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  • Eclipse of the Century
    NOVA recounts the six and a half minutes of darkness that over took parts of the Earth in the 1991 total solar eclipse that passed over the Island of Hawaii. NOVA was there to capture the celestial event and to report behind the scenes of what astronomers were looking for when things turned black.moreless
  • An Astronaut's View of the Earth
    NOVA takes viewers behind the scenes of the making of this movie, an IMAX/Omnimax release. Learn how the astronauts accomplished the sweeping, outer space photography and the technology used to piece the film together. All of the footage used in the movie was taken by astronauts on the space shuttle.
  • Rescuing Baby Whales
    In 1991, more than one hundred baby whales beached themselves along the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and NOVA wants to find out why. Scientists head to the East Coast to explore the mysterious behavior, and to examine the deep ocean via specialized submarine to film the mammals living in their natural environment.moreless
  • Making a Dishonest Buck
    Even with advances in technology to stop the practice, counterfeiting is still big business in the United States. Why is it so easy for criminals to make copies of the dollar, and why is law enforcement having so much trouble cracking down on these crimes? NOVA digs deep into both sides of the problem to find some answers.moreless
  • Can You Believe TV Ratings?
    Can You Believe TV Ratings? from the PBS science series NOVA looks at the accuracy of TV ratings. Determining the number of audience members puts millions of advertising dollars at stake every day, but computing the actual number of viewers presents a classic question to statistical analysts. This 1992 episode explores the accuracy and sometimes unscientific problem of audience ratings.moreless
  • What Smells?
    What Smells?
    Episode 13
    Smell is an important part of human life and experiences, but many people are not fully informed about the complex processes that contribute to each person's sense of smell. David Suzuki hosts this NOVA episode, which goes in-depth to learn more about the fascinating world of olfactory processes and mysterious smells.moreless
  • Saddam's War on Wildlife
    The Persian Gulf War was a tragedy on many fronts. Not only were human lives lost, but the wildlife suffered as well when the oil fields of Kuwait were set on fire. Environmentalist John Walsh traveled to the region to provide help to rescue missions out to save the animals, and NOVA is there to document his efforts.moreless
  • Submarine!
    Episode 11
    The nuclear submarine, USS Michigan, takes a center stage when NOVA brings their cameras aboard the spy ship to find out how it operates. Equipped with seven ballistic missiles, producers follow the captain and his crew as the ship submerges along the coast of the Baltic Sea on a regular mission.moreless
  • Hell Fighters of Kuwait
    Hell Fighters of Kuwait from the show NOVA is a 1992 documentary that profiles fire fighting teams from the United States as they try to extinguish more than 700 oil-well fires in Kuwait in the aftermath of the first Gulf War. Known as one of the worst environmental disasters of the 20th century, Saddam Hussein's attacks created a deadly legacy that took years to clean-up. The program originally aired on January 14, 1992.moreless
  • The Fine Art of Faking It
    Richard Dreyfuss narrates NOVA's exploration of the collision between science, fine art and criminal activities. For as long as there have been masterpieces, there have been people who make copies of the masterpieces. Museums have to take these forgeries very seriously, which is why many have scientists on hand to carefully verify the authenticity of each new acquisition.moreless
  • Skyscraper!
    Episode 8
    NOVA films engineers and construction workers who are building the Worldwide Plaza in New York City. Starting from a large hole in the ground, cameras capture the building's work-in-progress, which lead to the creation of a 47-story office building and 770-foot skyscraper. The episode ends with a quick look at other well-known skyscrapers and how engineers created them.moreless
  • Avoiding the Surgeon's Knife
    George Strait hosts this investigation of a ground-breaking 1991 study that aimed to change the face of surgery and medical treatment in general. When four patients seek safe, effective treatment for their heart disease, they are willing to accept unusual techniques that bypass traditional surgery or drugs, possibly leading to better results.moreless
  • Fastest Planes in the Sky
    Fastest Planes in the Sky from the show NOVA explains how fast aviation technology is advancing. The fastest planes of today will look slow in comparison to models that are on the horizon. Advances in technology have made these planes more efficient as well, which is important due to rising jet fuel costs.moreless
  • Taller Than Everest?
    Taller Than Everest? is the fifth episode of the 19 season from the informative PBS science show NOVA. The episode originally aired on November 5, 1991. Narrated by Stacy Keach this episode examines whether Pakistan's K2 is taller than Everest. Additionally this episode features footage from both peaks and quotes from both scientists and climbers alike.moreless
  • Suicide Mission to Chernobyl
    The sarcophagus is the giant structure that contains the nuclear reactor that melted down at Chernobyl in 1986. Now, scientists and researchers are attempting to open the sarcophagus to see just how bad the damage really is. This is considered a suicide mission because the reactor is still unstable and could explode at any time.moreless
  • Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
    The Dead Sea Scrolls have been fascinating researchers for years, while at the same time remaining steeped in mystery and scandal. It has taken decades for researchers to compile the scrolls. While time intensive, these documents give scholars better insight into the origins of the Hebrew Bible and reveal new observations about world history.moreless
  • So You Want to Be a Doctor?
    A follow-up to the program "Can We Make a Better Doctor?" this two-hour special chronicles the lives of seven aspiring doctors during their four years of medical school. The show includes their first exams, anatomy class, first patient death, first baby delivered and more. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Sex, Lies and Toupee Tape
    Baldness may seem like a trivial matter, but for thousands of men and women, it is a serious issue with deep-reaching societal implications. Alan Rachin hosts an episode that examines the causes of human baldness, as well as potential cures, prevalent social stigmas and the various methods humans have invented to hide baldness.moreless