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  • Dimming the Sun
    Dimming the Sun
    Episode 16
    Everyone has heard of global warming, but a lesser-known man-made phenomenon has been nearly as powerful at affecting Earth's climate. A look at global dimming, created by soot and pollution reflecting the sun's rays and surprisingly helping to offset global warming's catastrophic advance.
  • Voyage to the Mystery Moon
    Voyage to the Mystery Moon explores the Cassini/Huygens satellite mission to Saturn, including a landing on its Earth-like moon, Titan. This 2006 episode from the PBS show NOVA interviews the international team of scientists and astronomers as they design and execute the project and await a long seven years for their satellite to send back data on the mysterious rings of Saturn and possible secrets to our solar system.moreless
  • 3/28/06
    23 bizarre looking vehicles line up at the gate of the DARPA Grand Challenge with one thing in common: there’s nobody behind the wheel. With names like Terramax, Ghostrider and Stanley, these vehicles are armed with cutting-edge technology.
  • Arctic Passage
    Arctic Passage
    Episode 13
    NOVA retraces the steps of Artic explorers, Sir John Franklin and Roald Amundsen, who discovered the Northwest Passage. The program takes viewers back to the 1840s, showing audience how sailors traveled through ice and snow on medium-sized wooden ships. NOVA also explains why only eight percent of the men who traveled to the Arctic Sea made it out alive.moreless
  • The Ghost Particle
    The Ghost Particle
    Episode 12
    As scientists examine every particle of the universe to understand its creation, a mystery is revealed. Neutrinos are tiny, invisible particles that move through everything - space, matter and even humans. This "Ghost particle," however, has previously only been explained in theory. Will the study of this particle unlock the origins of the universe?moreless
  • Jewel of the Earth
    Jewel of the Earth
    Episode 11
    Jewel of the Earth from the show NOVA is a 2006 documentary that explores ancient life trapped in liquid pine resin millions of years ago. Once fossilized these time capsules, called amber, contain the remnants of insects and small animals; from fungus gnats and aphids in the Baltic region to tadpoles and marsh beetles in the Dominican Republic. Hosted by famed naturalist, David Attenborough, this episode originally aired on February 12, 2006.moreless
  • The Perfect Corpse
    The Perfect Corpse
    Episode 10
    The Perfect Corpse is a 2006 episode from the science program NOVA. When Irish police discover two corpses in a peat bog, their murder investigation soon becomes an archeological dig when they realize the bodies are over 2,000 years old. Peat bog can almost perfectly preserve corpses. Forensic scientists and archeologists explain the fascinating evidence and the historical details revealed from these residents of the prehistoric Iron Age.moreless
  • Deadly Ascent
    Deadly Ascent
    Episode 9
    Mount Denali, North America's highest peak, takes a center stage on NOVA when the show follows an odd group of explorers who climb the mountain to report on hazardous conditions on the summit. Ordinary people, including doctors, soldiers and rescue workers take part in an experiment to discover how the cold and icy weather overpower even the most skilled climbers.moreless
  • The Mummy Who Would Be King
    A mummy rested in a museum in Niagara Falls, NY, for years - far away from his native Egypt. The question is, who is he? It is possible that the mummy is the remains of a great leader named Ramses I. Scientists will have to use every tool in their technological arsenal to unravel this mystery.moreless
  • Storm That Drowned A City
    Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans, turning once-inhabitable, vibrant neighborhoods into terrible swamps. The exact science behind what happened as well as a moment-to-moment breakdown of that horrendous day when the storm hit is examined. Eyewitness accounts of what happened are brought into play as well, giving incredible, heartbreaking insight into that fateful day.moreless
  • Newton's Dark Secrets
    This docudrama looks at Isaac Newton's discoveries in mathematics, physics and optics, as well as his lesser known pursuit of alchemy and hidden meanings in the Bible.
  • Hitler's Sunken Secret
    This documentary takes a look at whether Norwegian resistance fighters stopped Hitler from acquiring a nuclear weapon. In 1944, a Norwegian ferry supposedly carrying a vital supply of heavy water was scuttled by a commando raid. For six decades the wreck rested in a lake, but now a research team is exploring the wreckage and examining its lost cargo to see if there really was any heavy water onboard.moreless
  • Volcano Under the City
    Volcano Under the City from the show Nova is a 54 minute TV documentary which stars Neil Ross. The storyline tells of a daring expedition of a team of scientists whose mission is to study Congo's deadly Mount Nyiragongo up close to find out what makes it tick. French volcanologist Jacques Durieux and Italian geochemists Dario Tedesco and Orlando Vaselli extend their help to the Congonese scientists. The episode writers include Antoine de Maximy and Caroline Wrinch and under the direction also of Antoine Maximy, Caroline Wrinch and Jackie Mow.moreless
  • Einstein's Big Idea
    Einstein's Big Idea from the PBS show NOVA explores the revolutionary theory of relativity. Albert Einstein's famous formula E = mc2, which concludes that mass and energy are one. This docudrama looks at how Einstein developed his most famous accomplishment, as well as his other radical breakthroughs which led to his winning the Nobel Prize in Physicsmoreless
  • Sinking the Supership
    The search for the wreck of the Yamato, the largest and mightiest battleship ever floated and the pride of the Japanese Imperial Fleet. Constructed in absolute secrecy and sunk by American planes toward the end of World War II, her rapid demise had been a mystery, rather like a military Titanic.moreless
  • Mystery of the Megaflood
    In the face of scorn from mainstream scientists, an intrepid geologist sets out to prove his theory that the canyons of the American northwest were created by what is thought to be the greatest flood of the past two million years. Eventually, he happens upon evidence that silences his critics.
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