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Season 44 : Episode 20

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  • The Lost Tribe
    The Lost Tribe
    Episode 20
    The Tasaday tribe, prehistoric cave dwellers, may have once lived in the mountains of the Philippines. Artifacts discovered in 1971 suggested their existence and they have been studied ever since. Recent events, however, have turned the Tasaday tribe into a controversy in the archaeological world. Is all of the evidence forged?moreless
  • Murder, Rape and DNA
    This episode introduces DNA and describes what it is in full detail. Different stories reveal how DNA is used to bring justice in criminal cases. The episode explores everything from what DNA is to how it is sampled. The importance of DNA to the majority of criminal cases, especially murder and rape, is examined.moreless
  • Diving for Pirate Gold
    NOVA takes a look back at piracy on the high seas in the 19th century, and it compares the methods of old pirates to the modern-day ocean scavengers that look for sunken treasure on the ocean's floor. By using of metal detectors, sonar and other high-tech devices, pirates, today, get their gold through different approaches.moreless
  • Can Science Build a Champion Athlete?
    NOVA examines athletics and its relation to science and technology after visiting an Olympic training camp that uses high-tech equipment to train competitors. Investigators try to discover how professional athletes are keeping fit. NOVA also wants to know why they are outperforming past heroes and how athletes in modern times are breaking century-old sporting records.moreless
  • In the Path of a Killer Volcano
    In the Path of a Killer Volcano is episode 16 from the 20th season of the popular PBS show NOVA. The episode originally aired on February 9, 1993 and looks back at the 1991 predictions of an eruption at Mount Pinatubo in the Philipines. The episode also features information from a scientist's journal and the evacuation of a military base.moreless
  • Nazis and the Russian Bomb
    Nazis and the Russian Bomb from the show NOVA goes back in time to World War II to tell the story of the German scientists who were abducted by the Soviet Union in order to work on nuclear weapons. Due to the work of these scientists, the Soviets exploded their first nuclear weapon in 1949.moreless
  • The Deadly Deception
    ABC News Medical Correspondent hosts the true story of a 40 year human experiment called "The Tuskegee Study". Government doctors promised treatment for syphilis to 400 African American men, but the participants, all from Macon County, AL were left untreated for the disease from 1932 until 1972. The deception of the unwitting men is told by George Strait.moreless
  • Can Bombing Win a War?
    NOVA takes a look at the use of strategic bombing in modern warfare, and how successful it has proven to be. Using examples from conflicts including Vietnam, Korea and the Gulf War, experts analyze how the use of bombs has come to dominate military action, and if wars can now be fought without them.moreless
  • The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons
    After an agreement was made by members of the United Nations, which mandated Iraq to end its pursuit in creating weapons of mass destruction, an international group of advisors and inspectors are on a mission to find and stop any threats that may remain. From nuclear and chemical weaponry, to missiles and guns, the team must face real dangers while searching for any illegal weapon activity in Iraq.moreless
  • Sex and the Single Rhino
    Sex and the Single Rhino looks at the modern day efforts to conserve global animal diversity at a time of widespread endangered species. This 1992 episode from the science program NOVA examines the efforts by biologists, ecologists, conservationists and politicians to prevent further extinction and the need to work together across differing theories.moreless
  • Can You Stop People From Drinking?
    Can You Stop People From Drinking? is a 1992 episode from the PBS series NOVA. Alcoholism is a worldwide disease. In the past, doctors and healers have tried prohibition, imprisonment and hypnotism to cure the afflicted. The NOVA team looks at the different approaches developed in Russia and America to treat the afflicted, from aversion therapy to Alcoholics Anonymous.moreless
  • Brain Transplant
    Brain Transplant
    Episode 9
    In 1986, NOVA reported on a brain disease that was linked to drug addicts using synthetic heroin. The show continues its coverage of the story after meeting two paralyzed users of synthetic heroin who traveled to Sweden to take part in a controversial treatment for their illness. The addicts' surprising recovery comes into focus, later in the episode.moreless
  • Private Lives of Dolphins
    Stacy Keach narrates this exploration of some of the world's most intelligent, friendly and intriguing marine mammals. Scientists have discovered fascinating aspects of dolphins, including their amazing ability to communicate with one another, their complex social structures and their approachable, curious temperaments. The episode focuses on Bottlenose dolphins in particular.
  • Iceman
    Episode 7
    Otzi lived about five thousand years ago, but his body was recently discovered after a thaw in the Alps. He had been frozen where he died, his body remarkably preserved in the ice for millennia. NOVA investigates Otzi and the artifacts found with him. Who was he? What light can he shed on a life that was lived so long ago?moreless
  • This Old Pyramid
    This Old Pyramid
    Episode 6
    Egyptologist Mark Lehner and professional stonemason Roger Hopkins explore the secrets of pyramid building by actually building one.
  • Rafting Through the Grand Canyon
    Rafting Through the Grand Canyon is episode 5 from season 20 of the PBS show NOVA. The episode originally aired on October 27, 1992 and focused on rafting in the Gand Canyon. In this episode geologists raft the rapids to study the layered rock to learn of the secrets it holds that reveal the history and development of the canyon.moreless
  • Search for the First Americans
    Most historians believe that the first Americans traveled across the Bering Sea land bridge from Europe to North America after the last great Ice Age. New evidence obtained from recent archaeological digs, however, suggests that this may not be the case. NOVA goes in depth to examine evidence that may rewrite history.moreless
  • Mind of a Serial Killer
    FBI agents have the difficult task of thinking like the world's most ominous criminals, in an attempt to track down serial killers and bring them to justice. This NOVA episode follows FBI agents as they attempt to solve a strong of murders centering on prostitutes in New York. Guests include John Douglas, a leader in the field of profiling serial killers.moreless
  • The Genius Behind the Bomb
    NOVA reenacts the signing of the famous letter written by physicists, Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard, which advised President Franklin Roosevelt of the upcoming nuclear age. The episode also dramatizes some pre-WWII events and the great depression of 1939, which led to the Untied States to create the world's first atomic bomb.moreless
  • Animal Olympians II
    NOVA travels to Africa to study animals surviving in their natural inhabitant and to find similarities between them and humans. Some creatures have incredible strengths and travel at unbelievable speeds, just as humans possess when competing in sporting events. Through the help of slow-motion photography, NOVA captures everything in action.