NOVA - Season 21

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  • Aircraft Carrier!
    Aircraft Carrier!
    Episode 21
    Aircraft Carrier! from the show NOVA shows the lifestyle of living on a US Navy aircraft carrier. The carrier is fully staffed around the clock, with up to 5,000 crew members aboard at a time. NOVA also gets a behind the scenes look at combat training and drills, which happen every day on the carrier when it is out at sea.moreless
  • Can China Kick the Habit?
    Can China Kick the Habit? from the PBS science series NOVA explores how China struggles to contain the rise of lung cancer cases. China's national health care system must serve the most populous, and cigarette-addicted, country in the world. This 1994 episode explores the cigarette dilemma faced by the Chinese government and population.moreless
  • Can Chimps Talk?
    Can Chimps Talk?
    Episode 16
    Can Chimps Talk? from the PBS science series NOVA investigates whether chimpanzees can truly express themselves with human symbols. In this 1994 episode, the NOVA team speaks to both sides of the controversial question of whether these trained primates are only mimicking their caretakers or are capable of communicating their mind.moreless
  • Journey to Kilimanjaro
    Journey to Kilimanjaro explores the eastern African mountain flora and fauna. Mount Kilimanjaro is located near the equator yet its peak is covered with snow all year round. This mountain exhibits the most severe climate conditions in the world: the hottest days and coldest nights. In this episode, life forms are surveyed on how they adapt to these extreme conditions.moreless
  • Daredevils of the Sky
    In this episode, NOVA follows the US Aerobatics Team as they train and prepare for the 1992 World Aerobatics Championship in Le Havre, France. Looking at the intense work involved in choreographing such high speed maneuvers, NOVA gains a real insight into the unseen world of the pilots and their work.moreless
  • Dinosaurs of the Gobi
    NOVA tags along with the American Museum of Natural History to take a look at some prehistoric fossils. The Gobi Desert in Asia was once the home for flying Velociraptors and other ancient birds. In the 1920s, the museum sent its extravagant explorer, Roy Chapman Andrews, to the region, and NOVA relives the archeologist's adventures.moreless
  • Codebreakers
    Episode 12
    Codebreaking takes a center stage after NOVA re-enacts the drama behind the effort to decipher Japan and Germany's cryptographic codes. It's 1942, and World War II rages on. The allies are trying, desperately, to shorten the war by gathering the world's best codebreakers and ordering them to make sense of communications intercepted among Axis powers.moreless
  • Stranger in the Mirror
    Visual agnosia is a rare but life-altering disorder. Sufferers of visual agnosia can technically see as well as anybody else. However, due to injury, their brains do not recognize faces or objects. Each day is a unique struggle for these individuals, who have trouble maintaining relationships and relating to the world around them. The NOVA team follows the lives of some of these sufferers.moreless
  • The Best Mind Since Einstein
    Richard Feynman was not just another smart man. He was a brilliant physicist who won a Nobel prize and changed human understanding of the atomic bomb. This NOVA episodes looks at the life, work and times of one of the world's most revolutionary thinkers, including Feynman's role in researching a disastrous space shuttle explosion.moreless
  • Great Moments from NOVA
    Great Moments from NOVA hosted by Bill Cosby, takes viewers back to some of the most exciting episodes in the history of NOVA. This 20th anniversary special episode also highlights topics from past episodes and how they have changed since the episode was produced. It is amazing to see the progress in fields such as technology and medicine.moreless
  • Mysterious Crash of Flight 201
    Mysterious Crash of Flight 201 follows the efforts to solve the mystery of commercial airliner crashing into the Panamanian jungle. This 1993 episode from the science program NOVA looks at the evidence gathered over the 12-month investigation at the crash site and interviews the perplexed researchers who finally discover a tiny malfunction that can save future flights from a similar fate.moreless
  • Roller Coaster!
    Roller Coaster!
    Episode 7
    Roller Coaster! from the show NOVA explains how a roller coaster works, including the mechanical components that make the ride function. The episode also explains how gravity affects riders, making them feel weightless at times. New rides of the future are also discussed, including some which are entirely virtual reality.
  • The Real Jurassic Park
    Is it possible for scientists to create a real-life version of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park? NOVA dives into the scientific community to ask experts if cloning a long extinct species could ever happen. Do we even possess the technology required? Could life imitate art, or are the dinosaurs gone for good?moreless
  • Shadow of the Condor
    "Shadow of the Condor" follows the two types of condors. First, the nearly extinct California condor is featured along with the conservation efforts made to ensure the species does not vanish. Next, the episode highlights the Andean condor and the Peruvian Yawar Fiesta of the Apu Condoe, a holy ceremony with unseen footage of condor roosts in the Andes.moreless
  • Dying to Breathe
    Dying to Breathe
    Episode 4
    Dying to Breathe from the PBS science series NOVA covers the complex and risky procedure of lung transplant. This 1993 episode follows three patients as they await the intricate surgery from the details of their terminal lung disease to the months-long wait for a viable match to the final outcomes of their conditions.moreless
  • Secrets of the Psychics
    Psychics test the limits of human belief and scientific research. While some critics believe that psychics are working off sheer coincidence and luck, others are willing to believe that certain humans have a sixth sense. James Randi hosts this NOVA episode, going behind the scenes to ask serious questions about the validity of predicting the future.moreless
  • Wanted: Butch and Sundance
    Forensic detective Clyde Snow is on a mission to uncover the truth of the legend of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He travels to Peru to physically examine the evidence and finds that some facts do not add up to the legends. How much of the story of these two legendary outlaws is the truth, and how much has Hollywood invented?moreless
  • The NOVA Quiz
    The NOVA Quiz
    Episode 1
    NOVA's 20th anniversary episode has TV personality, Mark Summers, querying viewers at home in an interactive quiz show format. Contestants get a chance at answering some questions on subjects profiled on the show over the last twenty years. Producers film celebrities asking the questions and regular people giving their answers.
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