Now Who's Boss?

TLC (ended 2007)


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Now Who's Boss?

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Welcome to the Now Who's Boss? guide at! Finally a series we've been waiting for all of our working lives. Have you grown weary of 'performing' year-in, year-out in that damned cubicle wondering why you got a college degree and why you still pay for that student loan each month? Do you wonder if your contributions are completely meaningless? Have you found yourself searching the Internet for that non-profit job that would finally give your life meaning? Chances are the answers to all of the above are yes. Now Who's Boss puts the Chief Executive down on the factory floor, if you will, and and gives the average Joe and Jane an opportunity to train the Top Dog in the 'real work' of the company. The idea behind this series is that perhaps if the Big Cheese rolls up his/her sleeves and performs roles at the bottom of the org chart, the crucial little insights that we have every day might finally make it up to the boardroom. Not since the Open Door Policy was created has the little guy who is passionate about doing his little job with excellence had more of a chance to influence major corporate policy. Tune in and, after the show, post your comments here. This is common sense television folks. It's about time we had a series like this on TV. Tell your co-workers too. Maybe your Chief Executives will be showing up at your cubicle with a film crew in tow, craving insight into how to do your job better.moreless

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