NOVA - Season 13

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Episode Guide

  • Visions of Star Wars
    This episode, aired during the heart of the Reagan era, examines the Strategic Defense Initiative on the table by the United States. The episode looks at the implications of the program, and considers whether or not the weaponry proposed by the program will truly be as invulnerable to attack as was claimed.moreless
  • When Wonder Drugs Don't Work
    When Wonder Drugs Don't Work examines the alarming rise of infections that are resistant to antibiotics. This 1986 report from the science program NOVA details the medical community's struggle to find new solutions to a problem they thought solved. This episode includes the story of an Australian hospital overwhelmed by a staph infection in 1977.moreless
  • The Rise of a Wonder Drug
    In 1928, a biologist named Alexander Fleming made a revolutionary observation about the growth of mold. This observation would spark the invention of penicillin, a drug that changed the face of medicine in enormous ways. This episode examines the historical uses of penicillin and tracks its evolution and development over the decades.moreless
  • Return of the Osprey
    In the Return of the Osprey episode of the television program NOVA, the show explores the successful effort at preserving the osprey bird from extinction. Once threatened because of the widespread use of DDT in its habitat, the osprey made a remarkable comeback once the toxic chemical was banned worlwide.
  • Skydive to the Rain Forest
    Southern Venezuela is an oasis with its virtually untouched rainforests. All manner of flora and fauna live and grow here, but it's the waterfalls that draw the most attention. NOVA journeys to the jungles and gives viewers a glimpse into what an untouched paradise really looks like. The colors, sights and sounds are amazing.moreless
  • Toxic Trials
    Toxic Trials
    Episode 16
    Toxic Trials from the show NOVA is an episode examining the consequences on human health from industrial pollution entering the environment. Its lead-in lies in suburban Woburn, Massachusetts where an unusually high cancer rate led to a civilian-propelled investigation of the ultimate causes of the problem. Toxic Trials examines both the science and the legal ramifications of the case.moreless
  • The Case of the Frozen Addict
    The Case of the Frozen Addict traces the unusual medical case of a paralyzed 42-year-old in San Jose, California. In this "NOVA" episode, doctors first think the patient's inability to move or talk was due to Parkinson's disease. They eventually realize that synthetic heroin has caused symptoms similar to degenerative nerve disorder, which could help develop a medical breakthrough for the disease.moreless
  • Life's First Feelings
    Babies are born with basic emotional responses, and these emotions only intensify and grow more complex as the baby ages. In addition to nature, nurture also plays a role. Parents can have a strong impact on their child's emotional development. Emotional development sets the stage for what the baby's personality and abilities will be like in adulthood.moreless
  • Horsemen of China
    Horsemen of China
    Episode 13
    Horsemen of China is episode 13 of the 13th season of the informative PBS science show NOVA. This episode originally aired on February 4, 1986 and featured a close examination of the Kazakhs. Explore about the Kazakhs, who are descended from the Turks, and the traditional skills and beliefs of their ancestors which they combine with new lessons and beliefs from Chinese Communism to make up their unique world.moreless
  • Gaia: Goddess of the Earth
    Gaia: Goddess of the Earth from the show NOVA, explores the hypothesis that the climate and environment on Earth is controlled only by the species which populate it. The ideas behind this new theory challenge many of the ways traditional scientists think about life on Earth in the past, present and future.moreless
  • Halley's Comet: Once in a Lifetime
    Halley's Comet: Once in a Lifetime from the show NOVA details the travels of the comet's 75 year journey around the sun. Scientists from around the world study the comet, as Halley's Comet is one of the few comets which passes very close to Earth and is able to be seen without a telescope.moreless
  • The Plane that Changed the World
    The Plane that Changed the World from the show NOVA is an epsiode dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of the DC-3 and how it saved the airline industry from going broke. The DC-3 could hold more people than any commerical airliner before it, which made flying affordable for normal citizens. It also set record times during its trips across North America.moreless
  • Animal Architects
    Animal Architects
    Episode 9
    Animal Architects from the show NOVA goes in-depth and shows how various animals construct things to make their lives easier and to have the best chance of survival. Cameras dive into places and habitats rarely seen by humans and show a whole other side to architecture and what it means in the circle of life.moreless
  • The Genetic Gamble
    The Genetic Gamble
    Episode 8
    The Genetic Gamble from the show NOVA details how modern medicine has an effect on human genes. With viruses becoming more and more difficult to treat effectively, is the medicine to blame for creating many of these so called "super bugs?" Scientists debate facts surrounding the mystery and its implications in the future.moreless
  • Tornado!
    Episode 7
    Tornado! from the show NOVA follows a chase team, which is a group of people who chase after tornados for a living. While following the team, NOVA dives deep inside what causes a Tornado to be so destructive, and what these chase teams learn from putting their lives on the line.moreless
  • Child Survival: The Silent Emergency
    Child Survival: The Silent Emergency from the show NOVA, highlights a plan to help children in developing nations receive the medical care they need in order to survive. Many of these children are dying from very common diseases that are cured in the modern world. Sadly with no healthcare around, the children are left to die.moreless
  • The Magic of Special Effects
    Special effects in the film industry are becoming common and the technology used to produce these scenes is amazing. Take a look at the big Hollywood studios and their special effects labs. NOVA explores how blockbuster movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and 2001: The Year We Made Contact are digitally enhanced.moreless
  • The Robot Revolution?
    The Robot Revolution? from the show NOVA, explains how robots and the computers that control them are affecting the way humans work. Robots are becoming so advanced that they now can take the place of a human in the workforce, which will reshape the world's job market in the future.
  • What Einstein Never Knew
    The episode What Einstein Never Knew from the show NOVA highlights the job of a physicist in the modern day and compares it to Einstein's time. These physicists study things which Albert Einstein did not even know existed, showing how far science has come in such a short amount of time.moreless
  • Seeds of Tomorrow
    Seeds of Tomorrow
    Episode 2
    Industrial agriculture is big business. Science is constantly making advances in the breeding of plants and experimenting with them to yield the biggest harvests possible. NOVA examines the technology behind this new movement and explains how scientists are able to enhance the very food we eat. Is scientifically engineered food the wave of the future?moreless
  • The National Science Test II
    This special episode, which is a sequel to the 1984's National Science Test, allows viewers to test their science knowledge against a group of important panelists. Recorded with a live studio audience consisting of celebrities David Attenborough, Michelle Johnson, Edwin Newman, and Alvin Poussaint, this episode lets you match your wit against them all.moreless