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  • Kingdom of the Seahorse
    Kingdom of the Seahorse from the show NOVA tells the story of the seahorse in the modern day. It explains the seahorse's unique life cycle with a particular focus on the male's role in bringing fertilized eggs to term and birthing the babies. The show also covers the seahorse's plummeting numbers due to over-fishing and efforts to help rebuild their devastated population.moreless
  • Cut to the Heart
    Cut to the Heart
    Episode 19
    NOVA investigates a medical technique performed by Brazilian doctor, Randas Batista, who allegedly discovered a way to treat enlarged heart conditions at half of the cost. Batista claims that by cutting through the heart's left ventricle, it would alleviate the risk of heart failure in many of the people who suffer from this rare condition.moreless
  • Curse of T.rex
    Curse of T.rex
    Episode 18
    NOVA heads to South Dakota to investigate the ethics and the controversies surrounding fossil buying and selling, which has become a lucrative business after US Federal courts declared it legal in 1990. Investigators focus on a T. Rex fossil named "Sue" and try to find out who actually owns the expensive prehistoric skeleton.moreless
  • Hunt for Alien Worlds
    Hunt for Alien Worlds is an episode of the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, astronomers discuss their efforts to find planets beyond our solar system. Are there alien planets elsewhere in the galaxy that are capable of harboring intelligent life? How would contact with an alien species affect life on Earth?moreless
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum (4)
    Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum is an episode of the PBS science TV series Nova. In this episode, a group of historians discusses the construction of one of Rome's most famous stuctures. How was the Colosseum built, and what was it used for? Watch Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum, and find out.moreless
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Obelisk (3)
    Obelisks, which often adorned the entrances to temples and pyramids, were a feat of ancient Egyptian technology. Mark Lehner and Roger Hopkins lead a team of experts in an expedition to create a replica of a 40-ton stone obelisk. Limited to using materials and technology available to ancient Egyptians, the team manages to successfully transport and raise the obelisk.moreless
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Inca (2)
    When the Inca disappeared, they took a lot of their technological secrets with them. Today's scientists try to recreate some of the architecture just as locals weave a magnificent bridge spanning a gorge in the old, Inca tradition. NOVA takes viewers to Machu Picchu and unravels some of the mysteries of Incan artifacts.moreless
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge (1)
    Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge is episode 14 of season 24 of the popular PBS show NOVA. This episode originally aired on February 11, 1997 and focused on Stonehenge. Narrated by Stacy Keach and featuring an attempt by 130 volunteers to replicate Stonehenge using only Stone Age tools in their efforts this episode raises and answering questions about the mystery of the landmarks original construction.moreless
  • Titanic's Lost Sister
    Titanic's Lost Sister from the PBS show NOVA presents the tragic history of the Britannic, sister ship to the ill-fated Titanic. In 1916, the Brittanic sank in the Aegean Sea after being hit by a mine or torpedo, while serving as a hospital ship in World War I. This 1997 episode follows the search for ship's wreckage and reconstruction of its final hours.moreless
  • Kaboom!
    Episode 11
    Kaboom! from the show NOVA goes inside what makes a chemical reaction take place. NOVA uses high speed photography and computer reconstruction of chemical reactions to break them down in easy to understand language. The episode also details past history of chemical reactions and explosions gone wrong and what caused these events to happen.moreless
  • Cracking the Ice Age
    Cracking the Ice Age from the PBS nature show NOVA explores the Earth's fluctuating pattern between warm and cold periods. This documentary offers details of these alternating environments, including ice-free and glacier heavy eras. Climate scientist Kirk Maasch offers explanations for how ice ages begin and how we are in the midst of one now.moreless
  • Odyssey of Life: The Photographer's Secrets (3)
    High-powered microscopes take a center stage when NOVA explores the hidden worlds that exist beyond the naked eye. This episode takes a look at how things look one hundred times bigger, as cameras capture footage of scientist studying bacteria, human skin and other items under the lens of a microscope.
  • Odyssey of Life: The Unknown World (2)
    The second part of NOVA's series on microscopic material, "The Odyssey of Life: The Unknown World" focuses on bacteria and other organisms unable to be viewed by the naked eye. This episode takes us through the magnifying glass and shows us the organisms that help in decomposition and digestions, the germs that make us sick, and the minute creatures we interact with unknowingly every day.moreless
  • Odyssey of Life: The Ultimate Journey (1)
    Evolution and its relation to human development take a center stage when NOVA explores how people inherit their unique qualities, starting at conception. The episode begins inside the womb and segues to a comparison between humans and other complex animals that share the same genes. The episode ends with a look into how life may have first developed on Earth.moreless
  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack
    Episode 6
    This episode takes a look into the world of sharks. The main focus is to inform viewers about the behavior of this animal, why sharks attack and how often this occurs. Viewers will learn facts and statistics about the great white and tiger sharks. Additionally, viewers will see close up shots of these majestic creatures.moreless
  • Top Gun Over Moscow
    Top Gun Over Moscow from the show NOVA goes inside Russian fighter jets including the famous Migs and SUs. Russian pilots dazzle viewers with their aerobatic skills, while also discussing what it is like being a pilot in Russia. The episode also highlights key features of the Russian jets, including their design and firepower.moreless
  • Secrets of Making Money
    Professional counterfeiters have been in operation for nearly as long as there has been currency. In the 1990s, the sudden prevalence of printers and color copiers gave counterfeiters even more aggressive and sophisticated tools. In reaction, the U.S. Treasury redesigned dollar bills, hoping to fight back against counterfeiters and create a new and improved currency.moreless
  • Three Men and a Balloon
    Three Men and a Balloon follows the competition to become the first team to circle the globe via hot-air balloon. This 1996 episode from the PBS program NOVA looks at the challenges involved in the breakthrough effort, from designing the balloon, catastrophe training and requesting flight path clearance around the world.moreless
  • Lost City of Arabia
    Lost City of Arabia from the show NOVA details the lost city of Ubar, and what led to its downfall nearly 2,000 years ago. An American expedition heads into the location where the city once stood to conduct an investigation in order to learn more about the city and why it fell.moreless
  • Einstein Revealed
    Einstein Revealed
    Episode 1
    Einstein Revealed is a 2-hour special presentation from the PBS show NOVA about the personal life of the famous scientist, as well as the inspirations behind his revolutionary ideas. This biography explores Einstein's German childhood, his marriage and how his breakthroughs were built on the work of earlier scientists such as Isaac Newton.moreless