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  • 8/21/01
    The collapse of the Maya civilization is shrouded in mystery, but perhaps an answer can be found with this exploration into its rise out of Central America's rain forests more than 2000 years ago. Follow archaeologists as they begin to decipher the complex Mayan heiroglyphic language, explore their ancient and sophisticated culture, and analyze Maya trade and agriculture.moreless
  • Harvest of Fear
    Harvest of Fear
    Episode 17
    NOVA reports on genetically engineered foods and the debate that surrounds the man-made products that could solve world hunger. Reporters go inside the laboratory to find out how scientists use genetic engineering to create artificial plants. NOVA also takes a look at how these foods could produce dangerous proteins, giant weeds and super insects.moreless
  • Cracking the Code of Life
    Cracking the Code of Life is a 2-hour special from the PBS show NOVA. This science documentary, hosted by journalist Robert Krulwich, details the fierce competition to be the first to decode the human genome, the genetic code that defines human life. The discovery also led to profound changes in a wide range of human endeavors.moreless
  • Survivor M.D.: Hearts & Minds
    Thirteen years ago, seven students entered medical school, and NOVA wants to know what they're doing their now. This episode focuses on heart physician, Dr. Larry Green, who surprisingly switched professions after only two years out of medical school to focus on child psychology. Green explains why he changed his line of work and how the decision affected his family.moreless
  • Survivor M.D.: Second Opinions
    Thirteen years ago, seven students entered medical school, and NOVA wants to know what they're doing their now. NOVA revisits Dr. David Friedman after first filming the young student entering medical school in 1987. Producers want to find out how the doctor's life has changed since graduation. Cameras visit Freedman's office and film his family, who recount the sacrifices they all made during the doctor's career.moreless
  • Survivor M.D.: Tattooed Doctor
    Thirteen years ago, seven students entered medical school, and NOVA wants to know what they're doing their now. Pediatrician, Mark Waverly, worked as a doctor for five years before leaving the profession to become but a tattoo artist. NOVA first captured Waverly's story in 1987 when he was a young medical student. Producers want to find out why he now prefers working in a different part of town.moreless
  • The Cancer Warrior
    The Cancer Warrior
    Episode 12
    The Cancer Warrior from the show NOVA is a 2001 documentary chronicling Dr. Judah Folkman's 40 year quest to understand and cure cancer. Discovering the secret of how cancer grows as a young surgical resident in 1960, Dr. Folkman's dedication to the pursuit of a cure earns him the title "Cancer Warrior." The episode originally aired on February 27, 2001.moreless
  • 2/13/01
    From 200 to 900 A.D., Yax K’uk Mo’s dynasty of Blood Lords presided over the Maya city of Copan. Join archaeologists to piece together the rise and fall of this ancient city, its founder, Yax K’uk Mo and its amazingly advanced culture.
  • Nazi Prison Escape
    Nazi Prison Escape
    Episode 10
    NOVA presents In Nazi Prison Escapea, a look at the Colditz Castle. Considered one of the worst World War II POW camps, it was reserved for the prisoners that the Nazis determined most dangerous. In spite of the castle's impregnable exterior, over 300 Allied forces managed to escape by using the secret passageways, forged documents and stolen Nazi uniforms between 1940 and 1945.moreless
  • Vanished!
    Episode 9
    In 1947, an aircraft named Stardust vanished, seemingly from thin air. It would be many decades before the world had any closure on the fate of the civilian plane and its disappearance in the Andes. This NOVA episode examines the mystery, including the enigmatic Morse code messages sent moments before the crash.moreless
  • Sultan's Lost Treasure
    Follow a French-led expedition that recovered thousands of porcelain artifacts and other relics from the site of a centuries-old Chinese shipwreck. Pate, an African island just off of the Kenya is home to a village whose elderly claim that the inhabitants are descendents of the shipwrecked Chinese sailors whose ship crashed into the reef. A number of antique heirlooms are shown off in the stone huts in the village.moreless
  • Japan's Secret Garden
    Japan's Secret Garden examines the unique farming method, or Satoyama, in the Lake Biwa region. This special HDTV episode from NOVA explores the maze of terraced fields built in the surrounding foothills of the freshwater region and the farmers who have found a balance between human need with nature's bounty for generations.moreless
  • Dying to Be Thin
    Dying to Be Thin
    Episode 6
    Dying to Be Thin from the PBS show NOVA takes a disturbing look at the increase in eating disorders. n Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating can be the most difficult of psychological disorders to treat. This episode interviews specialists who are trying to find new ways to reach the young women and men who suffer from these disorders.moreless
  • Garden of Eden
    Garden of Eden
    Episode 5
    Garden of Eden from the show NOVA originally aired on November 28, 2000. Travel through the mystical archipelago of Seychelles and be amazed by the natural wealth of the area. These islands are some of the oldest in the world and are home to a wide array of exotic wildlife. Many of the 100 islands in the archipelago are visited.moreless
  • Runaway Universe
    Runaway Universe
    Episode 4
    Runaway Universe from the show NOVA first aired on November 21, 2000. This episode follows two rival teams of scientists as they explore the concept of quintessence. Both teams map out stars and galaxies and explore the depths of the universe. They are both searching for answers as to how the universe might end.moreless
  • Hitler's Lost Sub
    Hitler's Lost Sub
    Episode 3
    Hitler's Lost Sub explores the six year quest of diver John Chatterton and his team to solve the mystery of a World War II U-boat found off the coast of New Jersey. This dangerous pursuit to explore and identify the ship leads to a surprising historical discovery in this extended episode from the 2000 season of NOVA from PBS.moreless
  • Holocaust on Trial
    Holocaust on Trial
    Episode 2
    Holocaust on Trial from the show NOVA aired on October 31, 2000. In January of 2000, author and World War II specialist David Irving claimed in court that another author, Deborah Lipstadt, slandered his name and reputation in her Holocaust-related book. Historians look back and study the tragic event and how it has been denied by some.moreless
  • Lincoln's Secret Weapon
    Lincoln's Secret Weapon explores the first use of mechanical fighting machine during the Civil War. The Union changed the nature of naval warfare with the Monitor, which famously fought the Conderate's Merrimack in 1961. This episode from the 2000 season of NOVA also follows the Navy's modern day effort to salvage the ship from the ocean near Cape Hatteras.moreless