Nowhere Man

Season 1 Episode 1

Absolute Zero

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 1995 on UPN

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  • The pilot of Nowhere Man sees Thomas Veil having his life ruined by a hidden organization.

    Solid pilot. Interesting that Tobe Hooper whose mostly looked as a horror director did this. A fine introduction to the show. This episode sets the tone, style, and substance for the show to follow.

    This wouldn't be a silly, over the top, Hollywood production with lots of explosions. There is action on the show but it is a program pushed by strong acting, suspense, dialogue and will.

    Bruce Greenwood does a great job here. He does not yet realize how powerful the picture he took of an incident called "Hidden Agenda" will change his life.

    The show doesn't waste any time in showing how a hidden organization will do anything to intimidate Tom into delivering his negatives.

    They take away his wife, his job, and his identity. Greenwood is great as the guy who will not give up and surrender to this group of corrupt officials.

    Michael Tucker is also great as Dr. Bellamy, the mad psychologist who puts Veil in an insane asylum. It turns out that Veil is quite sane. As Bellamy uncovers the fact that Bellamy is involved in this conspiracy he realizes he must his move.

    This is a solid introduction to the show. Greenwood was great here. I don't think too many other actors could have pulled out the role.