NOVA - Season 8

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Episode Guide

  • Resolution on Saturn
    NOVA looks at the data sent back from Voyager I as it flew past Saturn in November 1980. Interviews with scientists and computer animations help to interpret this information about Saturn and its moons and rings.
  • Animal Olympians
    Animal Olympians
    Episode 21
    NOVA compares the athletic performances of humans with that of other animals. Strength, agility and speed are all looked at in this search for the olympians of the animal kingdom.
  • The Asteroid and the Dinosaur
    NOVA explores the theory that the dinosaurs went extinct because a giant asteroid collided with earth, kicked up an enormous dust cloud that blocked sunlight for years and interrupted photosynthesis which disrupted the food chain, killing most animals.
  • Beyond the Milky Way
    Follows the advances in technology which allow astronomers to look past the Milky Way to a universe composed of perhaps 100 billion galaxies. Discussed are the classification of galaxies, the discovery of the red-shift, supersensitive radio telescopes focused on distant quasars, and spectrographs which analyze the chemical composition of stars.
  • The Malady of Health Care
    NOVA compares the American and British health care systems in an effort to understand the problems of delivering and paying for good health care. The good and bad of both systems are explored, along with other options like pre-paid health care.
  • The Science of Murder
    NOVA investigates the ever-increasing value of science in solving murder, from why it occurs, and how to prevent it, to the people whose job it is to deal with this crime. The work of police, forensic scientists, pathologists, medical examiners and psychiatrists are all explored.
  • Anatomy of a Volcano
    The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens was the most deadly and destructive volcanic event in U.S. history. NOVA explores the events leading up to the blast, analyzes the blast itself frame-by-frame and surveys the aftermath in the hopes of learning just how to prevent a similar incident from causing so much damage.moreless
  • The Dead Sea Lives
    The Dead Sea Lives
    Episode 15
    The Dead Sea, jointly owned by Israel and Jordan, is the lowest place on earth. NOVA sifts through the politics and explores the possibilities of both countries in utilizing the potential of this unique natural resource.
  • Message In The Rocks
    This program takes a close look at ancient rocks and meteorites to figure out how earth was formed, and when life began. Some of the topics covered include radioactive dating, geological continuity, plate tectonics, fossil magnetism, and magnetic field reversal.
  • The Doctors of Nigeria
    NOVA travels to Nigeria to understand the benefits of their dual health care system which utilizes traditional herbal medicine and western orthodox medicine.
  • It's About Time
    It's About Time
    Episode 12
    Actor and comedian Dudley Moore hosts an exploration of the concept of time.
  • The Red Deer of Rhum
    Scientists on the island of Rhum off the West coast of Scotland study the movements and behavior of the red deer.
  • A Touch of Sensitivity
    NOVA explores research into the mystery and extreme sensitivity of human touch.
  • Moving Still
    Moving Still
    Episode 9
    A revealing look at the history of still and cine photography, from the very first images to that lastest camera technology which allows scientists access to moments in time previously unavailable providing remarkable new insights to the world around us.
  • The Water Crisis
    The Water Crisis
    Episode 8
    Despite the ubiquity of water, much of it has become not only undrinkable, but deadly, as a result of pollution. NOVA explores the dwindling usefulness of this most precious of natural resources.
  • The Wizard Who Spat On The Floor
    An exploration of the life and work of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
  • Voyager: Jupiter & Beyond
    Broadcast the day before Voyager 1 was expected to arrive at Saturn for the first ever close-up study of the ringed planet, this program documents Voyager's journey through the outer solar system.
  • Separating Twins
    Episode 5
    This is the incredible story of Trishna and Krishna, twin girls born joined at the head. Abandoned shortly after birth at an orphanage in Bangladesh, they had little chance of survival, until they were saved and taken to Australia by an aid worker. After two years battling for life, the twins are ready for a series of delicate operations, which will prepare them for the ultimate challenge: a marathon separation surgery that will allow them to live truly separate lives. Since the beginning, surgeons knew there was no guarantee of survival for either of the girls -- but without surgery there was no hope at all. With exclusive access to this extraordinary human and medical drama, NOVA's cameras have been with Trishna and Krishna and their caregivers at each moment of their journey.moreless
  • The Big IF
    The Big IF
    Episode 5
    NOVA travels to London, Stockholm, Houston, San Francisco, and New Haven to examine interferon (IF) and the claims that it is a wonder drug and a cure for cancer.
  • Do We Really Need The Rockies?
    Explores the pros and cons of shale oil production in the Western Rocky Mountains.
  • The Sea Behind the Dunes
    One year in the intricate life of a coastal lagoon, in Pleasant Bay at Cape Cod, unfolds in this documentary of the fragile tidal ecosystem which supports the entire ocean.
  • The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian
    Chinese scientists have uncovered some clues in their pursuit of a cure for esophageal cancer, an elusive and virulent form of cancer which claims a disproportionate number of lives in Lin Xian.
  • The Pinks and the Blues
    This episode explores the diversities that exist between men and women. Starting from early childhood, NOVA profiles the human condition and the difference between the sexes. Producers also explore how sexism has impacted culture and society, ending the episode with a report on how human beings obtain their sexual identities.