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  • Gone before its time...

    Now and Again was an innovative show with the right blend of Sci-Fi & black comedy that ran, too briefly i might add on CBS for only 1 season.

    The story is about an ordinary guy named Michael Wiseman (John Goodman), an insurance salesman who got killed in a subway accident, suddenly finds himself alive again, but in a genetically enhanced new body (Eric Close) in which his brain now resides & has become an operative for some shadowy government agency under the direction of a sinister scientist (Dennis Haysbert) .

    Given the fact that this series may have been a bit too innovative led to its untimely demise, leaving countless unresolved plot issues by the end of its lone season. A shame really, since this show was far better than the "bubblegum" fare the CW currently has on its schedule (Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Et Alii) .
  • How could it get canceled?

    This was one of my favorite shows. It was original, had heaps of potential, was really funny and I loved ALL the characters which is extremely rare. They all fitted the roles so well and again, I loved the humor. I hate it when we never get to see a real ending, when there are unresolved issues and no answers. This show was one of the best ever and it got canceled? Why isn't it even on DVD yet? I really want to watch the episodes over again.

    Bionic Woman was a complete rip-off of this show. What did they change? Make the main character a "hot babe" instead, thinking people would fall for that more than Now and Again?
  • why on earth didnt they make more of this ????????????????????????????????............................................................................................

    brill tv program . put it back on. what was going through the mind of the person who stopped the show . im in the uk where it was aired at some stupid time like 1am . this is a tv program that could have alot more airtime . a great cast, good storylines a good break from the norm. mabe just mabe one day someone will pick up the script and think mmmmmm lets do this again.. abit like doctor who in the uk where the head of the bbc didnt like it and stoped the show regardless of what the people wanted , well we got doctor who back , mabe theres hope for now and again.
  • one of my childhood TV series! tho I'm not a fan of sci fi movies this show was special because the super hero was a man with a good heart !

    Tho I don't remember much of, unless I check up some site about it. I still can remember the main character's profile ,super powers ,good looking ,good heart, more like a family guy who has to chose between saving the world or his family yet his decisions are always good for everyone! Thats the imagine this show left me!It was nice to see that good actors like John Goodman,Eric Close who is actually superb just like any other one, did a great job having a great screen chemistry. It's sad that it had only one season with only 22 episodes,because I'd say fairly enough this was one of the best shows I've ever seen.
    It was an enjoyment to watch every episode!
  • pleaseeeee bring it back... continue this series!!! must watch this series.. great show... interesting one

    i realy realy love this first i don`t remeber the title,,but keep looking for it... n now i found what i`m looking for..please please please bring it back..bring it back !pleaseeeee bring it back... continue this series!!!
    must watch this series..great show... interesting one
    i found this tv shows on youtube... anyone who like it, google for it to watch..
    what else to write??? haha..
    really really lve this series.. after roswell..
    n i`m downloading it now... if someone out there found megaploud link for these series... please email me / pm me... let me know, ok? i really really don`t know what else to write...huhu
  • Michael Wiseman is a nice man who has a run of bad luck and gets killed, but his brain gets a new body with the help from the government. However he may never see his family or have anything to do with his old life, which he loves to much to let go of.

    This was such a great show with a tremendously great cast, fantastic writers and a little bit of everyday life. There was humor, drama, action, and even a little romance. It was way ahead of it's time because it was so great and yet it got canclled! Who ever made that discion must be regreting it now (I hope so anyway). There was chemesty between the actors that make the show real like and it wasn't all about super powers, saving the world, going on missions, ext. It was about life and the things that happen. It was one of the best of it's season. I would recomend it but no one sells it so if you can find a copy get it, you'll like it.
  • The series were nice.

    I first caught this show early Sunday morning on the Sci Fi channel. The quality of the episode and the early morning air time told me that the series had already been canceled. I have still never seen the pilot with John Goodman, but I have seen most of the episodes. It is a marvelous show. Eric Close is brilliant as Mr. Wiseman, the human guinea pig of a government experiment in creating a super soldier/agent. His humor in dealing with the dour Dr. Morris and his almost palpable yearning for his wife and daughter left me with an aching pain for a man caught in a surreal nightmare. What makes it even more poignant is Wiseman's refusal to allow himself to be just a guinea pig. He adamantly asserts his humanity and forces Dr. Morris to accept it also. Dennis Haysbert is Dr. Theodore Morris, the brilliant but tightly wound Frankenstein creator of a most uncooperative monster. One of the great aspects of this show is the fact that Dr. Morris is not a villain. He is a complex man who needs the humanity his creation forces from him. Wiseman refuses to let Morris be a cold and heartless mad scientist. He picks and prods and digs out all of humanity that Dr. Morris tries so hard to bury.

    Margaret Colin and Heather Matarazzo are Lisa Wiseman, his grieving widow, and Heather Wiseman, his grieving and angry daughter. They are confused and frightened of this strange handsome young man who calls himself Mr. Newman. He moves in and out of their reality doing inexplicable things (such as asking Lisa to hold an egg without breaking it on a busy subway platform) and displaying an uncannily intimate knowledge of their lives and thoughts.

    Now and Again was intelligent, touching and funny all at the same time and it was much too good to last.
  • An action thriller, that\'s also a comedy.

    This is one smart show. It\'s a spy show, that\'s not so dark. It\'s also a comedy at the same time. Watching this show is fun, you don\'t have to take it so seriously, just enjoy watching it. I can\'t believe this show was cancelled after just 1 season. CBS couldn\'t appreciate a really good show. This show is very original, something not found in many shows today. It\'s not dull, it\'s funny, but goes for an hour. Michael Wiseman personifies what people want to be, strong and powerful. I feel this is the main draw of the show, despite its excellent premise CBS just killed it. Damn CBS.
  • Must be brought back!

    This show had excellent ideas from the start and had no signs of slowing throughout the series.

    The only thing i found to bring the series down was the dragging emotional pains the lead character felt towards the woman who was his wife in his past life.

    The set up of the show had a lot in commom with the 70s show The Six Million Dallor Man, as it was built up around the concept of a man who had been rebuilt with technology by the government. However even this was shrouded in mystery by our hero's handler/capture/saver.

    The amazing stories rarely dipped in their brilliance and originality and the series had a
    lot more potensial left in it.

    The show even attracted excellent guest stars like the imortal Mick Foley of professional wrestling fame.

    At the end of the first season the show was cancelled and left on a clif-hanger ending. I would love to see a return of this show or at the very least a concluesion to the final episode of the first season.
  • One of the best bloody shows out there and what did they do? cancell it. C'mon who ever decided to cancell this show just left a lot people very disappointed. Making it end like that was also a terrible way to conclude a show, it left you hungry for more.

    One of the best bloody shows out there and what did they do? cancell it. C'mon who ever decided to cancell this show just left a lot people very disappointed. Making it end like that was also a terrible way to conclude a show, it left you hungry for more. They should really bring this show back, I believe a lot of people would really love to know what happens and not sitting there guessing what happens and never finding out. If anyone knows why they cancelled this show please contact me at: But it better be a good reason, one that I could understand not just "the show didn't get enough views" because thats just bulls**t.
  • This show was killed off before its time. Definitely had places to go with this one and left it hanging out to dry.

    I absolutely loved this show. Loved the concept of him coming back to life in another man's body that was much better than his original body. How he tried to make sure his wife and daughter were okay and taken care of. Eric Close and Margaret Colin had great chemistry. Loved his muscles too. Dennis Haysbert was also good as his "creator" that tried to be hard-nosed but then ended up being soft hearted on alot of matters. Loved the episode where they were at his house for Thanksgiving,someone breaks into their home,he goes downstairs and takes care of them. Then it shows him at the end pigging out on pie. Too bad it was cancelled even though the show had good ratings and we were left hanging.
  • Sci-Fi / Light Comedy.

    I missed this show when it was first on CBS. I caught it when the scifi channel started rerunning it on Sunday nights. This was a fun show.....that had plot holes that you could drive a truck through. The Thanksgiving Day episode (Pulp Turkey) was particularly bad. However, The characters were so charming and the dialogue was so sharp that the B grade storylines are passable. "I am the Greatest" is probably the best episode. However, I personally liked "Fire and Ice" the best despite the score everybody else gave it.

    I also want to complement the producers on their taste in music. Songs like "Lull in my Life" and "Ribbon in the Sky" are heard though out the series. The theme song is fantastic. I would love to hear a longer version of it.

    All in all a worthy effort. I would love to see it on DVD.

  • i loved this show too bad it got canceled it would been a hit i still believe they just left us hanging like that

    overall it has some pretty cheesy effects too it but i like it who could lke the idea of a oridinary guy with superhuman abilites .but i would liked too have seen him and wife together again before the canceled it .it had its own uniqueness to it i dont see much.
  • The show has an original point of view on super hero and love (between two soul)....

    This show was so unexpected: a man that changes of body (literaly) and become a kind of new superman who has now a perfect young body refused to forget his past life in particular his wife and daughter: his love is eternal , it was past and Now and Again.In addition to that there is the new life of Lisa who must find a job...and her soul seems to recognize the one of Micheal despite the change of body.Moreover there is the funny relation between Micheal and the Docteur Morris. All the actors are great and most of them have played in other very good show.That's all ingredients of an intelligent, funny and emotional show but unfortunately it was canceled before we know if Micheal succeed to find again his life.
  • i miss this show...

    this was actually my favorite show, pretty much of all time. i think the fact that i know it could have done better is wat made it officially my favorite. to be honest, i think it is mostly CBS\'s fault it did so poorly. as i remember, almost every other week about halfway into the season, there was a special even on CBS such as the Miss America pagent. this gave the show a very unpredictable schedule and i think that was where it lost MOST of its viewers. i love the show and i wish i could have at least seen the season premire to see how they resolved the cliffhanger. to say it focused too much on the emotional aspeccts of Wiseman is incorrorect, in my opinion, because i think that was its intention so as to not make it like any other action show and definately not like the 6 million dollar man. they had to do something different because if u hear the story, im sure u think \"they re-made the bionic man\" or something.

    in anycase, i thought it was amazing and i wish it had lasted at least another yr even if it was completely downhill from the first season... at least i would have known it became a bad show and killed itself.
  • Modern Day Captain America

    Now and Again was strange mix of comedy and drama from Moonlighting producer Glenn Gordon Caron. Michael Wiseman, at first played by John Goodman, is a 45-year-old insurance executive who’s up for the promotion of his life. He loves his wife and daughter, but find work getting him down. When he doesn’t get the promotion, he gets drunk with his best friend and next-door neighbor, and “accidentally killed” by a commuter train. He wakes up to find himself alive and in a new fit body, Eric Close, and meets Doctor Morris, played by Dennis Haysbert. Morris tells him that he is the new super-human. Michael can never make contact with his wife, his daughter or anyone from his old life. The world must believe Michael Wiseman is dead. Margaret Colin plays Lisa Wiseman, his grieving widow, who’s is trying to pull her life back together with her rebellious daughter. This show, like Moonlighting had the perfect balance of comedy, drama, and action. Its too bad CBS gave up on it. It was just starting to find its audience, and would have made a great cult classic. Now and Again was great television, and I really miss it.
  • Pretty interesting, but it needs some work.

    I decided to check this show out because everyone seems to like it and it averaged decent ratings during it's run on CBS, so I figured there must be something to it.

    I thought the few episodes I saw were pretty decent. It is often amusing, which is good, but at other times, it can be a bit dull. The most interesting scene was probably in the subway at Tokyo where everyone dies.

    I'll probably finish watching the series, but I can't say it's a disaster that the show didn't last longer. It's one of those shows that I'll watch if it's on, but won't be too upset if I miss.

    If the plot sounds interesting to you, you might as well check it out.