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  • Secret of Photo 51
    Secret of Photo 51
    Episode 16
    Secret of Photo 51 reconsiders the discovery of the DNA double-helix structure previously only attributed to British scientists James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. This NOVA episode from the 2003 season returns scientist Rosalind Franklin to her place as part of the team that found the genetic code. By the time the three men had won the Nobel Prize in 1962, Franklin had already died from cancer likely from radiation exposure from her contribution.moreless
  • Deep Sea Invasion
    Deep Sea Invasion
    Episode 15
    Deep Sea Invasion from the show NOVA follows marine biologist Alexandre Meinesz who discovers a dense blanket of green fronds while diving off the coast of France. To his horror, Meinesz determines that tropical green algae has invaded the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Now, he must convince the authorities of the threat to native species before it's too late. The episode originally aired on April 1, 2003.moreless
  • Dirty Bomb
    Dirty Bomb
    Episode 14
    Dirty bombs, which send radioactive material in the wind for miles take a center stage in this episode of NOVA. Reporters talk to bomb specialist and psychologists to discuss how dirty bomb warfare was designed to kill an entire generation, slowly. NOVA also creates a dramatization of what a dirty bomb attack would look like in Washington DC and London, today.moreless
  • 2/18/03
    Set foot inside an untouched society and get a remarkably rare glimpse of a Tibetan world’s dazzling sacred relics. Join the race to save the surviving masterpieces of an ancient Buddhist kingdom.
  • Mountain of Ice
    Mountain of Ice
    Episode 12
    Mountain of Ice from the show NOVA is a 2003 documentary that follows Conrad Anker and his team as the climb Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antartica. Joined by author Jon Krakauer, glaciologist Dan Stone, and extreme skier Andrew McLean, Anker and his team endure bitter cold and piercing winds as they conquer the Mountain of Ice. The episode originally aired on February 11, 2003.moreless
  • 2/4/03
    NOVA goes inside Boeing’s Phantom Works and Lockheed’s Skunk Works to record classified meetings, fly the most revolutionary planes and examine the high-stakes battle to build the most capable fighter ever createdâ€"the Joint Strike Fighter.
  • Ancient Creature of the Deep
    Although the scientific world believed that the coelacanth was ancient history, extinct for millions of years, the fish proved everyone wrong in the 1930s. Older than dinosaurs, the coelacanth is a living fossil, offering invaluable clues to the ongoing puzzle of evolution. This NOVA episode explores the story of the remarkable creature.moreless
  • Last Flight of Bomber 31
    Last Flight of Bomber 31 is an episode from the science documentary series NOVA that aired on January 14, 2003. In March of 1944, Bomber 31 vanished without a trace over the Bering Sea during a mission in World War II. Scientists discover the bomber 55 years later and, with a government team, attempt to solve the mystery of its disappearance.moreless
  • Spies That Fly
    Spies That Fly
    Episode 8
    The Predator is not just the name of a sci-fi film. It is also the name of a UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, operated by the United States military. This NOVA episode takes an inside look at how the Predator works and why UAVs will become more and more important in future surveillance and warfare.moreless
  • The Orchid Hunter
    The Orchid Hunter
    Episode 7
    The Orchid Hunter is the story of Tom Hart Dyke, whose passion for orchids led to his capture by a group of Columbian guerillas for nine months. Hart Dyke continues his quest for precious orchids in the dangerous land of Papua New Guinea in this 2002 episode from the PBS show NOVA, which examines the multi-billion orchid industry and how it has captivated both scientists and collectors because of its unique beauty and evolutionary history.moreless
  • Sinking City of Venice
    Sinking City of Venice looks at the precarious state of one of the world's most popular tourist spots as it struggles to keep the Adriatic Sea from overwhelming the beautiful city. Encircled by a lagoon that once kept out invaders, this city of architectural wonders now requires its citizens and visitors to wear wading boots during certain seasons and must consider dams or gates to survive.moreless
  • Volcano's Deadly Warning
    Volcano's Deadly Warning is episode 5 of season 30 from the informative PBS science show NOVA. The episode originally aired on November 12, 2002 and featured a look at the destructive force of volcanoes. Featuring the monitoring of a volcano in the Columbian Andes and segments on seismic signals and the emergency response team made up of volcanologists that travel the world.moreless
  • Galileo's Battle for the Heavens
    Galileo's Battle for the Heavens is a special two-hour event, which is episode four from season 30 of the popular PBS show NOVA. This episode originally aired on October 29, 2002 and focused on the life, triumphs and struggles of the father of modern science, Galileo. The episode features study of his family, experiments, observations, struggles with the church and his trial by the Inquisition.moreless
  • Lost Roman Treasure
    Lost Roman Treasure is episode 3 of season 30 of the popular PBS show NOVA, which originally aired on October 8, 2002. This episode focuses on Roman Treasures that were soonto be lost to flooding due to a dam along the Euphrates River. Featuring a French dig team with only 6 weeks to work in, their discoveries despite the use of unusual tools on the dig such bulldozers due to the short time frame.moreless
  • Mysterious Life of Caves
    Scientists search for the origins of caves as they explore caves in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Mexico. This episode showcases a variety of lifeforms that are found only in caves, lifeforms that thrive in the harsh and sometimes extreme environment that reaches miles underground. The episode examines how life in caves may help researches determine how alien life can form or survive.moreless
  • Killer Disease on Campus
    Killer Disease on Campus explores the rising risk of meningococcal disease, a sometimes deadly bacterial infection that typically attacks children and teenagers. The disease strikes around the world and can cause system failure within hours. This 2002 episode from NOVA explores how doctors are battling the epidemic and what signs to look for as indicators of infection.moreless