NOVA - Season 27

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Episode Guide

  • The Vikings
    The Vikings
    Episode 21
    The Vikings, from PBS show NOVA, reconsiders the legendary Scandinavian tribe that managed to travel to England, Russia and North America with their nautical expertise and bold explorations. This extended episode from the 2000 season of the PBS show NOVA also follows the journeys of Erik the Red to Greenland and Leif Eriksson to North America.moreless
  • Stationed in the Stars
    The launch of the space shuttle Endevour, from Cape Kennedy in 1998, was the first of three important missions in the creation of the ISS, or International Space Station. Now, the Russians have been working on a new venture, and by installing new state of the art components their third mission is about to be completed.moreless
  • What's Up with the Weather?
    What's Up with the Weather? is a collaborative episode from NOVA and Frontline that explores Earth's climate system and the effects of greenhouse gases in its future. This two-hour special examines how carbon monoxide and methane threaten the entire global community and the international efforts to create a unified solution in spite of political, economic and scientific differences.moreless
  • Travel to 12th-century China as engineers, scientists and scholars help reveal the intricate mysteries behind the revolutionary strength and elegance of the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Tour the crumbling public baths of Rome to learn intimate details of what life was really like for ancient Roman citizens, and in the process, discover the engineering feats that made these baths such an impressive achievement.
  • Travel to Easter Island to discover the secrets of this vanished civilization through the "moai," the massive headstones that these ancient islanders created to achieve peace and harmony, yet resulted in ecological disaster.
  • Trillion Dollar Bet
    Trillion Dollar Bet
    Episode 13
    This documentary covers the rise and fall of the Black-Scholes' formula, a revolutionary economic theory that promised to reduce the risk of investing. Leading economists Fisher Black, Myron Scholes and Robert Merton used their nobel prize-winning work as the basis for a massive hedge fund. The fund would soon be challenged and overcome by the reality of a global economic crisis.moreless
  • Discover how ancient Egyptians used nautical experience, ingenuity, and unwavering faith to raise massive 500-ton granite monoliths that have stood for thousands of years in tribute to their unparalleled early civilization.
  • Diamond Deception
    Diamond Deception
    Episode 11
    NOVA investigates the race in creating the perfect synthesized diamond. Since the 1950s, companies from around the world have tried to make an artificial gemstone sparkle like a real diamond. With advances in technology, industrialists are that much closer in producing a flawless stone that not even the experts can tell the difference between the two.moreless
  • Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege
    Fiction has long taken stabs at life in medieval times. Battles are often depicted as barbaric and simple. By building a huge catapult, called a trebuchet, and testing its accuracy, NOVA studies medieval warfare and the effect that the trebuchet might have had in battle. These war machines may have been simplistic, but they were definitely deadly.moreless
  • Lost on Everest
    Lost on Everest
    Episode 9
    Lost on Everest follows along as explorers investigate the disappearence of two hikers. However, this is no ordinary search party. The hikers disappeared in 1924, making the job much more difficult. The searchers follow the same path as the missing hikers. Along the way, they discover clues into their wherabouts. Can the team find their remains?moreless
  • Tales from the Hive
    Tales from the Hive from the show Nova is a PBS television program that delves deep into the nature of bees and their function in the world. Segments from this documentary include the entire honey making process as well as the bees' natural protection instincts, as well as detailed footage of the bee's life cycle.moreless
  • Electric Heart
    Electric Heart
    Episode 7
    Dr. O.H. Frazier is a pioneer in the field of artificial hearts. Thanks to technology, thousands of lives could be saved, far more than with the limited supply of biological hearts available for transplant. Frazier and his colleagues work tirelessly to perfect the design of an electric heart that could be just as functional as the real thing.moreless
  • Voyage of Doom
    Voyage of Doom
    Episode 6
    Robert Cavelier de La Salle was a French explorer in the 17th century whose ship was lost at sea. Divers off the coast of Texas find a shipwreck and believe it may be de La Salle's. NOVA documents scientists' efforts to excavate the siteand the testing performed to see if de La Salle's mystery can finally be solved.moreless
  • Decoding Nazi Secrets
    Nazi code breaking takes a center stage on NOVA when the show revisits World War II and Winston Churchill's effort to win the intelligence war over Germany. By gathering the world best mathematicians, linguists, and gamers, the English Prime Minister organizes a team to crack a German message-coding machine named "Enigma."moreless
  • Island of the Spirits
    NOVA heads to Japan to visit the small island of Hokkaido to film the unique wildlife that exists on the mysterious island. Grizzly bears, flying squirrels and Siberian chipmunks are just some of the animals that appear in this episode, which explores how the all of the species live together in such a small place.moreless
  • The Killer's Trail
    The Killer's Trail
    Episode 3
    In 1954, Marilyn Sheppard's body was discovered in her Ohio home. The most prominent murder suspect was her husband, a successful surgeon. After spending a decade in prison, however, Dr. Sheppard became a free man again, thanks to a lack of evidence. Decades later, the Sheppards' son decides to finally find justice and a resolution to the harrowing case.moreless
  • Time Travel
    Time Travel
    Episode 2
    Time Travel is an episode of the PBS science television series Nova. In this episode, scientist Kip Thorne discusses Carl Sagan's book Contact and its depiction of time travel. Could wormholes be used as time machines, and if so, would time travelers be able to go back in time or only forward?moreless
  • Fall of the Leaning Tower
    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an architectural wonder, immediately recognizable even to those who have never visited. Its tilting silhouette is what makes the medieval tower so famous, but unfortunately, it could also be the structure's downfall. Scientists and researchers work together to rescue the Leaning Tower without destroying the quality that makes it unique.moreless