Now and Again

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • Michael Wiseman is a nice man who has a run of bad luck and gets killed, but his brain gets a new body with the help from the government. However he may never see his family or have anything to do with his old life, which he loves to much to let go of.

    This was such a great show with a tremendously great cast, fantastic writers and a little bit of everyday life. There was humor, drama, action, and even a little romance. It was way ahead of it's time because it was so great and yet it got canclled! Who ever made that discion must be regreting it now (I hope so anyway). There was chemesty between the actors that make the show real like and it wasn't all about super powers, saving the world, going on missions, ext. It was about life and the things that happen. It was one of the best of it's season. I would recomend it but no one sells it so if you can find a copy get it, you'll like it.
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