Now and Again

Season 1 Episode 19

There Are No Words

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2000 on CBS

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  • The Best Episode Ever

    Now and again isn't my favorite TV Show, but this is my favorite episode of any TV show. Everything about it. To a booklover the whole concept is so scary, and awesome (awesome as in awe inspiring). This is similar to a Farenheit 451 situation, no books not by laws but by technology. Now Granted there are some problems such as why can't people use pencils, crayons etc if the nanites eat ink. Also were ink sketches descipated as well - e.g., Da Vinci's Notebooks - that should have been addressed but the show would have gone over the hour. Now adays it is harder to imagine not having books, because pretty much every classic book and many others are freely available on the net thanks to project gutenberg. But it's still valid. When I rewatch the episode I still feel the anguish and pain that I felt when I first watched it. In My opinion, this episode has to be watched by every book lover.