NOVA - Season 34

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Episode Guide

  • The Great Inca Rebellion
    In collaboration with National Geographic Television, NOVA explores new evidence about the last days of the Inca Empire.
  • Bone Diggers
    Bone Diggers
    Episode 14
    NOVA follows a group of paleontologists to a cave in southwestern Australia where the fossils of a meat-eating marsupial lion, and other extinct giant animals, have recently been discovered.
  • Pocahontas Revealed
    Pocahontas Revealed
    Episode 13
    The recent archeological discovery of the Native American Powhatan village of Werowocomoco, sheds new light on the Jamestown story of Pocahontas.
  • Saved by the Sun
    Episode 12
    NOVA explores solar energy and its contribution towards getting humanity off of fossil fuels.
  • First Flower
    First Flower
    Episode 11
    In the remote mountains of China, scientist come closer to understanding the origins of flowers.
  • Kings of Camouflage
    Kings of Camouflage
    Episode 10
    NOVA explores the lives of cuttlefish. Not actually fish, these cephalopods can change their shape and color, they can put on dazzling light shows, and they're surprisingly intelligent.
  • The Last Great Ape
    The Last Great Ape
    Episode 9
    Scientists return to the jungles of Congo to further explore the peaceful lives of bonobos.
  • Forgotten Genius
    Forgotten Genius
    Episode 8
    In Forgotten Genius, NOVA looks at the extraordinary career of scientist Percy Julian whose laboratory work led the way to the cortisone family of medications. The grandson of slaves, and working during a deeply segregated time in American history, Julian managed to remain devoted to his laboratory work while facing prejudice and other barriers to acceptance.moreless
  • Underwater Dream Machine
    Peter Robbins is an American who uses the latest technology to deep search for sunken German U-Boats. He not only hunts for and explores the U-Boats, but he also builds the equipment he uses. NOVA joins Robbins on his latest adventure to document the launch of his new submarine, the Alicia.moreless
  • Family That Walks on All Fours
    Family That Walks on All Fours is a 2006 episode from the science program NOVA. In rural Turkey, an isolated family of five sparks a debate between scientists, anthropologists and medical researchers about the cause of the family's using both their hands and feet to walk. The NOVA crew explores the differing theories on whether the family represents a genetic aberration or a medical mystery, and then meets the family.moreless
  • Wings of Madness
    Wings of Madness
    Episode 5
    Alberto Santos-Dumont's name might not be as recognizable as Orville and Wilbur Wrights'. However, this Brazilian aviator was a true pathfinder when it came to flight. His desire to fly helped spur inventions that would change the face of human achievement. Kathryn Walker narrates this documentary about Santos-Dumont's life and his works.moreless
  • Monster of the Milky Way
    Until now, supermassive black holes have just been theory. Astronomers are working hard to get proof, and they're coming very close. NOVA goes deep inside space research to uncover the mysteries of black holes. Deep-space photography and interviews with scientists reveal clues to an enigma that has previously belonged in the realm of science fiction.moreless
  • The Deadliest Plane Crash
    The Deadliest Plane Crash from the science program NOVA explores the 1977 aviation disaster on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Two 747 jumbo jets crashed on a foggy runway, killing 583 people. The episode features interviews with investigators and survivors who recreate the tragic evening and point out the relevance to runway safety today.moreless
  • Mystery of the Megavolcano
    Nova follows four scientists in their quest to uncover the mystery of what they believe to be an epic volcanic eruption that occurred 75,000 years ago and which wrought untold devastation to Earth. If their theory is true, it may mean this ancient megavolcano or others like it may reawaken some day and inflict catastrophic damage once again.moreless
  • Building on Ground Zero
    Building on Ground Zero from the PBS show NOVA explores the challenge of rebuilding the World Trade Center after the collapse on 9/11. Engineers, construction experts, architects and investigators all contribute their specialized knowledge to an understanding of how to build better skyscrapers in the age of terrorist attacks and new challenges.moreless