and relates it to music by Haydn. The music, he explains is descriptive of the Big Bang.moreless
  • Make My People Live: The Crisis in Indian Health
    Make My People Live: The Crisis in Indian Health explores the impact of an Indian health act as it comes up for renewal before Congress in the spring of 1984. Traveling to Alaska, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, the program takes a hard look at the successes and failures of the program.moreless
  • Down on the Farm
    Down on the Farm
    Episode 19
    Down on the Farm is an episode from the eleventh season of the PBS series, NOVA. NOVA is a science-documentary series that has earned over 20 Emmy Awards over the past 25 years. In this episode, the series uncovers reasons why pesticides are causing harm to our environment and how farmers are having a tough time adopting safer practices.moreless
  • Visions of the Deep: The Underwater World of Al Giddings
    Underwater photography is both beautiful and surreal. Photographer Al Giddings risks life and limb to travel the globe and take pictures of the deep seas and its beautiful and terrifying creatures. NOVA interviews Giddings and follows him on one of his deep sea adventures to discover the talent of this gifted photographer.moreless
  • Will I Walk Again?
    Will I Walk Again?
    Episode 17
    Spinal cord injuries are devastating and mysterious. Why is it that some victims are able to recover yet some do not? NOVA takes a look at the intricacies of the spinal cord and how these injuries cause paralysis. With technology growing by leaps and bounds, will there soon be a cure for spinal cord injuries?moreless
  • China's Only Child
    China's Only Child
    Episode 16
    China has controversial population control policies which are considered by some to be equal parts barbaric and horrifying. With citizens limited to one child per family, some desperate parents are resorting to terrible acts to keep from violating the laws. NOVA highlights the practices and tragedies of one of the biggest ethical issues of the modern world.moreless
  • Antarctica: Earth's Last Frontier
    Antarctica is the last place on Earth that hasn't been explored and charted by humans. Though the continent is larger than the United States and Mexico combined, its inhospitable conditions have kept man away. NOVA goes in depth to explain the recent technological advancements that have made exploring Antarctica possible.
  • The Case of ESP
    The Case of ESP
    Episode 14
    Extra Sensory Perception has gained notoriety in many cultures, but what is it? Some studies have shown that ESP is at least a very real possibility. Some organizations, like police departments, do utilize psychics and their abilities to help solve cases. NOVA uncovers the mysteries of ESP - is it real or is it all just hocus pocus?moreless
  • Alcoholism: Life Under The Influence
    Alcoholism is a sad reality for many people. NOVA tries to uncover why this disease is so prevalent by exploring the physical, mental and genetic reasons why people become and stay addicted to alcohol. The social, historical and medical aspects of the disease are all explored and explained in layman's terms.moreless
  • Eyes Over China
    Eyes Over China
    Episode 12
    When an American plane lands in China, the local residents are not sure how to react. On the one hand, the plane carries a cutting edge operating theater that can perform delicate and complex eye surgery. On the other hand, Western medicine clashes with Chinese practices, causing controversy and challenges.
  • The Climate Crisis
    The Climate Crisis
    Episode 11
    The record-breaking temperatures of each consecutive summer may be the result of a general warming up of the Earth's atmosphere. In this episode, Nova examines the changes in global climate and considers the speculations of climate scientists for what may occur in the next century due to humanity's over-consumption of fossil fuels.moreless
  • Nuclear Strategy for Beginners
    With World War III looming as a very real possibility, NOVA takes a look at nuclear warfare. Myths are dispelled and the harsh realities of nuclear weaponry and the fallout that they cause are explained. With so many nations on edge and tensions running higher every day, can nuclear war be prevented or is it imminent?moreless
  • Twenty-Five Years in Space
    To document the twenty-fifth anniversary of America's space program, NOVA takes a look at NASA's successes, failures and the exciting plans it has for the future. Relive accomplishments like the moon landing and disasters like the Apollo I. Highlights include media footage of interviews, newscasts and rare images from NASA's missions and scientific research.moreless
  • Captives of Care
    Captives of Care
    Episode 8
    In an Australian medical institution, the patients have severe disabilities. The custodians can be too harsh, ignoring their patients' needs. To the surprise of the people in charge, the patients decide to stand up for themselves and fight back against the unfair treatment. Despite their disabilities, they persevere in their pursuit of humane care.moreless
  • A Normal Face: The Wonders of Plastic Surgery
    This episode explores a different side of plastic surgery, focusing on the necessary medical procedures it can help to accomplish. Originally aired in 1983, the documentary explores two stories of reconstructive surgery. A disfigured soldier may have a second lease on life, while a child who needs major plastic surgery gets a first shot at life.moreless
  • A Magic Way of Going: The Story of Thoroughbreds
    Is it true that the thoroughbred horse runs faster than any other horse? Horse racing is estimated to be a billion-dollar industry. A magic formula to identify the perfect race horse is elusive. This episode explores the possible combinations of the will to win, stamina and speed needed for victory.
  • To Live Until You Die: The Work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
    To Live Until You Die: The Work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross from the show Nova premiered on November 8, 1983. The episode focuses on the life of Dr. Kubler-Ross and examines the groundbreaking work that she performed with the dying. Dr. Kubler-Ross, a psychiatrist, authored the book On Death and Dying and created the Kübler-Ross model, which details the five stages of grief.moreless
  • Papua New Guinea: Anthropology on Trial
    Papua New Guinea: Anthropology on Trial is an episode from the eleventh season of the PBS series, NOVA. NOVA is a science-documentary series that has earned over 20 Emmy Awards over the past 25 years. In this episode, the series travels to Papua New Guinea where well-known ethnographers and anthropologists voice their concerns over traditional field-work techniques. A New Guinea native/student also talks about his experiences in California after spending time in America.moreless
  • Talking Turtle
    Talking Turtle
    Episode 3
    Talking Turtle from the show NOVA explores China's controversial one child policy and how it has affected families living in the country. While the government insists it is the best form of population control possible, the Chinese have historically had very large families, which has made the new policy unpopular with the working public.moreless
  • The Artificial Heart
    The Artificial Heart has become the center of debate ever since a procedure was performed, on a Seattle dentist, named Barney Clark. Barney became the first patient ever, to receive a completely artificial heart implant, that allowed him to live for about three months after surgery. The development of the Artificial Heart has become highly scrutized, regarding its safety and costly expense, as well stirred many moral and religous debates.moreless
  • Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
    Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales is an episode from the PBS science television series Nova in which a group of researchers discusses animal communication. Specifically at issue is whether animals use language. The episode features the trained gorillas Washoe and Koko as well as chimpanzees, orangutans and dolphins.moreless