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Now What

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The show originally aired in Canada under the title Sausage Factory and premiered in Canada on November 19, 2001. This guide lists the U.S. airdates. With madcap hijinks and sophomoric stunts, Now What was both wildly hilarious and compellingly honest. Best friends Zack, Gilby, J.C. and Ted were all students at West Boulder High and accomplices in the murky mission to make some kind of sense out of their teenage years. The hapless foursome spent their time trying to climb out of the outrageous situations in which they found themselves, while navigating the mysteries of the opposite sex at the same time. FILMING LOCATION: The series was filmed in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
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  • Known as 'The Sausage Factory' over here in the UK it is broadcast on Trouble and it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I am making it my goal to try and get this show brought back, absolutely brilliant...a must see!moreless

    A group of 4 guys live typical teenage lives. The group consists of a jock, a geek, a freak and the average guy. There are 2 girls one of which is dating the jock and the other kind of has a back and forward relationship with the geek. The writing is amazing...Adam Brody and Johnny K. Lewis do amazing jobs and the supporting cast are awesome also...if you have the chance you have to catch this show we need a bring back 'The Sausage Factory' petition.moreless
  • hilarious and cute

    Personally, I know this show as "Sausage Factory", which is in my opnion a better name than "Now What".

    I find it funny. Cute storylines have evolved, while the humour in each ranges from sheer stupidity to wit.

    It's the kind of show you can't just watch alone. Sausage Factory can be the topic of many hilarious conversations, and the bonding that happens between friends on the screen is just as good as the feeling you get while surrounded by people, all enjoying the mishaps and craziness of the characters.

  • This show is about four crazy friends in high school. There is a geek, jock, ladies man, and the freak. The shows doesn't really have a point but it is funny.moreless

    This is where i first feel in love with Adam Brody. He plays a nerd (once again) in this show. I beleive this show was first in Canada or Canada had a show like it and then MTV aired it for a little while until it was cancelled because it did not have many viewers.