Now What

Season 1 Episode 9

Sex, Guys, and Videotape

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 22, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Gilby and Zack get a job at the video store in town. Zack needs a job so that he could make some money to take Lisa on a few dates. JC gets addicted to some chewing gum with nicotine in it and cannot stop chewing it. JC begins to take special patches to break his addiction, but then becomes addicted to wearing to the patches. Meanwhile, Ted begins to wonder if he and Nancy will ever "do it."

At the video store, Zack is trying his hardest to be the perfect employee so that he could maybe become assistant manger. Lisa asks Zack where she could find a movie, "6 Days and 7 Nights," and Zack assists her, but then a guy named Bradford approaches the two and says he wanted to check it out. When Lisa offers to let Bradford have it, Bradford suggests they watch it together at his house and Lisa agrees. While Zack is trying to become assistant manager, Gilby began to run his little business at the video store, where he rents porn to minors. Gilby sticks the porn in a regular movie case and rents them out to minors, but charges double so he could get half and the video store will get the other, so the boss does not notice. Zack finds out and becomes a little upset with Gilby.

Ted is at Nancy's house while they watch a movie and Nancy turns it off and begins making out with Ted. She tells Ted to takes his pants off and Ted is shocked but does as told. At the time when he takes them off, standing in his boxers, Nancy's mom and dad walk in the room and Ted is covered with embarrassment. Nancy's parents walk out of the room. Ted walks in the video store the next day and tells everyone Gilby is a genius for helping him find the perfect video for him and Nancy. Ted tells Gilby he thinks Nancy is ready to finally have sex and he wants a video that will help him out and Gilby gives him a video, which is really porn. The manager heard Ted brag about Gilby, so he tells Gilby that the sells are up and everyone loves him, so Gilby is assistant manager, and Zack walks in just in time to hear the news.

Zack becomes angry because Lisa and Bradford have continued to see each other and Gilby is acting like a pain since he became assistant manager. There is a full line of males on Gilby's side of the counter wanting to rent more porn and Gilby tries to have Zack go rewind the tapes and Zack refuses because he does not want any part of it and he has been working all day. Gilby realizes Zack wanted to be assistant manager and gives the position because Gilby did not want it to begin with. Later, Zack tells Lisa about him being assistant manager and that he wanted to be so he could save money up for them to go on some dates and Lisa tells him she does not really like Bradford anyways. Ted watched the porn and took notes. When Nancy and Ted are in his room, Ted tries to be smooth with soft music and the right lightening in the room. The two begin to kiss and make out until Ted's foot hits the VCR remote control and the porno comes on his TV. Nancy is disgusted with Ted for watching that and leaves out.

The next day at the video store, Zack is being the perfect assistant manager. An angry father walks in and asks Zack if he was the assistant manager and that he was angry because he rented his son a porn, which was really Gilby who did it when he was assistant manager. The angry father gets very angry with Zack and begins to use violence and the manager stops them and finds out about the secret porn business Gilby started. Zack and Gilby both get fired from their jobs and Lisa shows up to see everything and tells Zack she never wants to see him again, which she is always telling him. At the Down Hill Dinner, the guys all talk about everything. To top everything off, Ted will not be having sex with Nancy anytime soon and JC became addicted to the porn videos, which was the only thing that could keep the gum off his mind, and now that Gilby is fired, he cannot get anymore.