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Now and Again

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Now and Again premiered on CBS television in September 1999 and focused on what would happen if a dead man's brain were removed and placed in a body with superhuman strength and mental powers. Michael Wiseman, now Michael Newman, was drafted to assist a government scientist on a variety of projects. Michael's refusal to give up his family from his "past life," however, proved more difficult to contend with than any in the government could ever have guessed.

Build a man with the speed of Michael Jordan, the strength of Superman and the grace of Fred Astaire. A guy who's going to look good, be young, be omnipotent. Wild, huh?

The Six Million Dollar Man for the new millennium maybe? It could have been. It featured a unique concept and a strong cast, many of which now appear in various popular series. but a massive audience never really caught on for the program. Though the program had a strong cult following and many efforts were made to revive it and have it released on DVD. As of 2006, however, no DVD set is available.

All said and done, this was a series that likely should have done better than it did. It was funny, with great action scenes and compelling emotional plots. It also featured a strong cliffhanger ending, one which there will likely never be a resolution to.

Where Have They Been and Where Are They Now?

Now and Again featured a strong cast that now appear in many hit television series.

Eric Close - Michael New/Wiseman - Close can now be seen as Agent Martin Fitzgerald in another CBS program, the hit procedural drama Without a Trace.

Dennis Haysbert - Dr. Theodore Morris - Haysbert enjoyed great success as President David Palmer on FOX's 24. He also appeared in a series of commercials for All State Insurance and now stars as Jonas Blane on CBS's The Unit.

Gerrit Graham - Roger Bender - Graham appeared as Q/Quinn in Star Trek: Voyager. After being largely inactive in television for a few years, he returned with a guest stint on Law and Order. He also recently performed the character Mr. John Willoughby in the film Stick it in Detroit.

Margaret Colin - Lisa Wiseman - Colin's most recent television work was a guest stint on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Heather Matarazzo - Heather Wiseman - Now starring on the series The Rules: A Lesbian Survival Guide. Also appeared as Lilly Moscovitz in both Princess Diaries films.

Many of the show staff have also moved on to other popular projects. For example, creator Glenn Gordon Caron went on to create the hit NBC drama Medium.moreless
Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert

Dr. Theodore Morris

Eric Close

Eric Close

Michael Wiseman

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Wiseman

Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski

voice of Ruth Bender [uncredited]

Gerrit Graham

Gerrit Graham

Roger Bender

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin

Lisa Wiseman

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  • Gone before its time...

    Now and Again was an innovative show with the right blend of Sci-Fi & black comedy that ran, too briefly i might add on CBS for only 1 season.

    The story is about an ordinary guy named Michael Wiseman (John Goodman), an insurance salesman who got killed in a subway accident, suddenly finds himself alive again, but in a genetically enhanced new body (Eric Close) in which his brain now resides & has become an operative for some shadowy government agency under the direction of a sinister scientist (Dennis Haysbert) .

    Given the fact that this series may have been a bit too innovative led to its untimely demise, leaving countless unresolved plot issues by the end of its lone season. A shame really, since this show was far better than the "bubblegum" fare the CW currently has on its schedule (Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Et Alii) .moreless
  • How could it get canceled?

    This was one of my favorite shows. It was original, had heaps of potential, was really funny and I loved ALL the characters which is extremely rare. They all fitted the roles so well and again, I loved the humor. I hate it when we never get to see a real ending, when there are unresolved issues and no answers. This show was one of the best ever and it got canceled? Why isn't it even on DVD yet? I really want to watch the episodes over again.

    Bionic Woman was a complete rip-off of this show. What did they change? Make the main character a "hot babe" instead, thinking people would fall for that more than Now and Again?moreless
  • why on earth didnt they make more of this ????????????????????????????????............................................................................................

    brill tv program . put it back on. what was going through the mind of the person who stopped the show . im in the uk where it was aired at some stupid time like 1am . this is a tv program that could have alot more airtime . a great cast, good storylines a good break from the norm. mabe just mabe one day someone will pick up the script and think mmmmmm lets do this again.. abit like doctor who in the uk where the head of the bbc didnt like it and stoped the show regardless of what the people wanted , well we got doctor who back , mabe theres hope for now and again.moreless
  • one of my childhood TV series! tho I'm not a fan of sci fi movies this show was special because the super hero was a man with a good heart !moreless

    Tho I don't remember much of, unless I check up some site about it. I still can remember the main character's profile ,super powers ,good looking ,good heart, more like a family guy who has to chose between saving the world or his family yet his decisions are always good for everyone! Thats the imagine this show left me!It was nice to see that good actors like John Goodman,Eric Close who is actually superb just like any other one, did a great job having a great screen chemistry. It's sad that it had only one season with only 22 episodes,because I'd say fairly enough this was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

    It was an enjoyment to watch every episode!moreless
  • pleaseeeee bring it back... continue this series!!! must watch this series.. great show... interesting one

    i realy realy love this first i don`t remeber the title,,but keep looking for it... n now i found what i`m looking for..please please please bring it back..bring it back !pleaseeeee bring it back... continue this series!!!

    must watch this series..great show... interesting one

    i found this tv shows on youtube... anyone who like it, google for it to watch..

    what else to write??? haha..

    really really lve this series.. after roswell..

    n i`m downloading it now... if someone out there found megaploud link for these series... please email me / pm me... let me know, ok? i really really don`t know what else to write...huhumoreless

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