Now and Again

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • The Eggman Cometh
      The Eggman Cometh
      Episode 22
      Lisa learns some unsettling facts about her husband's death and Dr. Theo Morris. Michael tries to decide what to do while he has no tracking device implanted in him and The Egg Man and his fellow inmate, Charlie, plan an escape from their prison.
    • The Bugmeister, Part Bee
      With more and more people being bitten by insects carrying a killer virus it seems as if there is some sort of human control over these concerted attacks. Can Theo and Michael find out if this is the case and, if so, find the person controlling them before it is too late?moreless
    • The Bugmeister
      The Bugmeister
      Episode 20
      His wife having kicked him out Roger asks to stay with Lisa and Heather, who doesn't take long to get fed up with him living with them. She is going on a school trip to the museum, full of other old things, which does nothing to cheer her up. There she meets Dr. Bing, who looks after the insect section of the museum. Meanwhile Dr. Morris is trying to find out why virus carrying Mosquito's are appearing, before they should be out of hibernation, and are biting rich, prosperous businessmen.moreless
    • There Are No Words
      There Are No Words
      Episode 19
      The scientific library urgently contacts Dr. Morris and asks him to come to their building. It seems that all the words have vanished from all his old papers, and now seems to be spreading to all the other books in the same section. Not long after this the same thing starts happening at the Wiseman's house, the only connection between the two is that Dr. Morris has been to both of them. Dr. Morris and Michael have to find out what is causing this 'virus' and how to stop it, before it spreads across the whole world!moreless
    • Lizzard's Tale
      Lizzard's Tale
      Episode 18
      Theo takes Michael to a medical conference to get him out of his room and give him a chance for a change of routine. They meet Frederick lizard, an old friend of Theo's, who wants to headhunt Theo for his own organ finding business. He tells Theo that with the money he could supply him Theo's research would improve much faster than with government assistance. During a meal together Frederick puts two and two together and realizes that Theo's 'research' is with him and wants to find out more about Michael.moreless
    • Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Episode 17

      A teenage mentally handicapped boy who thinks he is a superhero sees Michael chasing some criminals and catching them by flipping over their car. He follows Michael and Theo back to their office wanting to meet a 'real' superhero. Meanwhile, Roger gets lucky buying stock online and makes a fortune, something that Craig then wants him to replicate for him.

    • Everybody Who's Anybody
      General Irving calls for a meeting with Dr. Morris & Michael. He wants them to perform an ‘information retrieval' mission of a personal nature, to recover some compromising photos for him. If they don't get them and the general is removed from office then their funding could go as well. To get the photos he needs Michael to break into the safe of Senator Kragen, during a reception held at his home. Roger is asked by his boss, Craig, to go to the same reception and, as his wife is unable to go, invites Lisa to go with him.moreless
    • Deep in My Heart is a Song
      The 'New' Michael Wiseman suddenly goes into a catatonic state for no apparent reason, just before a general arrives to see if the project is going well and is still worth funding. In other words at the worst time possible! Dr. Morris can discover no medical reason for Michael's condition and is becoming extremely worried; not even Michael's original medical records reveal anything that could be helpful. Meanwhile we see flashbacks to Michael's original life and see the same thing happen to him then. Not wanting to worry Lisa he doesn't go to his usual doctor and keeps it a secret. With General Irving threatening to either pull the plug on the project or put a new brain in 'the' body Dr. Morris is running out of time to save Michael.moreless
    • Film at Eleven
      Film at Eleven
      Episode 14
      Theo takes Michael with him to a meeting out in the park. He has to leave Michael there when his contact tells him that the POTUS wants to see him. Michael decides that he shall take this moment of freedom to send his wife some flowers for Valentines Day. Having no money, he has to go to the bank and turns up just before the place is robbed. All the customers and staff are locked in the bank vault while the robbers escape. When one of the customers collapses and needs to get to hospital Michael makes a quick decision and uses his strength to open the vault. Unfortunately, he is caught on camera doing so, something that does not please Theo at all.moreless
    • I Am the Greatest
      I Am the Greatest
      Episode 13
      Theo reveals a big surprise to Michael; he was not the government's first experiment of his type. There was an army private before him who had the same kind of treatment years earlier. He escaped and vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. Now Theo thinks that he has finally reappeared, as Maceo T. Jones, unbeaten heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Michael's job is to get close enough to the champ to get a DNA sample from him. Once Theo has that in his possession he will be able to prove without a doubt that Maceo is, or isn't, who he thinks he is. Lisa starts her new job as a real estate agent and discovers that it is not going to be as easy as she first thought.moreless
    • Disco Inferno
      Disco Inferno
      Episode 12
      A police detective calls Dr. Morris to the scene of a very unusual death, a body that seems to have burnt to ashes. The detective tells Morris & Michael that the evidence they have suggests the possibility that the fire started from within the body rather than from an outside source.moreless
    • Fire and Ice
      Fire and Ice
      Episode 11
      Dr. Morris has his experiments involving the effects of extreme temperatures on Michael interrupted by another group of scientists, including a woman who leaves him completely tongue-tied. So much so that he needs Michael's help in talking to her, Cyranno De Bergerac style. Meanwhile, Lisa wants to change her life, worried by the fact that her 18th wedding anniversary is/would be coming up.moreless
    • I've Grown Accustomed to His Face
      Theo informs Michael that he is going to be taken for a survival test the next morning. He'll be left out in the wilds and will have to make his way back to civilization while being tracked by other members of Dr. Morris' staff. The next morning he wakes up to find his apartment empty, the alarms blaring and the front door open. Where is Dr. Morris? Is this part of the test or has something happened to him?moreless
    • By the Light of the Moon
      Frustrated by Dr. Morris' lack of success with Michael the government brings in another doctor to help him. The doctor, Dr. Taylor, turns out to be a young woman who is an expert in releasing a person's potential. Michael starts to have feelings for her as his training progresses, something he does not want to do, as he still loves Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa is thinking about whether or not to get back in touch with Gerald, to see if he is available for a date.moreless
    • Pulp Turkey
      Pulp Turkey
      Episode 8
      It's Thanksgiving and Morris is taking Michael with him to his sister's for the day, Lisa and Heather are having their normal celebration meal and Roger has to go to the museum to see about the insurance of an important Russian artifact.
    • A Girl's Life
      A Girl's Life
      Episode 7
      Heather is struck by lightning while out looking at a bright light in the sky. She is rushed to the hospital but is in a coma, and in a very serious condition.
    • Nothing to Fear, but Nothing to Fear
      Lisa plucks up the courage to go to Michael's apartment and ask him out on a date. Dr. Morris tells Michael that not only is he not going to be allowed to go but he also cannot call to cancel either.
    • The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice
      Michael manages to get hold of a paper and is shocked to discover that 'his' house is up for sale. He breaks out again and gets Roger to tell him what is going on.
    • One for the Money
      It is finally time for Michael's first 'real' mission. With the assistance of an old, long time, agent he is going to be sent to Hong Kong to arrange the 'elimination' of an ex-agent suspected of selling secrets to foreign powers. Michael doesn't like the use of the word 'elimination' in his mission statement but is told by Dr. Morris that he is not given him any choice over whether to take the mission or not.moreless
    • Over Easy
      Over Easy
      Episode 3
      Now that the city has received a blackmail demand from The Egg Man, and they have seen the proof that he does possess the poison gas he claims to, it is time for the new, improved Michael Wiseman to show his worth and deliver the bearer bonds to the blackmailer.
    • On the Town
      On the Town
      Episode 2
      Michael breaks free from his bodyguards and heads to his old office to see Roger. He wants to see his wife and daughter again. He forces Roger to drive him to his house where he watches Lisa and Heather and then sees Lisa leave on a date. Dr. Morris is not a happy man and has all his men out on the street trying to find Michael. Meanwhile, The Eggman is in America and is planning to blackmail the city or release his nerve gas there.moreless
    • Origins
      Episode 1
      Michael Wiseman, a middle-aged insurance seller with a family, dies in a subway accident. The government rescues his brain and offers him a new life, in a new body. A new genetically engineered and enhanced body at that. The only condition is that he can never have any contact with his family and friends from his previous life.moreless