Now and Again

Season 1 Episode 5

The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1999 on CBS
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The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice
Michael manages to get hold of a paper and is shocked to discover that 'his' house is up for sale. He breaks out again and gets Roger to tell him what is going on.

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  • cool episode.

    since this show is not a full blown drama, it's also a comedy. reality rules can be bent a little to allow some dramatic possibilities. the writers did a good job with it. michael asks his boss Dr. Theodore Morris to grant him 3 days leave so he can get his old boss to release the insurance policy on his death so his wife wouldn't need to sell his house. this is his mission, well this show isn't that serious so we can go with it. it's a funny episode, it's cool michael wiseman going back to his old life to fix things left unsettled.moreless
Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski

voice of Ruth Bender [uncredited]

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin

Lisa Wiseman

Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert

Dr. Theodore Morris

Gerrit Graham

Gerrit Graham

Roger Bender

Eric Close

Eric Close

Michael Wiseman

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo

Heather Wiseman

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    • Michael: This man is punishing my family unfairly.
      Dr. Theo: The world isn't just.
      Michael: I'll just keep busting out.
      Dr. Theo: Rest assured, the next door will be twice as thick.
      Michael: Then I'll train twice as hard. And I'll grow stronger. And you'll help me. Because your ego won't let you do anything else. And then one day when you least expect it...
      Dr. Theo: I'll track you to the end of the earth, Mr. Wiseman.
      Michael: Perfect. Yeah, perfect. And one minute before you catch up to me, I'll kill myself. Just so I can watch you suffer the way you're making me suffer.

    • Craig Spence: So, why do you want to be my assistant? It's a terrible job.
      Michael: I don't want to be your assistant, I want to be you, but that job appears to be taken.
      Craig Spence: That's a terrific answer. That sounds like what I said to my old boss when he interviewed me.
      Michael: Really?
      Craig Spence: Truly.
      Michael: Did it work?
      Craig Spence: Here I am. Have we met?
      Michael: Not in this life. Not that I know of.

    • Dr. Theo: Are we making any progress?
      Michael: I've discovered that he likes to have his shirts starched lightly, his coffee sweetened heavily, and his ego massaged thoroughly.

    • Michael: Spence tells me that I killed myself. Suicide. Figures. The one thing that lets the insurance company completely off the hook.
      Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman...
      Michael: I did have one idea. I seriously considered killing him. He was just sitting there, asleep. I thought, "Do it. Kill him. What are they gonna do to you, you're already dead."

    • (after Michael runs into a metal door that doesn't break)
      Michael: (in pain) You know that this is metal, right?
      Dr. Theo: Aluminum actually. Of course I know.
      Michael: And you know that this is flesh, or a reasonable facsimile, right?
      Dr. Theo: I am intimately familiar with every fiber of your being.
      Michael: Good. Then you'll take this in the spirit in which it's offered. This stuff (points at door), hurts this stuff (points at himself). You'll excuse me now. I'm gonna go take a hot shower and dip my body in a vat of Ben Gay.
      Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman...
      (Dr. Morris puts his hand on Michael's shoulder)
      Michael: Don't touch. Let's give the nerves a weak or two to calm down.

    • Dr. Theo: You can do it. (indicating a metal door he wants Michael to go through)
      Michael: Oh, yeah, with a can opener.
      Dr. Theo: With you body, you can do it.
      Michael: With "your" body, I'd like to do it.

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