Now and Again

Season 1 Episode 18

Lizzard's Tale

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2000 on CBS
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Lizzard's Tale
Theo takes Michael to a medical conference to get him out of his room and give him a chance for a change of routine. They meet Frederick lizard, an old friend of Theo's, who wants to headhunt Theo for his own organ finding business. He tells Theo that with the money he could supply him Theo's research would improve much faster than with government assistance. During a meal together Frederick puts two and two together and realizes that Theo's 'research' is with him and wants to find out more about Michael.moreless

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    Christine Baranski

    Christine Baranski

    voice of Ruth Bender [uncredited]

    Margaret Colin

    Margaret Colin

    Lisa Wiseman

    Dennis Haysbert

    Dennis Haysbert

    Dr. Theodore Morris

    Gerrit Graham

    Gerrit Graham

    Roger Bender

    Eric Close

    Eric Close

    Michael Wiseman

    Heather Matarazzo

    Heather Matarazzo

    Heather Wiseman

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      • Michael: I just couldn't think of anything else to do.
        Dr. Theo: Well, how about sleep?
        Michael: Oh, I did that. Started doing that at seven o'clock last night, in fact.
        Dr. Theo: How can that be? I didn't leave here until at least six fifteen.
        Michael: I don't know what to tell you. Ate dinner, realized I had some free time, thought, maybe I'll just watch some tube, and then remembered, don't have one. Figured I'd read the paper, then remembered, can't get one. Then I thought, oh hell, I'll call a friend, but suddenly realized, don't got none.
        Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman…
        Michael: So, I counted the bricks in my bedroom wall, balled up some socks, played hoops with the bathroom trashcan, after that I considered taking a little stroll over this way, then I decided, gee, maybe I'll save that for tomorrow night. Next thing you know it's seven pm, and I'm out like a light. Go figure.

      • Michael: So, where we headed? Movie? Museum? Car show?
        Dr. Theo: Actually, a medical conference.
        Michael: Oh, be still my heart. Or whatever it is you put in there.

      • Dr. Freddy Lizzard: (over a microphone) Dr. Stein. Dr. Frank N. Stein, please report to the stage. (Michael and Dr. Morris start to leave) Dr. Stein you can't walk away from me, I know where all the bodies are buried.
        (Michael and Dr. Morris pause)
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: That's right, I mean you, your tallness. Yes indeed, the man with his larynx in his ankles. Step this way please.
        Dr. Theo: Freddy?
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: Theodore.

      • Dr. Theo: Micheal Newman, Frederick Lizzard. Medical school roommates, friends, singing buddies.
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: The Simon and Garfunkel of Johns Hopkins.
        Michael: Scary.

      • Dr. Freddy Lizzard: So, listen, you guys want to grab some dinner? I'm buying.
        Michael: Food? Sure.
        Dr. Theo: I don't know. Mr. Newman's on a special diet.
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: What are you his mother? (to Michael) Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if we talk business, this is deductible, right?
        Michael: Only if you declare it.

      • Dr. Freddy Lizzard: You have to explain this loyalty to the government to me. I find it mystifying.
        Dr. Theo: I guess that I feel that the fruits of my labor. Whether they are used to create technologies inexpensive enough to save the lives of people who are ill. Or to synthesize warriors who will defend our way of like so that real men won't have to, should belong to everyone. Not just those wealthy enough to pay for it.
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: Are you serious?

      • Dr. Freddy Lizzard: Do you know what you made here? You cut his skin, it heals, you remove a fingernail it grows back. I'm betting you remove a kidney it regenerates. I'm right, aren't I? This man. This man you have made, he's an organ farm. I mean, he just sprouts it; clean, beautiful. Just like that blood you made. Who knows how many generations of organs he might give us. Could be tens, could be countless. Do you know what rich men will pay, for clean and disease free organs that are available on demand? I mean, we fill these containers once, and we could name our price. We fill them endlessly, we're gods.
        Dr. Theo: I don't want to hurt you.
        Dr. Freddy Lizzard: No, you're not going to hurt me. You can't afford to hurt me. I know your secret. Well, I know his secret. I mean, I took his blood for goodness sake. I'm a biochemist. How long do you think it'll take me to break it down? You don't go into business with me, I go into business with the Chinese. Is that what you want? I don't think so. I mean, I don't think that's what anybody wants. I have to believe we can reach some kind of an accommodation; the government doesn't even have to know. Could you please look at me? Could you please do me the courtesy of looking at me? I'm your friend Theodore. I'm not trying to cut you out of anything. I'm trying to cut you in. Can't you accept that? I mean, we're in business together. You have no other choice. What are you gonna do? Kill me?

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      • The music heard in the last scene is the beginning of Simon and Garfunkel's song The Sounds of Silence. Moreover, Dr Morris's only line of this scene is "Hello darkness my old friend", the opening line of the song.