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  • The Truth About Impotence
    The Truth About Impotence is episode 19 from season 25 of the popular PBS series NOVA. The episodes original airdate was May 12, 1998. This episode offers the scoop on male sexual dysfunction, as it follows seven mens as they seek treatment for the disorder. The show pays particular attention to the causes of the dysfunction and the different treatments suchpharmaceuticals, prosthetics and vacuum pump treatments.moreless
  • Crocodiles! With David Attenborough
    Crocodiles! With David Attenborough from the show NOVA on PBS gives the legendary naturalist the opportunity to highlight the reptile that has walked the earth since the age of the Dinosaurs. Remaining relatively unchanged for over 100 million years, crocodiles still terrify most humans and have an amazing ability to survive in many environments.moreless
  • Warnings from the Ice
    NOVA explores this question- what would happen if all of Greenland or Antarctica's ice were to melt? The show uses a visual thought experiment that was created by the late Bill Haxby of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. He showed graphics of what four different coastlines would look like if ocean levels rose 17 feet, or 170 feet. In his experiment Bill also showed graphics of what those same coastlines looked like 20,000 years ago when ocean levels were 400 feet lower than they are currently.moreless
  • Search for the Lost Cave People
    Rio la Venta Gorge in Central America was once home to a group of people called the Zoque, who predate the Mayans by several centuries. Historians previously had very little information about them, but the discovery of Zoque artifacts in caves in this gorge yield clues and secrets that scientists never expected. NOVA investigates the origins and disappearance of the Zoque people.moreless
  • Everest - The Death Zone
    Everest - The Death Zone from the PBS show NOVA studies the impact on the human body to experience the high altitude, physical challenge of climbing the world's tallest peak. The NOVA team investigates high-altitude physiology, the daring personalities that attempt to make the climb and captures the drama of Everest's stark beauty in this stunning documentary.moreless
  • The Brain Eater
    The Brain Eater
    Episode 14
    Mad Cow Disease, previously only affecting cattle, has begun making humans sick. Why are people suddenly catching this virus, and what are its effects on the human brain? NOVA investigates the disease and documents as doctors and scientist the world over work as fast as they can to stop this from turning into an AIDS-like epidemic.moreless
  • Animal Hospital
    Animal Hospital
    Episode 13
    Animal Hospital from the PBS nature show NOVA explores the problem of animal care, especially those pets with behavior problems. Many veterinarians now utilize high tech medicine to save many pets, but many animals are put to sleep at animal shelters or animal hospitals because of a lack of understanding of animal needs.moreless
  • Supersonic Spies
    Supersonic Spies
    Episode 12
    In Supersonic Spies, NOVA looks at the espionage and disaster behind the battle to put the first supersonic passenger jet in the air in the midst of the Cold War era.. This 1998 NOVA episode reveals the espionage between the Soviet Konkordski project and the West's Concord. Though the Konkordski ultimately won the effort by three months, a fatal crash at the 1973 Paris Air Show later grounded the jet.moreless
  • Mysterious Mummies of China
    Mysterious Mummies of China is episode 11 from season 25 from popular PBS show NOVA. The episode originally aired on January 20, 1998 and featured a close examination of the Mummies found in China's Takla Makan desert. During the hour the investigators try to discover how the mummies, which are believed to be Europeans came to rest where they did.moreless
  • Night Creatures of the Kalahari
    For some animals, the darkness is not an impediment to their sharp vision. On the plains of the Kalahari, the nighttime is teeming with predators and prey. This NOVA episode introduces some of these creatures and their complex ways of life, as well as discussing the difficulties of studying these elusive and nocturnal creatures.moreless
  • Danger in the Jet Stream
    NOVA follows three daredevils as they attempt to fly around the world in a balloon without stopping. Virgin Airline owner, Richard Branson, a scientist from Switzerland and Chicago businessman, Steve Fossett, come into focus in this episode, as each one tries to become the first man to accomplish this aeronautical accomplishment.moreless
  • Avalanche!
    Episode 8
    NOVA heads to the world's snowiest mountain tops to film avalanches as they occur. Filming with slow motion cameras, investigators capture footage of collapsing snow and report on how and why these catastrophes happen. NOVA also explores the worst avalanches over the last century, replaying archive footage from disasters occurring in Iceland and Switzerland.moreless
  • Treasures of the Sunken City
    Treasures of the Sunken City is an episode of the PBS science TV series Nova. The episode follows a team of underwater archaeologists as they excavate the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt. Will they find evidence of Alexandria's famous lighthouse? Tune into Nova to explore this thousand-year-old mystery for yourself.
  • Super Bridge
    Super Bridge
    Episode 6
    Super Bridge is episode 6 from the 25 season of the long-running PBS science show NOVA. This episode originally aired on November 12, 1997 and focused on the four-year construction process of the Clark Bridge in St. Louis. Narrated by Hal Holbrook this episode also features footage from the floods of 1993 and the hopes of a community that rest on the new bridge.moreless
  • Wild Wolves With David Attenborough
    Wild Wolves With David Attenborough is episode 5 from season 25 of the PBS science show NOVA. The original airdate of this episode is November 11, 1997. In this episode David Attenborough travels with a pack of wild wolves to learn how they survive in the more remote and barren landscapes in the world. This episode also features footage of packs from around the world.moreless
  • The Proof
    The Proof
    Episode 4
    Stacy Keach narrates the story of Andrew Wiles. Follow his journey as the Princeton mathematics professor sets out to validate Fermat's Last Theorem: a theorem that hypothesized that there are no solutions to various simple equations. After more than seven years of study, Wiles puzzled out a solution and made headlines worldwide.moreless
  • Bomb Squad
    Bomb Squad
    Episode 3
    NOVA heads to the United Kingdom to film the Felix Bomb Squad, a group of individuals assigned to defuse explosive devises created by the Irish Republican Army. Investigators also report on the reasons why Bloody Sunday occurred in 1974 and explore the motives on why the IRA still creates booby trapped bombs, today.moreless
  • Faster Than Sound
    Faster Than Sound
    Episode 2
    Chuck Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier creating what is known as a sonic boom. NOVA investigates why high speeds create the sonic boom. Also it takes a look at other attempts to break speed records on land and water. Discover what scientists are doing to equip commercial aircraft to be able to safely break the sound barrier.moreless
  • Coma
    Episode 1
    Coma from the PBS science show Nova explores the latest medical developments in the treatment of comas. This TV documentary also interviews Dr. Jamshid Ghajar, neurosurgeon, about new treatments and recovery options for head trauma victims, which are the primary cause of death and disability for people ages one to 44.moreless