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  • Fast Cars
    Fast Cars
    Episode 23
    Auto racing is one of the greatest pastimes in the world. One of the biggest locations for racing is the Indianapolis track, referred to as Indy. The drivers have nerves of steel, the cars are finely tuned machines and the crews that work on them are highly trained. But what does it really take to win at Indy? NOVA investigates by interviewing some of the sport's biggest names.moreless
  • The Universe Within
    The Universe Within
    Episode 21
    Technology is constantly evolving. Lately scientists have been able to study the inner workings of the human body with new techniques and machinery that actually allow doctors and technicians to look inside without ever using a scalpel. Figure skater Bonnie Blair and long jumper Mike Powell volunteer to help NOVA uncover what we really have in common.moreless
  • Siamese Twins
    Siamese Twins
    Episode 15
    Siamese Twins is a medical documentary from NOVA that follows the separation of Siamese twin sisters, joined at the chest as well as sharing organs and three legs. Born in Thailand, 3-year-old Dao and Duan were brought to the United States and adopted by a Pennsylvania family. This 1995 episode follows the medical team as they prepare for the for the complex, 15-hour surgery.moreless
  • Nazi Designers of Death
    Nazi Designers of Death is an episode from the documentary show NOVA that aired on February 7, 1995. The Holocaust is one of the most tragic and infamous events in history. Stories have circulated about the concentration camps and methods of torture used, and a British historian studies how the death camps were designed.moreless
  • Little Creatures Who Run the World
    One of the creatures that rarely gets any attention unless it has done something bad is the ant. Entomologist Edward O. Wilson takes NOVA on a journey into the world of this much-hated insect and explains the complex living and working conditions of these tiny work-a-holics. Their behavior is unique and not at all what one would expect.moreless
  • Vikings in America
    Vikings in America
    Episode 12
    Vikings in America is an episode of the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, a panel of experts examines the theory that Vikings reached the New World before Christopher Columbus. Are the Viking ruins in the western hemisphere genuine, or were they built by more recent settlers? Will the mystery ever be solved?moreless
  • Mammoths of the Ice Age
    Mammoths of the Ice Age from the show NOVA first aired on January 9, 1995 and dives into the era of woolly mammoths during the Stone Age. Recent discoveries have changed the timeline of their extinction, and this program interviews biologists as they trace the history of the mysterious animal until its death 4,000 years ago.moreless
  • In Search of the First Language
    In Search of the First Language from the show NOVA is an episode from season 22 of the popular PBS science show that aired on December 27, 1994. Linguists work to find the common link in the numerous languages of today. Their research takes them all the way back to the Tower of Babel from the Bible and a seemingly-implausible theory.moreless
  • Journey to the Sacred Sea
    Journey to the Sacred Sea from the show NOVA is an episode about the famous Lake Baikal located in Russian Siberia. The episode focuses on scientific efforts to catalogue the changing environment of Lake Baikal as the seasons pass, using the latest methods to study it from the air, within its waters, and from its shores.moreless
  • Rescue Mission in Space
    Rescue Mission in Space is an episode of the PBS science television series Nova. The episode looks at early problems with the Hubble Space Telescope and explains how an astronaut was able to repair it. How many important discoveries would have been postponed had his daring space walk been unsuccessful?
  • Buried in Ash
    Buried in Ash
    Episode 7
    Ten million years ago, the state of Nebraska was an active volcano, and when it erupted, millions of prehistoric bugs and large animals got caught up in the ash. NOVA heads to the Cornhusker State to examine the fossils and to discover what life was like before men roamed Nebraska's fields.moreless
  • Killer Quake!
    Killer Quake!
    Episode 6
    Killer Quake! is episode 6 of season 22 from the well-loved PBS show NOVA. The episode originally aired on November 15, 1994 and looked at the possible threat of killer quakes in the Los Angeles area. This episode features interviews with scientists, footage from 1994 quake in same area and even discusses the 1906 San Francisco quake.moreless
  • The Tribe that Time Forgot
    The Arara Indians are not open to change. For centuries, they have made their home in the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. Despite outside pressures, the Arara have stayed true to their traditional belief system, refusing to become part of dominant cultures or adapt their lifestyle for others' benefits. The NOVA team visits the Arara and studies their way of life.moreless
  • What's New About Menopause
    Millions of women experience menopause each year, yet science has changed the process of nature. Now, older women are still able to retain their fertility later in life and avoid some of the problems that come along with declining hormones. However, these controversial treatments may come along with drawbacks of their own.moreless
  • Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird
    The Great Auk, a flightless bird that resembled penguins and was native to the North Atlantic, was declared extinct by 1852 as a result of over-hunting. NOVA host Richard Wheeler takes a kayak trip over what once was the Great Auk's migratory route. He also investigates other species that are facing the same fate.moreless
  • The Secret of the Wild Child
    The Secret of the Wild Child examines the tragic case of a girl raised in isolation since infancy. This 1994 episode from the science program NOVA follows the social workers who find "Genie" as a teenager, unable to walk or talk after her parents had kept her imprisoned and their efforts to rehabilitate the young woman to ordinary human skills.moreless
  • The Great Wildlife Heist
    There is a big black market business in the trafficking of parrots. The US government sends agents undercover to track down and arrest the smugglers of these beautiful birds. Not only do the suspects come from all walks of life, they also include professionals that you never would have imagined.