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Episode Guide

  • Monarch of the Mountains
    NOVA explores the Rocky Mountain Elk under its natural conditions in this show. Nova videographers followed the elk to capture their migration, breeding, and survival habits. The filming took place over an 18 month time period with telephoto lenses, this way the animals were not disturbed. The backdrop for the show is the Wyoming Rocky Mountains.moreless
  • Child's Play: Prodigies and Possibilities
    Child prodigies are amazing and mysterious. From Mozart to Raphael and even chess master Bobby Fisher, some kids are tremendously gifted at talents that most kids their age can't fathom. What makes a kid a child prodigy? Psychologists and other medical personnel try to uncover the origins of the amazing abilities of these youngsters.moreless
  • A Mathematical Mystery Tour
    NOVA aired Mathematical Mystery Tour in 1985. The show is hosted by Bob Gardner and includes interviews with several prominent mathematicians and historians. The basis of the show is exploring what basic mathematics is and how it is done. A discussion into mathematical theory and philosophy is covered during the episode. The interviews delve into some deeper theories of mathematics, such as the Continuum Hypothesis.moreless
  • Baby Talk
    Baby Talk
    Episode 19
    This episode of NOVA takes an in-depth look at the processes by which children acquire language skills. Baby talk may seem cute and funny, but the study of baby talk actually reveals a complex link between human thought and human language. The latest theories behind speech acquisition can help scientists learn more about linguistics.moreless
  • The Shape of Things
    The Shape of Things
    Episode 18
    The Shape of Things, which aired on Nova, discusses the theory that nature moves ahead. This program explores and explains the reasons behind the structure of biology. A look at octagonal and round shapes, which are recurring in nature is covered. Things such as eggs and honeycomb are used for examples. The time lapse photography allows viewers to be able to see biological structures taking form.moreless
  • AIDS: Chapter One
    AIDS: Chapter One
    Episode 17
    Nova takes you on a journey through the mysterious, and sudden appearance of AIDS, that causes deadly side effects and can wreak havoc on your immune system. Doctors are working fast, to come up with technologically advanced treatments, to slow down both the progression and transfer of this devastating Auto Immune Disorder.moreless
  • In the Land of the Polar Bears
    In the Land of the Polar Bears is an episode from the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, Russian scientist and filmmaker Yuri Ledin travels to the arctic to observe Wrangel Island's population of polar bears. While there, Ledin also encounters walruses, polar foxes and Siberian snow geese.
  • Conquest of the Parasites
    Conquest of the Parasites is an episode from the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, a group of medical researchers discusses new breakthroughs in the fight against parasites. Why are parasites some of history's most successful creatures? Can they finally be conquered? Watch Conquest of the Parasites, and find out.moreless
  • Global Village
    Global Village
    Episode 14
    Global Village is an episode from the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, a panel of scientists discusses India's difficult rise from an impoverished third-world nation to a modern country. Global Village focuses on India's technological advances and their possible effects on the country's still backward rural areas.
  • Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines
    Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines is the thirteenth episode in the twelfth season of PBS' documentary show NOVA. This episode features the inventions of Harold Edgerton. Edgerton is the inventor who created the science behind slow-motion and stroboscope made stop-action photography. The inventor also helped design equipment for the military during WWII.moreless
  • The Garden of Inheritance
    Gregor Mendel (Michael N. Harbour) is an Augustinian friar with an unusual destiny. Always curious about the world around him, Mendel conducts scientific experiments that will change the entire face of genetics studies. The docudrama focuses on the father of modern genetics, including his life and his most revolutionary works.
  • Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life
    Special Guest, Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, is a world renowned Paleontologist who provides exciting and thought provoking views on life and its origins. By discussing evolution, and the actions behind any biological adaptations, he compares a vast range of animals from dinosaurs to pandas explaining their relation to one another.
  • Acid Rain: New Bad News
    By first visiting West Germany and then traveling to North America, through New England and the mid-Atlantic states, Nova takes the Acid Rain debate head on. They begin their investigation in these varying regions, and continue to explore the mysteries that often surround Acid Rain, and the negative effects it can cause.moreless
  • Jaws: The True Story
    The Great White Shark can look quite menacing but by observing it in its natural habitat you can see both the eloquence and beauty it possesses. On our journey, led by professional underwater cameraman Al Gliddings, our trip into the ocean will observe the true reality of these beautiful creatures, as well discuss the fictitious persona they've been given.moreless
  • Space Women
    Space Women
    Episode 8
    The women working for NASA have been overlooked by many news and media outlets. Their participation, in the NASA space program, reaches across a 20 year time span and their work and discoveries have aided in many important missions. NOVA takes a look at who these women are and how they prepare and train in their field of work. We've interviewed Sally Ride and her team, giving you the chance to see women working and enhancing NASA's space program.moreless
  • Frontiers of Plastic Surgery
    "The follow up to NOVA's episode, ""A Normal Face"", this sequel begins by examining the combination of advanced technology with facial reconstructing techniques. By showing you the most promising advancements in the field of Plastic Surgery, you can see how modern medicine and equipment have created less invasive procedures, which have completely changed how Plastic Surgery is now performed."moreless
  • Farmers of the Sea
    Farmers of the Sea
    Episode 6
    Known as the "Blue Revolution", NOVA starts by looking at the vast array of ancient and traditional techniques used in rearing underwater plants and animals. After many years of technological advancements, in both raising and managing aquatic species, the changes can be seen throughout Japan, Scotland, and the United States.
  • The Nomads of the Rain Forest
    In Ecuador, a small indigenous population still relies on the traditions, tools and ways of life that have been passed down by countless generations. The Waorani Indians resist modernization and Westernization, instead staying true to their own path. This documentary follows a 1983 expedition that focused on the few remaining Waorani and their ancestral ways.moreless
  • The Mystery of Yellow Rain
    In Laos, the Hmong people are plagued by a strange yellow rain that falls from the sky. A crew from NOVA explores the phenomena, hoping to find scientific answers behind the mystery. The rain could be a unique natural occurrence, but it could also be caused by dangerous chemical warfare.
  • Fountains of Paradise
    Fountains of Paradise is a 1984 documentary that takes a hard look at the Mahaweli irrigation project in Sri Lanka. The program explores the project's potential impact on the Sri Lanan economy as well as its potential environmental and sociological consequences. Narrated by Don Wescott, the documentary features interviews of farmers affected by the irrigation project.moreless
  • The National Science Test I
    The National Science Test I is episode 2, of season 12 from the popular PBS series Nova. The episode originally aired on October 16, 1984. This episode veers from the traditional format by presenting a panel of celebrity experts including Marva Collins, Edwin Newman and others. Viewer call-ins challenge the experts and offer a new opportunity for learning.moreless
  • Space Bridge to Moscow
    1984 and with the Cold War in full swing, the relationship between America and the Soviet Union could not have been much lower. Nova's Space Bridge to Moscow is the fascinating tale of politics being put to one side in the name of space exploration to enable 8 top US and Russian scientists to share their ideas in front of a television audience of many millions.moreless