NOVA - Season 23

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  • Bombing of America
    Bombing of America
    Episode 19
    Nancy Linde directs this exploration of some of the destructive bombings that have rocked the United States over the years. With a bombing epidemic making many Americans feel unsafe in their homes, forensics experts and law enforcement agencies must use high-tech techniques to solve each case and bring the bombers to justice.moreless
  • Warriors of the Amazon
    The Yanomami, the last known hunter-gatherer tribe in existence, are a cultural and historic treasure. Their rituals are so foreign to modern people that many just don't understand them. NOVA documents the healing ceremonies, marriage rituals, death practices and even the rituals used to deal with their enemies as they continue the way of life they've kept for hundreds of years.moreless
  • Dr. Spock the Baby Doc
    Dr. Spock the Baby Doc from the show Nova on PBS takes an in-depth look at the life and career of Dr. Benjamin Spock. Dr. Spock, author of the best-selling book Baby and Child Care, revolutionized the way that parents raise their children. He encouraged mothers and fathers to treat their children as individuals and show them love and affection.moreless
  • Flood!
    Episode 16
    Flood! From the show NOVA first aired on March 26, 1996. The Mississippi River flooded and swept away homes, buildings and bridges in 1993. It caused mass devastation and deaths.This episode chronicles the struggle of the Mississippi citizens as they work hard to rebuild their homes and their lives after the water devastated their towns.moreless
  • Kidnapped by U.F.O.'s?
    Joe Morton narrates this exploration of one of America's most fascinating controversies. Hundreds of people insist they have been the victims of alien abductions, while many other people refuse to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Guests include astronomer Carl Sagan, as well as first-hand accounts from those who have experienced unexplainable events.moreless
  • War Machines of Tomorrow
    War Machines of Tomorrow explores how "smart weapon technology" is keeping soldiers out of harm's way and increasing the precision with which the U.S. military performs its operations. Since the Persian Gulf War, advances in science have allowed the military to increase the accuracy of its strikes despite weather conditions and avoid the threat of biological warfare. The show reveals the possibility that ground warfare may one day be obsolete.moreless
  • Plague Fighters
    Plague Fighters
    Episode 13
    Plague Fighters from the PBS science program NOVA follows the struggle to contain a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus. In 1995 an epidemic developed in the Kikwit area in Zaire and over 77 percent of the infected patients died. The episode follows the outbreak as it spreads to family members and hospital personnel.moreless
  • B-29 Frozen in Time
    B-29 Frozen in Time
    Episode 12
  • The Day the Earth Shook
    The Day the Earth Shook from the show NOVA originally aired on January 16, 1996. This program delves into two major earthquakes that occurred one year apart on the same day in January. One was in California and the other in Japan. Thousands more people died in Japan than in the States, and scientists discuss the reason for this fact and what people have learned from both earthquakes.moreless
  • Terror in the Mine Fields
    Terror in the Minefields is an episode from the PBS show NOVA that aired on January 9, 1996. This episode chronicles the history of the invisible weapons still hidden away beneath the ground in some countires. In Cambodia, the show visits the Khmer Rouge and watches how mines are laid and the troubling process to find and remove them.moreless
  • Can Buildings Make You Sick?
    A search for the causes of Sick Building Syndrome. Experts look at various problem buildings, inspecting their air conditioning, lights and carpets for clues to the mysterious maladies afflicting the workers inside.
  • Race to Catch a Buckyball
    Race to Catch a Buckyball is a science-themed episode from the PBS show NOVA that aired on December 18, 1995. This episode follows the experiments that ultimately led to the discovery of the third form of carbon, previously thought to not exist. Many teams of researchers competed to study and confirm Carbon 60.moreless
  • Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef
    This astonishing documentary chronicles a single day in the life of the biggest and most breathtaking coral reef in the world: the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's northern coast. The impressive footage taken by veteran deep sea explorers reveals never before filmed spawning of coral and other strange creatures that inhabit the reef.moreless
  • Hunt for the Serial Arsonist
    Hunt for the Serial Arsonist is episode 6 from season 23 from the popular PBS show NOVA. This episode, which originally aired on November 14, 1995, focused on the hunt for a serial arsonist in California. The episode followed the efforts of the investigative team trying to find the fire bug and their efforts in sifting through evidence, following leads and culling suspects until they found success.moreless
  • Lightning!
    Episode 5
    Lightning! Is a 1995 science documentary from NOVA that explores the mysterious atmospheric force. This episode follows researcher Joe Dwyer from the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing in Florida, as he and his team test a radical theory that these jagged bolts from the sky may be triggered from outer space.moreless
  • The Doomsday Asteroid
    The Doomsday Asteroid is an episode of the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, a group of scientists examines the likelihood of a comet such as the one that struck Jupiter in 1997 impacting the Earth. Would it result in mass extinctions, or would humanity find a way to stop it?moreless
  • Hawaii Born of Fire
    In the Hawaii Born of Fire episode of the television program NOVA, the show explores the geological origins of Hawaii and what influence that has had on its environment. Formed from underwater volcanic eruptions, the island has developed a lush tropical environment that teems with life. Though beautiful, the archipelago's volcanoes are still active, making it an occasionally dangerous place to live.moreless
  • Venus Unveiled
    Venus Unveiled
    Episode 2
    NASA's radar equipped spacecraft, the Magellan, has sent back unprecedented images of the surface of Venus. Scientists learn that most of what was previously believed about the planet was wrong. NOVA investigates and uses Magellan's images as well as interviews with scientists to show viewers what the surface of the planet is really like and what mysteries it may hold.moreless
  • Anastasia Dead or Alive?
    This documentary covers the forensic analysis of skeletal remains that may be all that's left of Czar Nicholas II and his family. Aside from examining what's known about the 1918 attack, the crew also looks into the rumors that one daughter, Anastasia, survived. Did Anastasia successfully flee to America and live out her life as Anna Anderson?moreless