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Season 44 : Episode 20

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  • The Pluto Files Preview
    Take a cross-country journey with Neil deGrasse Tyson to explore the rise and fall of America's favorite planet.
  • Becoming Human Full Series Preview
    Where did we come from? What makes us human? An explosion of recent discoveries sheds light on these questions, and NOVA's comprehensive, three-part special, "Becoming Human," examines what the latest scientific research reveals about our hominid relatives.
  • Musical Minds
    Musical Minds
    Episode 17
    An exploration into the influence music can have on the human brain, using case studies from neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks' book, Musicophilia.
  • Doctor's Diaries Hour 2
    The seven young doctors, now at different hospitals across the country, must adapt to little sleep and a bewildering workload.
  • Doctors’ Diaries, Part Two
    A last look at the doctors NOVA has been documenting since 1987. Part two covers the lives of each doctor since graduating medical school.
  • 4/7/09
    A last look at the doctors NOVA has been documenting since 1987. In part one, the seven students are followed through four years of medical school at Harvard University.
  • Last Extinction
    Episode 14
    A look at a new theory as to what killed off the mammoths and other large mammals of North America.
  • Extreme Ice
    Extreme Ice
    Episode 13
    NOVA joins forces with National Geographic to follow photojournalist James Balog and a team of scientists as they attempt to record time-lapse images of glaciers in Alaska, the Alps and the Arctic.
  • Rat Attack
    Rat Attack
    Episode 12
    Scientists explore the connection between the rat population and the bamboo blooms in the Indian state of Mizoram.
  • Hubble's Amazing Race
    From training to launch, NOVA presents the inside story of the mission and the extraordinary challenges faced by the rescue crew.
  • The Spy Factory
    Episode 11
    A look at the National Security Agency's role in eavesdropping. Based on James Bamford's best-selling 2008 book, The Shadow Factory.
  • Every year, monarch butterflies migrate nearly 2,000 miles across North America. NOVA investigates this migration in this episode, using helicopters, hot-air balloons, and other aircraft to get the butterflies' point of view as they travel across the continent. Narrators also discuss the increasing threat to this migration as the monarchs suffer the loss of their habitats.

  • 1/20/09
    A look at California's efforts at energy conservation and efficiency, as well as carbon-free power generation, as a model for the rest of the United States.
  • Is There Life on Mars?
    The most recent scientific findings from the Mars rovers and Phoenix probe, including the discovery of water ice.
  • A provocative new theory about what killed off America's mammoths at the end of the last Ice Age.
  • 11/25/08
    In Ocean Animal Emergency, a team of doctors and veterinarians work rapidly to save the lives of injured seal pups who are rescued off the California coast. The show describes the process and the personalities behind wildlife rescue operations, environmental protection, and marine biology research as it takes place in a lab in Sausalito.moreless
  • 11/18/08
    Archeologists and historians explore the controversial origin story of the Old Testament, including asking questions about the Bible's actual authors, the origins of ancient Israelites, the truth behind famous Bible stories and the very emergence of Christianity. Guests include Gabriel Barkay, Manfred Bietak, Amnon Ben-Tor, Elisabetta Boaretto, Lee Levine and Sharon Zuckerman.moreless
  • Alien From Earth
    Episode 5
    A look at the investigation surrounding the discovery of "hobbit" bones on the Indonesian island of Flores.
  • 10/28/08
    Neil Ross narrates this exploration of fractals. These repeating shapes may not be visible to the naked human eye, but they can be found in the structures of everything from plant life to human hearts. Recently, mathematicians have learned how to better understand fractals. Guests such as Dana Cartwright, Ralph Abraham and Loren Carpenter explore the ways fractals can further human understanding.moreless
  • Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
    Follow EELS frontman Mark Everett on his journey to understand his father Hugh, creator of the Many Worlds Theory of quantum mechanics.
  • 10/14/08
    A look at the history of NASA's shuttle program, with particular emphasis on the disaster which befell the space shuttle Columbia.
  • Arctic Dinosaurs
    Arctic Dinosaurs
    Episode 1
    Paleontologists discover a wealth of dinosaur fossils in Alaska's North Slope. Using CGI, the lives of these polar dinosaurs are revealed