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  • Too hard to watch

    Tried a few years back to watch this series, tried again recently... can't get past the inane writing of the main character. A veteran war correspondent should have a few more brain cells and be aware of government corruption and coverups. This guy wanders through the storyline like a teenager in a cheesy horror flick. Feels like watching said teenager going into the basement after noticing some red stains on the door frame and the light switch is out. Painful I give up.
  • A typical example of a great series that died too early

    Every so often, TV LAND comes out with a remarkable series, Xfiles, La Femme Nikita, Lost to name but a few. It's a shame that NWM was cancelled, I would have loved to watch a season 2 or 3. But that's life I guess. I'm still hoping some of the original writers can get together and have a "second coming" of the show. I'd even settle for a few books, Tom Veil on paper back, works for me...

  • america primetime television

    you ask for donation. i had it for a week and now it dont even play plus a few other channel
  • Excellent show with too short a life span.

    This show was the beginning of the downfall of my faith in networks. This show was fantastic but was cancelled and left hundreds of unanswered questions. The show was based on the idea that this man had seen something he shouldn’t have seen but being an innocent he did not realize the power of the pictures he had taken. The move the Net was a very similar concept. The government (or some other group) rips his life from him. Just the idea of going to the bathroom during dinner to return and find your wife, house and life gone was very well played off. I really hope writers of today will watch this series and find the magic that was within the story telling. In retrospect maybe Nowhere Man was too intelligent for TV. As is the case with Veronica Mars and Jericho the intelligent shows go the way of the dinosaur. Here is hoping writers will keep trying to create such shows and that eventually the world will catch up.
  • if you go to this link you can watch the series

    i found the series to be a great one with a lot of time skips and it wasn't long enough but it was so interesting and the episodes were long so i gotta say i loved the series. its about a guy that takes photos of an execution done by some group higher than the government and he gets them published, then he gets caught and they pretty much erase his life, so he goes out to get it back, but noone seems to know him and he gets into a lot of trouble to get what he thinks is the truth.
  • Bruce Greenwood plays Thomas J. Veil, a photographer, who after taking a photograph of a covert government operation has his life taken away by the government.

    Great show. A thinking man's show. It does have everything you can want in a show like this action, suspense, great acting. At its heart, this is clearly a thinking man's show. It's an analytical show that calls the viewer to think about the character and situations he is in. You are hooked from the very beginning and are always interested to see if Veil will uncover the conspiracy several shady and corrupt members of the government.

    The pilot sets up the tone of the show. Sure there are shows like this but Nowhere Man creates it's a bleak, dark atmosphere, where the truth ends up being put on the back burner.

    Bruce Greenwood is the star of the show. He really is an underrated actor. You might recognize in other shows and movie, but he was the best man for the role.

    This show also features by young upcoming talent like Carrie Anne Moss of the X-Files and proven talent like Megan Gallagher.

    Nowhere Man is a great show. It's a shame it lasted only one season. You might come away saying well it must have sucked because it lasted only one season but that isn't true.

    I remember when UPN was just starting out from syndication. Nowhere Man was in its lineup along with other shows like Robocop The Series and The Sentinel.

    Decent shows. I do miss the 90s.
  • Unknown forces conspire to erase the identity of photographer Thomas Veil and without warning, every aspect of his life is unravelled during the course of one evening. In one way or another, his family and friends are silenced.

    Image Entertainment Announces Premiere Home Video Release Of Critically Acclaimed Television Series Nowhere Man

    One of the Best Sci-Fi Thrillers of the '90s; Release to Coincide with 10th Anniversary of Show's First Broadcast

    CHATSWORTH, CA (October 27, 2005) -- Image Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISK), a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of home entertainment programming in North America, in association with Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp., today announced the December 27, 2005, premiere home video release of the critically acclaimed television series Nowhere Man.

    Created by Lawrence Hertzog ("24", "La Femme Nikita", "The Profiler"), the show attracted a roster of who's who of film and television including Joel Surnow (creator of "24"), director Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Bruce Greenwood, Carrie-Anne Moss, Bryan Cranston, Dean Stockwell, Dean Jones, Maria Bello, Cliff De Young, Hal Linden and many more!

    In Nowhere Man, unknown forces conspire to erase photographer Thomas Veil's (Bruce Greenwood, I, Robot) identity and without warning, every aspect of his life is unraveled during the course of one evening - his wife acts as if he's a stranger, his credit cards are suddenly invalid, his keys no longer fit the door to his home and in one way or another, his family and friends are silenced. Completely alone, Veil sets out on a desperate cross-country quest for an answer while eluding his powerful and unknown enemy. His only clue to the possible motivation behind the harrowing ordeal is the disappearance of one of his photographs, "Hidden Agenda," which depicts the execution of natives in a war-torn Third World country.

    Nowhere Man on DVD will be released as a 9-disc box set. The DVD is packed with audio and video commentaries (Larry Hertzog, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Dunne, Steve Rodman, Art Monterastelli, Ian Toynton), interviews (Larry Hertzog, Art Monterastelli, Guy Magar, Steve Rodman, Bruce Greenwood, Michael Levine, Megan Gallagher), deleted and extended scenes, promotional spots, outtakes, and two featurettes -- "Networking" (UPN executive Mike Sullivan and series creator Larry Hertzog reminisce) and "Fact or Fiction?" (an anonymous ex-CIA operative reveals real world government conspiracies, mind control techniques and how fragile our identity really is). For more information about the Nowhere Man DVD collection, go to

    About Image Entertainment:

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    Nowhere Man - DVD
    Prebook Date: 11/29/05
    Street Date: 12/27/05
    Catalog #: ID2331VBDVD
    UPC#: 0014381233124
    DVD SRP: $49.99
  • Great show full of mystery and suspence and action it had everything you could want in a action show like this one. To enjoyed this show you need to love MYSTERY soaps.It's a show you need to follow every week.To bad the show was off the air buy th

    Bruce Greenwood,great actor in this series about a man's life that change at a party and nobody seem to remember him at all not his wife,friends,and son. A great mmystery for TV viewers,who like mystery like I do.It seems to be about a murder that toke place in South America in Columbia somewhere and that photo he'd take seems to be really in inportant to though who wish to cover this up.THE US goverments miss deed are really here and it makes it more interesting.Bruce Greenwood acting ability works well here because he's great.You just need to watch this show.
  • this show need to be brough back

    i really wtih they would bring this back and finsh off the series with a proper ending it was one of my fav shows on tv when it came out i would watch it every week. its really cool that the finaly brought out dvds when i got my copys of it i was super happy i could finaly watch the show again and i picked up so much stuff i missed watching it the first time around. it just sad that we never got to see a real ending to the show.
  • This is a series that should be remade or brought back.

    A photographer takes the wrong picture and forces within the US government proceed to erase Thomas Veil from history or so he thought.

    It had elements of The Fugitive and Incredible Hulk where a man is constantly on the run. It also had X-Files like feel to it with a government conspiracy as the overlying theme.

    The ending made it appear as if Veil was really part of the conspiracy he thought he was exposing. Or did the members of the conspiracy just want him to think that? Who were the people on the other tapes named after 11 other Astrological signs? Were government officials really being "replaced"? What was the big picture behind Project Gemini? The series was full of government conspiracies, political intrigue and mystery. The series Vanished can be traced back to Nowhere Man. Series like LOST and Jericho have Nowhere Man-like mysteries and a "things are not as they seem" feel.

    If this series were put out today I suspect it would do far better than its original limited run.
  • Today, this show might have lasted longer.

    At the time, this was a "must see" show for me. Unfortunately, serialized dramas were not the norm then, so I think it might have lost it's audience to that concept. But with that style becoming popular today, with shows like 24, Lost, Prison Break, Vanished, Jericho, The Nine, Heroes, and God knows what else I'm missing, I think it would have stood a better chance.
    I was always dubious about getting the DVDs figuring, "What's the point? I'll never really what happened." But I think, if only for nostalgic reasons, and the fact that I liked the show when it was on, I think I just might.
  • Nowhere But Here

    I remember this show when it was first on. I got the idea that they were really never going to solve the mystery. It got more and more confusing. But the funny thing was, I loved it. It really was one of the shows that started the continual story lines for TV. I will by this on DVD.
  • I forgot just how good this show was...

    This was a great series. I bought the DVD's right when they came out, and watched all the episodes in 6 days. It's amazing how much more you get out of the series when you can watch all the episodes back to back, and not have to spread them out over nine months. And, living in Portland, it was a treat to see a lot of familiar places they filmed in. As with all episodic television, there were a few episodes that were kind of dull, and sometimes I thought things were just a little too easy for Tom (as in some of his escapes, or magically getting into somewhere when the was a crowd around and someone would SURELY see him) but overall it was a great adventure, with one heck of a great pilot and an even better ending ("Gemini Man"). It was said in an interview that UPN was supposed to pick it up for 12 more episodes, but backed out. Its a shame they didn't, it would have been great to see it continue.
  • Even with only one season, Nowhere Man could be considered the original for series like 24. Nowhere Man is unique, though may be confusing for many.

    First of all, this show was great for those in the Northwest as it was primarily shot in Oregon. In some ways, Nowhere Man was ahead of its time and today, it could be as big as 24. (Actually, Nowhere Man was made by similar people.) It has a unique story line, especially with a main character that is not a Jack Bauer and does things that people can relate too. It was an instant buy when it came out on DVD.
  • Nowhere Man the DVD Set of the complete Series is Now Aval.

    A Show that was said to be ahead of its tme is finally here again on DVD. and is Sweet.
    worth the investment. and worth the Hunt. its kinda hard to find. its not something you can find at the local Wally World. UPN had a hit on its hands and they let it slip away, now a new generation can get caught up in the mystery.
  • Nowhere man was a series that was way ahead of its time. The premise - that a person's identity can be erased, so that even friends and family members don't remember you - comes across as science fiction, but this show transcended the genre.....

    Nowhere man was a series that was way ahead of its time. The premise - that a person's identity can be erased, so that even friends and family members don't remember you - comes across as science fiction, but this show transcended the genre, and felt more like a an espionage drama like 'Alias'.

    Thomas Veil was a photographer, and has had his life erased. He tries to unravel the mystery, not just of how this has happened, but of why. Was it a photo he took in the past, of someplace or of someone? There's plenty of tantalising clues, but it drags on from one episode to another with no resolution, much like the drama 'Lost'.

    I actually missed the final episode, in which it was all supposed to be resolved. I had the impression though that the show was cancelled, with a tight compressed storyline for the ending -- there's no way a satisfying resolution that explained EVERYTHING could be written in one episode. I can't wait till it's released on DVD.
  • a show that was years ahead of its time. had it come out today, it would be a major hit.

    a show about a man who had no clue who or what he was. all he had to go on, was a picture and a set of negatives. this show had it all. mystery, suspense, goverment conspriacy, mind control. in short a show that would have been a huge hit to all the x-file and lost fans.