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Season 44 : Episode 12

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  • 7/29/15
    A minute-by-minute chronicle of the 2011 nuclear meltdown crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, as told by the workers who stayed behind as an earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant.
  • Chasing Pluto
    Episode 22
    Images of Pluto captured by the New Horizons probe are featured. The flyby of the dwarf planet, which is located in the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the solar system, is the culmination of the spacecraft's three-billion-mile journey, which began in 2006.
  • Lethal Seas
    Episode 21
    How carbon emissions are impacting the world's oceans. Included: a coral garden in Papua New Guinea that could offer a preview of what the seas will be like in a half-century.
  • Nazi Attack on America
    The wreckage of WWII-era German submarine U-166, which sank in the Gulf of Mexico in 1942, is examined. The U-boat was part of Operation Drumbeat, a Nazi operation that targeted East Coast cities and merchant ships.
  • Dawn of Humanity
    Dawn of Humanity
    Episode 19
    A look at ancient fossils discovered in a South African cave that shed light on early human evolution.
  • 4/22/15
    The story of the Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched into orbit in 1990. It was initially seen as a failure due to a one-millimeter engineering mistake, though the problem was rectified thee years later. It since has provided stunning images; helped astronomers determine the age of the universe; and advanced the understanding of dark energy and cosmic expansion.moreless
  • 4/15/15
    An exploration of mathematics, including where it comes from and why it explains the physical world; and whether it's a human invention or a hidden language of the universe.
  • Architects and engineers investigate the secrets behind Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, which has survived on one of the world's most active seismic faults since it was built in 537 A.D. Included: engineers build an eight-ton model of its core structure.
  • 2/18/15
  • 2/11/15
    Archaeologists and engineers employ ancient Roman techniques to build a 25-foot lifting machine and trap-door system similar to those used in the Colosseum, where ancient texts claim wild animals emerged, as if by magic, from beneath the floor to attack gladiators and people condemned to death. In this instance, the team releases a wolf into the ancient arena for the first time in 1500 years.moreless
  • 1/28/15
    Sinkholes are examined. The collapses can be gradual or sudden; and occur when carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in rainwater and forms a weak acid that weakens limestone and other water-soluble rocks beneath the soil. Included: video of dramatic collapses.
  • Sunken Ship Rescue
    Episode 12
  • Big Bang Machine
    Episode 11
    CERN scientists prepare to restart the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator. The plan is to run it at a higher energy than before, when it detected a subatomic particle that may be the elusive Higgs boson.
  • First Man on the Moon
    A profile of Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), the first person to set foot on the moon, featuring remarks from his family and friends.
  • Killer Landslides
    Episode 9
    A look at what may have caused a massive landslide that killed dozens of people and destroyed nearly 50 homes in Oso, Washington, on March 22, 2014.
  • 11/12/14
  • Bigger Than T. rex
    Episode 7
    Reconstructing a Spinosaurus and the world it ruled. Based on fossils found in Morocco, the dinosaur was 53-feet long and possessed a huge dorsal sail, scimitar-like claws and powerful jaws.
  • First Air War
    Episode 6
    The evolution of warplanes during World War I is recalled. In the space of a few years, they graduated from rickety biplanes to efficient killing machines.
  • 10/22/14
    The daring aeronauts of 18th-century Paris, who took flight in hot-air and gas balloons, are recalled. Included: recreations of key flights, including the first manned voyage on November 21, 1783.
  • Surviving Ebola
    Episode 3
    A report on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, which is threatening to spiral out of control. Included: the medical teams struggling to cope with the flood of victims; and the scientists who are racing to test vaccines and find a cure.
  • Why Planes Vanish
    Episode 3
    The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, is detailed. Included: how planes disappear; and whether technological advances will eventually make it so that every plane can be located.
  • 9/24/14
    The experts battling to protect data from hackers are spotlighted. Included: the men who discovered an advanced cyber weapon; the computer expert who figured out how to hack ATMs; and scientists who think they can store passwords in unconscious brains.
  • 9/10/14
    An examination of vaccines and why they're important. In addition to explaining how vaccines work, the report discusses the concerns and misinformation that surround them; and details the risks to both children and society if people forgo immunization, which about 10 percent of Americans do.
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