Now You See It (1974)

CBS (ended 1975)


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Now You See It (1974)

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Both forms of Now You See It are covered in this introduction. First Format: From April 1974 to June 1975, four contestants (in two teams) competed while the returning champion waited up in the Champion's Gallery. Round 1; questions were asked & the answers could be found on a board consisting of 4 lines & 14 positions. Each team member had one person study the board while the partner had their backs to the board. The team that buzzed in had the player guess which line the word was found while the partner (who would turn around from her/his chair) had to find the position number where the word started (IE: If the word was on Line 2-Position 8, the team would get 10 points total.) Halfway through the game, the teams would switch places. The team with the best score won & then competed against each other in round 2. Later in the series, the contestants would study the board for 3 seconds. Then they would secretly write their answer. If the word comes up & the contestant had the word, the person or team would score 10 bonus points. If both players on the same team had the word, 20 points were awarded. Round 2; Those 2 players played a Letter Game. After the clue was revealed, one letter @ a time was revealed until somebody guessed it correct for 1 point or if no one guessed before the last letter. The first player to 4 (once 5) won the game, a prize package & faced the previous champion. Round 3; Those 2 players played Round 1. The player with the most points, won the game & got to play The Solo Game. SOLO GAME; Contestant had 60 seconds to find ten words on the screen. Each correct guess earned $100 & finding all 10 paid @ least $5,000. For every Solo Game lost, $1,000 was added to the pot until won or reached the CBS limit of $25,000! If the player wins the Solo Game, the loser of Round 3 (unless it was the champion) was named previous champion (The 2nd runner up from the Letter Game would be the previous champion if the Letter Game winner beated the champ in Round 3 & won the Solo Game). Big winners include; a lady stayed on the show for 6 days and won $21,900 ($4,900 + $17,000 in the Solo Game), another lady won the biggest jackpot of $21,000 while a military gentleman (the only big male winner) won the 2nd biggest jackpot of $18,000. Another woman stayed on the show for 7 days & won $20,500 ($15,000 in the Solo Game + $5,500). Midway through the series, Round 1 was eliminated. Other rules include; 1). 5 points won the Letter Game. 2). No more bonus answers. 3). When a player reached 50 points, the value of the word was doubled until the player reached 100 points. 4). When a champ wins the Solo Game, the opponent (champ or not) returned. No longer the 2nd runner up would have that privilige. 5). If two Solo Games were played and failed to hit, the bank would not add another $1,000 until the next day. Second Format: The revival of Now You See It ran April 1989 - July 1989. Among its dubious distinctions was replacing Card Sharks, then getting pushed off the air when CBS rescued Wheel of Fortune. But I digress. The second series pitted three contestants, one a previous champion Round 1; Played like the 1974 version except contestants earned points that was left on the clock. Part 1; a player could earn 25-100 points. Part 2; 50-200 points. First player to 1,000 or better won the game & faces a previous champ in... Round 2; Contestants had to find 6 words that were related to the category. The player who buzzes in with the first word then had 20 seconds to find the remaining 5 words to win the money. If that player failed, the opponent had 5 seconds to find a new word to win, otherwise the other player won. There were 4-5 rounds, the 1st round paying $200, then $300 for the 2nd & so forth up to $600 for the 5th. The person who won $1,000 or better, got to keep the money & play the Solo Game. SOLO GAME; Same as 1974 except the jackpot started at $5,000 and grew $5,000 per day until won (No CBS $25,000 limit). The biggest winner took home $50,000. Both versions featured that famous theme song, Chump Change, written by Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby. Surprised?moreless