NOVA - Season 15

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  • Can You Still Get Polio?
    NOVA discovers that the vaccination policy in the United States may be the cause of some Americans obtaining incurable diseases, and NOVA investigators want to know why. Doctors now believe that the majority of the nationwide polio cases actually came from the bacterium inside the vaccine designed to prevent the sickness. NOVA does some investigative reporting inside the controversy.moreless
  • Race for the Superconductor
    Race for the Superconductor from the show NOVA goes over the technology battle currently going on between the United States and Japan. The goal for both is to find a material which will conduct electricity at room temperature with zero resistance. Such a find would totally change the way scientists think about energy.moreless
  • The Man Who Loved Numbers
    NOVA features the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician who made remarkable contributions to mathematical analysis, continued fractions, the number theory, and the infinite series, even with no formal training in pure mathematics. He stunned many mathematicians in the early 20th century with his brilliant understanding of the complex world of numbers.moreless
  • Whale Rescue
    Whale Rescue
    Episode 18
    Whale Rescue from the show NOVA tells a story of a whale that beached itself in the shallow waters of Cape Cod. Such an event is normally fatal for a whale, but this young whale survived its ordeal and was nursed back to health. The episode also discusses why whales can end up beaching themselves.moreless
  • The Mystery of the Master Builders
    Mystery of the Master Builders is an episode from the documentary show NOVA that aired on March 3, 1988. Author and professor Robert Mark begins to research the design geniuses behind some of the most stunning and architecturally astounding buildings around the world like the Pantheon in Rome and Notre Dame in France.moreless
  • Battles in the War on Cancer: Breast Cancer - Turning the Tide (2)
    In this second part of a two-part series on the war on cancer, NOVA and NBC News correspondent, Jane Pauley, report on breast cancer in the United States and what scientists are doing, today, in order to prevent the disease from spreading. One in every four American women die every hour, everyday, succumbing to breast cancer. Pauley narrates this investigative report into American's number-two natural killer.moreless
  • Battles in the War on Cancer: A Wonder Drug on Trial (1)
    In this first part of a two-part series on the war on cancer, NOVA and NBC News correspondent, Jane Pauley, report on a wonder drug named Interleukin-2 that scientists say helps the body destroy cancer cells. NOVA investigators film the human trails and interview the doctors who were responsible for this crucial advance in medicine.moreless
  • Why Planes Burn
    Why Planes Burn
    Episode 14
    Nova explores the development of fire safety aboard aircraft and how it has changed throughout the years. Engineers from Boeing invite cameras into their labs to show audiences what the future holds in fire safety. The episode also recaps some of theworst air disasters that have occurred over the last century.moreless
  • Buried in Ice
    Buried in Ice
    Episode 13
    Buried in Ice is a science documentary from the PBS show NOVA. In this 1988 episode, the reporters investigate the reasons for the failure of the 19th century Franklin Expedition to the Canadian Arctic. Beginning with the frozen remains of crew, the episode interviews forensic experts and scientist on the reasons for why all the men perished.moreless
  • How to Create a Junk Food
    Julia Child hosts NOVA's exploration of science's role in the snacks that thousands of Americans eat on a daily basis. While burgers and fries may seem straightforward, there is actually plenty of research and technology that goes into the final creation of the world's snacks. The NOVA team follows the quest for a tasty yet healthy snack food.moreless
  • Top Gun and Beyond
    Top Gun and Beyond
    Episode 11
    Top Gun and Beyond from the show NOVA is an episode that shows what goes into being a pilot in the Air Force. Although modern jet aircraft can literally fly themselves, computer systems are still no match for an experienced and trained pilot at the controls. NOVA also looks at the advanced weapon systems installed on these aircraft.moreless
  • Secrets of the Lost Red Paint People
    Thousands of years ago, a mysterious clan of people dwelled along the coast of the North Atlantic. They have left very few clues, but the clues they did leave point to a sophisticated and intelligent culture. The NOVA team works with archeologists who are dedicated to finding out more about the Red Paint People and their ways of life.moreless
  • Riddle of the Joints
    NOVA heads to a small town in Connecticut to explore some alternative medicine techniques in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Therapists there claim to have found a cure for the century-old disease. The episode also profiles the history of arthritis, which dates back to medieval times, when alchemist had their own way of curing the crippling inflammation of the joints.moreless
  • Ancient Treasures from the Deep
    Ancient Treasures from the Deep is a 1987 episode from the PBS science series NOVA. This TV documentary follows the extraordinary work of underwater archaeologists as they excavate the treasures and discover new information about the past from a merchant vessel that dates back to the era of Egypt's King Tut.moreless
  • How Good is Soviet Science?
    "NOVA explores science, ethics and education by focusing on technology in Soviet Russia during the late 80s. The west is winning the war on technology and the USSR races desperately to catch up. NOVA goes behind the scenes and into Moscow to find out how the Russians are getting their hands on western knowledge."moreless
  • Volcano!
    Episode 6
    Volcano! from the show NOVA shows how millions of people are living in the danger zone around the thousands of active and dormant volcanoes on Earth. Predicting when these giants will erupt is still hit and miss, and scientists are trying new techniques in order to warn people about a upcoming volcanic event.moreless
  • A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
    A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama from the show NOVA tells the story of the Panama Canal from its conception to its construction and final completion in 1914. It details the powers and politicians who negotiated its creation, the people who labored to build the canal, and the impact on the world once the canal connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.moreless
  • Japan's American Genius
    Japan's American Genius from the 1987 season of NOVA takes a look at inventor Stanford Ovshinsky, who has created a cost-effective alternative to widely-used silicon. Although based in Detroit, Ovshinsky has heralded as a genius by several Japanese industries that can use his breakthrough invention for simpler and more profitable manufacturing.moreless
  • The Hidden Power of Plants
    The Hidden Power of Plants from the show NOVA shows how doctors are using ingredients from plants to create modern medicine. Some of these medicines are used for curing diseases and other conditions that used to have no cure. The episode also highlights a search for a rare plant that is needed for a certain medicine.moreless
  • Spy Machines
    Spy Machines
    Episode 2
    Spy Machines from the show NOVA highlights the 25th anniversary of the Cuban missle crisis. NOVA details how the United States Government used state of the art spy satellites to see the Soviet's activity on the ground from space. This technology played a key part in solving the crisis before it escalated into war.moreless
  • Death of a Star
    Death of a Star
    Episode 1
    An old star explodes in deep space, and NOVA is there, alongside Astronomers, to capture the action. For centuries, scientists have tried to discover how and why a white dwarf star turns into a supernova. A celestial event in a nearby galaxy now gives scientists the opportunity to get some answers.moreless