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Nowhere Man

Season 1 Episode 25

Gemini Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 20, 1996 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Gemini Man
Following up on secret information provided by the FBI, Tom finds two valuable clues: the original untouched photo of "Hidden Agenda" and a key to the safe house inhabited by the agent who gathered the data – an operative code named Gemini.

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  • WE really need a season 2

    OK, so if tom was "programmed" why? who was he before Gemini. how did he come to be in the forest taking pictures.

    The Gemini episode answered a few questions but left us with many more.
  • Tom Veil\'s journey ends at the capital and finally gets his answers to his many questions.

    The last episode does answers a lot of questions and when watching it surly opened up to new questions as well. I hope that UPN or some studio might make a TV Movie of explaining it all and exactly who is the man before Tom Veil since at the end of the episode we see Tom on video tape saying ''my name is Tom Veil'' very chilling scene...Other than that, A great episode!!!moreless
  • Tom Veil proves that no matter where you go, there you are.

    Having loved this series in it's original run, I was psyched to do a re-watch on DVD. Upon seeing some of the interviews with creator; Lawrence Hertzog, I was shocked to find out there was no real conception of the "organization" from the beginning. I remembered the gist of "Gemini Man" and found this amazing. The whole notion of the negative and the conspiracy were simply a way of telling interesting stories. Knowing the show was wrapping and that the audience and the network wanted answers; Gemini Man was produced. For a series which really never intended to answer any questions, it's doubly amazing that this episode is so outstanding. I would love to see this show re-visited someway.moreless
  • The answers are exactly what you never guessed they would be.

    The answers are exactly what you never guessed they would be. The ending used is almost enough to start asking more questions and want another Season. But of course that might be because Nowhere man is probably one of the best shows ever written. I wish they would of made at least a second season to follow this finale but I think the ending is good enought to be a series finale.moreless
  • A perfect ending

    I absolutely hate that this series is over. However, if it's got to end somewhere... what a way to go.

    Whether it was intended to be or not, this is the best final episode I've ever seen of any series ever.

    It answers a lot of questions (possibly) and opens up a whole world's worth of new questions.

    This show can not come out on DVD soon enough!

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    • Barton: Hidden Agenda was always as much about you as it was about concealing the deaths of four senators. It was about testing the limits of your belief! You were a part of the project, right from the beginning, Veil.

    • Iverson: (about Washington politics) You're not an insider.
      Tom: Not by a long shot.
      Iverson: Well, you're paranoid enough to be one.
      Tom: You should get out of Washington more often – there's a fire-sale on paranoia right now.

  • NOTES (1)

    • "Nowhere Man" was canceled in midseason (it was one of UPN's first cancellations, in fact). The timing allowed the producers to scrap their intended season finale and compose this "farewell" episode.