NOVA - Season 16

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  • Confronting the Killer Gene
    NOVA examines the complications of Huntington's disease and whether people are willing to know, beforehand, if they will fall victim to Huntington's through genetic testing. Arlo, Nancy and Janice soon discover that they could very well obtain the harmful nerve disorder, and NOVA reports on how knowing this in advance has changed their lives.moreless
  • The World Is Full of Oil!
    The World Is Full of Oil! from the show NOVA explains how much oil there is in the world and how people in the petroleum industry are looking for new deposits. However, there is only so much oil in the world, and one day it will run out. How this will be dealt with is also discussed in the episode.moreless
  • Legends of Easter Island (2)
    Legends of Easter Island (2) from the show NOVA is the second part of the series where NOVA travels to Easter Island to uncover the mystery surrounding its many statues. Scientists do not know why these statues were built and it has long been a hot topic for discussion and debate.moreless
  • Secrets of Easter Island (1)
    The Polynesian statues of Easter Island take a center stage when NOVA visits the island to discover who really built them and why. Some ancient tribes claim that the famous figures resemble extra terrestrials, who came to Earth to teach the natives how to farm. Others believe that the statues are a symbol of peace that helped prevent war between neighboring islands. NOVA gets the exclusive.moreless
  • Adrift on the Gulf Stream
    Adrift on the Gulf Stream is an episode from PBS's hit science show NOVA. Author Bill MacLeish studies the body of water and how it has impacted some of the most famous routes in history. Scientists also attempt to map it as well as study the connection between the weather and the Gulf.moreless
  • God, Darwin and the Dinosaurs
    Originally aired in 1989, this episode focuses on Phil Gerrish, a school teacher with unconventional ideas about how to teach his young students. Gerrish believes that creationism is not a religious theory, but one with serious scientific validity. He is not the only creationist to try to mesh religion with science in the classroom and beyond.moreless
  • Back to Chernobyl
    Back to Chernobyl
    Episode 15
    Back to Chernobyl from the PBS series NOVA investigates the catastrophic nuclear accident in the Soviet Union. In 1986, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant experienced an explosion and fire which sent radioactive contamination as far as Western Europe. In this 1989 episode, correspondent Bill Kurtis reviews the history and the cleanup efforts of this level 7 nuclear accident.moreless
  • The Strange New Science of Chaos
    The Strange New Science of Chaos from the show NOVA explains a new type of science which deals with chaotic happenings in nature. Topics that are covered include the human brain and weather. Both of these seemingly simple things have baffled even the best researchers for generations with their unique behavior.moreless
  • The Last Journey of a Genius
    NOVA profiles the eccentric scientist, Richard Feynman, who led the commission that advised President Ronald Regan on why the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1988. Cameras capture Feynman playing his bongos, hang gliding, spinning yarn and cracking safes, all vital activities that Feynman swears help him develop his deductive reasoning skills.moreless
  • Hot Enough for You?
    Hot Enough for You?
    Episode 12
    The greenhouse effect, possibly caused by pollution and other environmental dangers, may be a reality that no one saw coming. If the summer of 1988 was any indication, the world is getting hotter by the minute. NOVA examines the causes and effects of greenhouse gasses as well as other problems that may be affecting the environment.moreless
  • Can We Make a Better Doctor?
    Can We Make a Better Doctor? is the first episode of a 10 year story from the PBS science series NOVA that explores medical education. In this 1988 episode, a group of Harvard Medical School freshmen begin an experimental program that hopes to change how doctors work by emphasizing earlier clinical patient contact.moreless
  • The All-American Bear
    The black bear is one of the more elusive breeds of bear in the United States. However, this shy bear is also extremely capable and smart. The NOVA team offers an exclusive insight into the habits of the black bear, including foraging, forming family bonds and getting ready for hibernation.
  • The Light Stuff
    The Light Stuff
    Episode 9
    The Light Stuff from the show NOVA details a Greek myth in which a human powered flight took place across the Aegean Sea. NOVA follows some adventurers who want to recreate the flight for themselves. After many failures, they finally perfect their design and complete the 74-mile flight, only using a human powered aircraft.moreless
  • Who Shot President Kennedy?
    This NOVA episode tackles one of history's most pressing and controversial questions. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy rocked the world in 1963, but the identity of his killer remained shrouded in mystery. Decades later, researchers and scientists are able to apply updated technology to the case, uncovering surprising new clues about the assassin's identity.moreless
  • Do Scientists Cheat?
    Do Scientists Cheat? from the PBS science series NOVA explores the question of scientific fraud. This 1988 episode examines the problem of scientists falsifying their work and how the scientific community catches the deception. The NOVA team explores whether we can trust scientific experts and what type of researcher is most likely to commit fraud.moreless
  • Can the Next President Win the Space Race?
    Can the Next President Win the Space Race? Is a 1988 episode from the show NOVA. The United States space program was once the envy of the rest of the world, now the Russians, Japanese and others have surpassed the American achievements. This program explores the state of the NASA program and how it might stay comeptitive.moreless
  • Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?
    Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel? is an 1988 episode from the PBS science series NOVA. The splendid artwork by Michelangelo's within the Vatican has aged and been damaged from exposure to visitors and time. This show explores the controversy on how to rehabilitate the famous frescoes while maintaining their authenticity.moreless
  • Pioneers of Surgery: Beyond the Knife
    Part 4 of 4
  • Pioneers of Surgery: New Organs for Old
    Part 3 of 4
  • Pioneers of Surgery: Into the Heart
    Part 2 of 4
  • Pioneers of Surgery: The Brutal Craft
    In the first part of this NOVA series on surgery, the focus is on the tools of the trade. The episode explores the developments that make surgery more hygienic and comfortable for the patient, including carbolic acid's function as an antiseptic agent, the importance of sterilizing surgical tools and the origins of anesthesia.moreless