Now and Again

Season 1 Episode 8

Pulp Turkey

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1999 on CBS
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Pulp Turkey
It's Thanksgiving and Morris is taking Michael with him to his sister's for the day, Lisa and Heather are having their normal celebration meal and Roger has to go to the museum to see about the insurance of an important Russian artifact.

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  • Awesome.

    this is a really cool episode. michael wiseman and morris goes to a thanksgiving party. this is perhaps one of the best shows of the 90s. the network shouldn't have cancelled this show, it's a really cool show. in this episode, michael interacts with lisa and heather, he and Morris pretends to be IRS agents. It's a really funny scene. I had a good time watching this episode, it's fun watching Michael interacting with his family from time to time, his old friend roger is a cool sidekick. dr. morris is a lovable government scientist, he could be cold but his cool.moreless
Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski

voice of Ruth Bender [uncredited]

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin

Lisa Wiseman

Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert

Dr. Theodore Morris

Gerrit Graham

Gerrit Graham

Roger Bender

Eric Close

Eric Close

Michael Wiseman

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Wiseman

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    • Lisa: Oh, by the way, Roger is coming but there won't be any Cracklin' Rosie this year. Ruth has gone to visit Amanda at school in England.
      Heather: You see? Already there's stuff to be thankful for.

    • Dr. Theo: You're to be dressed and ready to go by noon. Shirt, tie, jacket.
      Michael: Should I bring my last report card to show everybody?

    • Dr. Theo: I'm not talking about changing the oil, tightening the fan belt. I'm talking about an appreciation for great engineering and beautiful design. A car like this is a piece of sculpture ... a work of art.
      Michael: That makes me feel bad.
      Dr. Theo: Why?
      Michael: I think your art's overheating.

    • Michael: You're angry and I understand that.
      Lisa: You're inconsiderate and I don't.

    • Michael: Oh, that's nothing. Wait till you see the bullets bounce off my chest.

    • Heather: So, you like watching football?
      Michael: I used to love watching football with my little girl on Thanksgiving, yeah.
      Heather: Can't do it anymore?
      Michael: Well, we usually don't spend the holidays together anymore.
      Heather: I'm sorry.
      Michael: Don't be. I see her from time to time, she seems pretty great.

    • Heather: I guess I'm thankful I didn't end up some gangster's moll for the rest of my life.
      Lisa: I'll second that. I'm just thankful that we're all safe. And what about you, Mr. Newman? What are you thankful for? Mr. Newman?
      Michael: (eating pie) I'm thankful the Doc's sitting over there.

    • Dr. Theo: He's on a strict diet.
      Heather: I don't see why.
      Michael: Neither do I.

    • Dr. Theo: Next to you this car is probably the most precious possession I have. I can't abandon it. I can't let you hurt it. I'm sorry, but this car means everything to me.
      Michael: Have any idea how pathetic that sounds?
      Dr. Theo: Some.

    • Dr. Theo: Oh, yes. If you sass my Grandma Pearl tomorrow I will personally open up the stitches in the back of your skull and pull whatever's left of your personality out. Do you understand me?
      Michael: I'll make you proud, Doc.
      Dr. Theo: You'd better.

    • Heather: Hey, you guys are in the government, right? Aren't you, like, packing? 'Cause if you are, now would be a good time to pull out your heaters and throw down.
      Dr. Theo: We are I.R.S. agents. We do not pack.
      Lisa: Well, do something. For goodness sake. Threaten them with an audit.

    • Michael: What are you trying to say?
      Dr. Theo: No turkey, no stuffing, no pie. No nooky. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    • The title is an allusion to Tarantino's film Pulp Fiction. Just after the opening credits the music is taken from the movie soundtrack and finally, the first crook's name is Tarantina.