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  • Fire Wars
    Fire Wars
    Episode 17
    Fire Wars is episode 17 from the 29th season of the popular PBS science show NOVA. The episode originally aired on May 7, 2002 and featured smoke jumpers and hot shots. The episode examines why forest fires have worsened in recent years and focuses on Smoke jumpers and hot shots and their strategies while fighting the forest fires of 2000.moreless
  • Why the Towers Fell
    Why the Towers Fell
    Episode 16
    New York City and the World Trade Center take a center stage in this episode when NOVA producers turn to forensic engineers and scientists to find out why the twin towers fell in 2001. By the end of the episode, audiences get a new perspective as to why the towers collapsed.moreless
  • Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
    NOVA heads to Antarctica to retrace the voyage of Ernest Shackleton, when in 1914, he stranded himself on the southern icepack along with a team of scientists. Living on seal and penguin meat, the group traveled across the ice for the next two years before setting off an 800-mile long journey across the Atlantic in a small rowboat.moreless
  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link
    Episode 14
    The Missing Link from the show Nova is a 2002 documentary that chronicles the search for evidence of human development from sea to land. Following a trail of clues that span from Pennsylvania to Greenland, Nova filmmakers interview scientists and uncover a tiny fossil jaw, hidden in a museum drawer, that may help explain the evolution of humanity. The episode originally aired on February 26, 2002.moreless
  • Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies
    Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies from the show NOVA is a 2002 documentary that explores the rich history of Soviet spying at the start of the Cold War. Using declassified documents, the film reveals that the Soviet Union had penetrated virtually every part of the U.S. federal government by the end of the 1940s. The program originally aired on February 5, 2002.moreless
  • Fireworks!
    Episode 12
    On the show Fireworks!, Nova goes deep into the history of pyrotechnics. During the show, you will learn how fireworks are made. Everything from Roman candles to palm trees are explored in this explosive episode. You will also go behind the scences at the worlds largest fireworks dsplay. Nova also give you a glimpse into the future of fireworks.moreless
  • Neanderthals on Trial
    Neanderthals on Trial is an episode from the PBS hit science show NOVA that aired on January 22, 2002. Two famous skulls are analyzed and studied by scientists to learn more about them and contrast their likely physical characterisistics. Geneticists also trace back some lineages of our ancient ancestors using mitochondrial DNA.moreless
  • Death Star
    Death Star
    Episode 10
    Deep space gamma rays take a center stage in this episode of NOVA. It's 1967, and US spy satellites pick up strange signals coming from outer space. Astronomers discover that the noises are actually gamma rays emitted from billions of years ago after the universe first formed. NOVA also explores black holes, giant starts and the origins of the universe.moreless
  • Flying Casanovas
    Flying Casanovas
    Episode 9
    NOVA retraces the journey of European naturalists from the nineteenth century, who flew over New Guinea and discovered a new species of bird. From the air, the bird nests look like a Pygmy Indian tribe, but from the ground, cameras prove that things don't always seem as they appear from above.moreless
  • Methuselah Tree
    Methuselah Tree
    Episode 8
    Methuselah Tree is a 2001 poetic profile of a 4600-year-old bristlecone pine tree growing in the White Mountains not far from Las Vegas. Discovered by scientist Edward Shulman in 1957, this ancient tree was already 77 years old at the death of Egyptian pyramid builder Cheops. According to Leroy Johnson of the U.S. Forest Service, Methuselah could live forever.moreless
  • Life's Greatest Miracle
    After the success of The Miracle of Life, NOVA catches up with Lennart Nilsson two decades later to produce a sequel called Life's Greatest Miracle. This episode aims to feature the latest innovations in fetal photography and the most recent advances in fetal and embryonic research, as well as the varied techniques in fertilization.moreless
  • Bioterror
    Episode 6
    NOVA explores germ warfare and the secret biochemical research performed in the US and Russia during the Cold War. Cameras visit abandoned germ factories in the former Soviet Union, and reporters talk to two germ scientists who defected to the US in the late 90s. Saddam Hussein's bio-weapons program also comes into focus.moreless
  • Russia's Nuclear Warriors
    Russia's Nuclear Warriors from the show NOVA is a 2001 documentary that explores the mindset of the men who control Russia's nuclear arsenal. Narrated by Vladimir Pozner, one of Russia's top journalists, this film paints a picture of patriotic soldiers who, despite low pay and tedious working conditions, are responsible for one of the world's most destructive forces.moreless
  • Sex: Unknown
    Sex: Unknown
    Episode 4
    Sex: Unknown explores gender identity in this episode from the 2001 season of "Nova" on PBS. Some babies are born without fully developed genitals. Although many physicians quickly operate to change these "intersex" infants into a definitively male or female child, there can be gender identity confusion when they reach adulthood.moreless
  • Secrets of the Mind
    Secrets of the Mind explores the fascinating work of neuroscientist Dr. V.S. Ramachandran as he develops groundbreaking theories on how the human brain functions, especially after trauma such as an amputated limb or a stroke. This episode from the 2001 season of "Nova" on PBS follows these unusual patient cases and Dr. Ramachandran's new theories on perception and the mysterious brain.moreless
  • 18 Ways to Make a Baby
    NOVA takes viewers back to 1978 when Louise Brown conceived the world's first test-tube baby. Since then, scientists have found new ways to conceive children outside the womb, and this episode shows audiences how it's possible. Sperm and ovary donation, surrogate motherhood and adoption take a center stage in this short documentary.moreless
  • Search for a Safe Cigarette
    In Search for a Safe Cigarette, NOVA explores the efforts by scientists and the tobacco industry's efforts to create a less life-threatening product. In spite of the known health risks, smoking continues to grow around the globe. With a prohibition unlikely, the solution may lie in creating a healthier cigarette.